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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 10

This is a vacant piece of land in the countryside . It is off the beaten track .   A pile of old junk sits amongst the trees and overgrown grass .


    Bo Jinyan parks his car on the side of a dirt road and walks over .  


    The police are everywhere .   The place has been thoroughly searched .   There are pits on the ground .   One of them has two policemen standing next to it .   Bo Jinyan walks up and sees a huge black plastic bag next to the pit .   Further back, there are a few more similar looking bags, where the police are examining the content inside . They look very intense and at the same time, sad .  


    Jian Yao's heart sinks .


    Li walks up to Bo Jinyan: “The dismembered body parts belong to a total of eight boys .   Estimated time of death for the most recent body is around one week .   We need further testing to determine how long the other bodies have been there, but we think the earliest murder would have occurred more than 12 months ago . ” 


    Bo Jinyan nods and starts walking towards the bags .  


    Jian Yao asks: “Can I stay here?”


  Both men look at her at the same time .


    Li sees her slightly pale face: “Why don’t you wait in the car?”


    Bo Jinyan keeps his hands in his coat pocket to keep warm .   He bents down slightly and looks at her at ‘eye level’: “Are you afraid?”


    Jian Yao softly replies: “I don’t want to see . "


    Bo Jinyan says mockingly:”Ah! Woman!”


    Li is surprised at his comment .   Experience tells Jian Yao that there’s more to come .   Sure enough, she hears his voice that carries no feelings: "What a tragedy . "


    Jian Yao looks at him: “Whatever . I do not want to see . " And she turns away .


    Li is a little stunned by the way they relate to each other .   He takes a look at Jian Yao and walks on with Bo Jinyan .  




    Bo Jinyan squats on the ground, He is looking through the items in the bag wearing a pair of gloves . Li squats next to him .


    The body parts are cut very neatly .   The surface of the cuts are tidy .   Skins are still intact . Each body is cut into seven pieces, including the limbs and torso .


    Li says "According to preliminary forensic test results: The cause of death is asphyxia .   There are bruises on their necks, caused by commonly available nylon strings .   The body is then cut into pieces .   We are unable to determine what tools were used for the dismembering .   Other than that, the victims suffer no other injuries . "


   Another police officer asks:  “Professor, you said yesterday that the murderer’s desires will be reflected on the bodies .   So what does the murderer want?”


    Bo Jinyan points to the body parts: “Nothing else was done to them while they were alive or after they died .   No sexual assault . No torture or abuse . No blood . No poisoning . He did not take any organ …… The murderer had only one purpose - to kill and dismember . "


    Li looked at the corpses .   He always thought the teenagers might have suffered from sexual assault before they died . But that weren’t the case .


    Another policeman asks: "Do you mean… that he abducted those teenager just to kill them? He is not trying to take revenge on society?"


    Bo Jinyan smiles: "True psychopaths do not care about the community .   They do it because they feel they need to, not to take revenge . ”


    That police is surprised at the answer . Li also raises his eyebrows to look at him .


    Bo Jinyan stands up, looks towards the direction of the farmers market: "Since he does not play other tricks, the case is reasonably straight forward .   We need to identify what tools he used to dismember the victims, and the method and sequence of how he did it .   Once we have that information, we can find the guy . "




    Jian Yao has waited in the car for quite a while .   Bo Jinyan has not returned .   A young policeman walks up to her and says” Miss Jian, Professor Bo has left .   He asked me to pass on this message to you - Drive back to the villa and wait there . ” 


  Jian Yao:  "Where did he go?"


    The young police replies: “He said he needed to buy something, but he didn’t tell us where he was going . "




    Midnight .   Jian Yao is awakened by some abnormal noise outside .


    She put on her coat and slippers .  


    The sound is not coming from Bo Jinyan bedroom, but a room she’s never been in .   It’s at the end of the hallway .


    She knocks on the door .   "Come in . "


   She can smell blood when she walks in .  


 The room is fitted with extremely bright lights .   The room is very big .   There’s no ornament on any of the walls .      


   Bo Jinyan is wearing a medical jumpsuit, complete with surgical masks and cap .  

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This whole scene reminds her of the movie "Resident Evil" .


   On top of a rectangular stainless steel table  lies a naked man’s body .   Motionless . Behind him, there are five or six more of these table, each with a body on it .  


    Bo Jinyan looks at her:”Now that you are awake . Give me a hand . ”


    "What are you doing?" Jian Yao asks .


    Bo Jinyan is moving something that resembles a cabinet that is approximately 80cm high, with movable wheels on the bottom .   He places it next to the corpse on the table .   There are a few blades attached to the side of the cabinet .   Jian Yao looks closer at the design .   They look like guillotines . He leisurely replies: “Real dead body, human models, computer simulations . . . . I need to experiment with all of them to determine the tools, processes and methodologies of how the killer mutilated his victims . ”


    Jian Yao asks: "Is there not a forensic room in the headquarters?   Why do we need to conduct our own experiments?”


    Bo Jinyan adjusts the angles of the blades: “By the time we get approval for a forensic corpse, our murderer will have had his hands on a few more little guys . "


    Jian Yao points at the body on the table: " . . . . . . Where did this come from?"


    “Fu Ziyu . " He goes around to the other side of the body, turns around and looks at her, “Come . Hold the blade for me . "


    Jian Yao looks at him for a few seconds:"Sorry, I can’t do this . I can help you to call a policeman . "


    She turns around to walk away .   She hears a deep voice from behind: “To investigate a case but refusing to look at the corpse, is like closing your eyes in front of the truth . ” 


    Jian Yao pauses for a moment .   She decides to walk out .


The low deep voice again: ”He may still be alive . "


    Jian Yao turns and looks at him: “He?"


    Jian Yao knows who he is referring to .   Lao Xiao’s son .   The last body found at the scene died a week ago .   Lao’s son has been missing for only four days .  


    Jian Yao whispers: "? Do you think you could bring him back?”


    Bo Jinyan is still staring at the guillotine .   Without looking up, he replies: “I am saving him now . "




    Jian Yao leaves the “morgue” .   She returns to the bedroom and lies down for a while, She looks outside the window into the deep darkness .   After a deep breath, she washes her face and heads towards where Bo Jinyan is .  

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    Bo Jinyan lifts his eyes .   He has a smile on his face - as if he is convinced that she will be back .


    Jian Yao put on the  "resident evil costume” .   She walks over to the other side of Bo Jinyan to keep the blades steady, as per his earlier request .  


    Bo Jinyan: "Keep steady .   I am starting the experiment now . "


    As the blade is speeding down towards the body, Jian Yao closes her eyes .   She hears a loud crash .   She can imagine how it would look like if her eyes were open .


    Bo Jinyan asks: "What are you afraid of? He won’t move . "


    Jian Yao keeps her eyes tightly closed: "Bo Jinyan !  Can you just tell me what I need to do next and say nothing else?”




    At 3am, all the "experiments" are done .


    Bo Jinyan says he needs a few hours for the computer simulation programme to come up with the calculations .    Jian Yao immediately takes off  her terribly soiled clothes, goes back to the room to bathe .


    After her shower, she lies in bed .   She stares at the ceiling .   It’s hard to wipe off the disturbing images that keep emerging in her mind .   Even though she had her eyes closed for most of the time during the experiments, there were instances where she inevitably had to open them to complete some tasks .


It’s hard to go to sleep .   She gets up .   She notices the door of one of the rooms is open .   The one with the study table and the white board .   Light is coming out from that room .   She walks in .  


Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa, reading . There is a cup of coffee and a plate of smoked salmon fillet on the side table .   He takes a look at her and continues to read .


    She grabs a book from the shelve, sits down beside him and starts reading .  


  Nobody knows how much time has passed .  


    "Good night . " Bo Jinyan says .


   Jian Yao: "Good night . ” 


    After he leaves the room, Jian Yao gets out too . Just as she is about to fall asleep in her bed, she hears a loud knock outside the door .  


    She runs to open the door, but is surprised that no one is there .   She hears Bo Jinyan’s room door being closed .   Puzzled, she closes her door and walks back to bed .   But her feet knock onto something .   A black object has made its way into her room .   “Chen Mo” is crawling slowly towards her bed .


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    When Jian Yao wakes up again, the sun is hanging high in the sky . The warm rays resting on the wooden floor boards .     Chen Mo is enjoying the sun bath, heads and limbs stretched out from its shell .


    Jian Yao gets out of bed . She kneels down in front of the turtle . She looks at it for a moment and strokes its shell . The shy turtle tucks its head and limbs back into its shell .  


The ‘morgue" door is open .   She knows Bo Jinyan is in there .  


    By the time Jian Yao comes out of the bathroom, Chen Mo is no longer in her room .   It is slowly crawling back to Bo Jinyan’s room .




    Inside the ‘morgue’, Bo Jinyan is no longer in a jumpsuit .   He is in his usual black suit, with his back to her, looking outside the window .   The table with the corpse is no longer there .  


    Bo Jinyan turns to look at her .


    Jian Yao: "Thank you for the turtle . "


    Bo Jinyan smiles .   He speaks about something totally unrelated: ”He dreamt of being a killing machine . "


    Then he moves aside .   Jian Yao sees what is previously covered by his body that’s between him and the window .  


    It’s a modified “guillotine”, with three blades all lined up together .   Bo Jinyan raises his hand to push down the handle .   All three blade came down at once .


    Bo Jinyan looks proud .


    "According to the experimental data last night . . . . . . " He takes off his gloves, throws them aside: "This thickness, this material, would create a wound that closely resembles the ones we found on the bodies . Yes, three knives falling simultaneously onto frozen blood and body .   As you know, no one can use three knifes at the same time . "


    Jian Yao: “So… you mean . . ?”


    "I mean - the killer’s home has a machine similar to this .   He lures his victim home, so that they will become sacrifices under his killer machine .   But of course, his machine will be in all ways inferior to mine . ” 


   As if she is infected by the passion in his voice,  Jian Yao’s heart starts to pound and become excited: “Large blades like these are restricted items .   They are only stocked in special stores . You can’t buy it over the internet .   They are not allowed in long distance buses and trains .   If we check with the shops that sell these blades,  we should be able to track him down quite easily . ”


    Bo Jinyan sits down next to his killer machine .   Picks up a cup of coffee and takes a graceful sip:” You are not too dumb after all .   With the intelligence level of our murderer, he would have wasted many blades before he could make a machine that is barely comparable to mine .  


 Let’s get to work .   Inform your boyfriend .   I will give them a detailed and accurate description of who they are looking for .   Fingers crossed, we will also win back a child . "

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