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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 28

They are on their way to the Orange Hill Resort .


    Jian Yao sits a little closer to Bo Jinyan .   She asks softly: “Tell me who is the murderer, ah . ”


    She has not seen him since he ‘announced’ that he wanted to ‘replay’ what happened on the night . He left the office promptly after giving Jian Yao a list of instructions .   It was a short notice, and there were plenty of things for Jian Yao to organise .   Now that they are in a car together, just the two of them, Jian Yao can’t wait to find out what’s in his mind .


   Bo Jinyan : “Not telling you . ” 


Is he trying to keep her guessing?  But that’s not his style .   Besides he did say he needs to verify something first .  


    Jian Yao asks: “Are we still lacking some evidence? Is that why you want everyone there?”


    "No" Bo Jinyan  answers, "We already have enough evidence . I just want the murderer there so that I can shame him… . or her . ”  


    Jian Yao: " . . . . . . " Okay .   That’s a standard Bo Jinyan  type answers .


   She quits asking . The low rays of the sun shine through the windows of the back seat .   Bo Jinyan  face’s has a soft golden glow .  


  Jian Yao looks at him .   He looks handsome, noble even .    Last night’s embrace returns to her mind . The warmth that surrounded her .  


But…  he’s probably forgotten about it . After all, his brain only has room for his work .




    Yin Ziqi has arranged a special meeting at the Orange Hill Resort .   She is a little anxious about what will happen .   Like Jian Yao, Yin Ziqi has asked Bo Jinyan  who is responsible for Wang Wan Wei’s death several times .   Bo Jinyan  didn’t tell her much, only to arrange several security guards to be at the scene,  ready to escort the murderer to the police .  




     When the dinner reception finishes, it’s past 10:00pm .   It’s a rainy night, as Bo Jinyan  has hoped for .   Staffs from Customer 3 Division are sitting in a minivan .   It’s going to an area of the resort that is familiar to them . They arrive at the residences .     When they realise where they will be staying tonight,  the mood in the van changed dramatically .   Suddenly, there are no more jokes, no more gossips or laughs .   The team looks at each other .


   Seven people, carrying luggage, are standing in front of the residences . Not far behind stands  Yin Ziqi assistant , and several bodyguards .


    “Room are assigned . . . . . . " Jian Yao is holding a stack of cards handing them out to the group, “in the same arrangement as on 1st of June, the night Wang Wan Wei died . ”


    This is the opening line Bo Jinyan  asked her to use .


    Everyone takes their room card .   They are disconcerted by this loaded statement .


    Lin Yu Xuan is the first to speak: “Director Bo, what does this mean?"


    Bo Jinyan  gives what is probably the first real smile they’ve seen since they first met him: “It’s what on your mind .   We are going to recapitulate the strings of events that led to Wang Wan Wei’s death . ”


    Jian Yao further explains . “Director Bo and I are sent to investigate Wang Wan Wei’s suicide by Chairman Yin . There are a few things we want to clarify, therefore we need your help . ” 


    Everyone is quiet .


    Pei Ze glances at Jian Yao, with a wily smile: “Didn’t you say it’s a suicide? What’s there to clarify?”


    Mei Chen starts to scan the faces of others . Qian Yu Wen face is dull and expressionless as he usually is, Zhou Qin is stunned . ;Lin Yu Xuan and Shen Dan Wei is looking at each other, not saying a word .  


    Bo Jinyan  ignores Pei Ze’s question: "Thank you for your cooperation . Now get into your rooms, and we will come to speak to each one of you shortly . ”




    Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan  enters Wang Wan Wei’s residence .  


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   This is their monitoring quarter .   Bo Jinyan  has arranged for video cameras and listening devices in each of the other four residences .   Facing them is a row of monitors, showing what’s happening in each of the rooms .  


    Jian Yao lay down their luggage, sits down with him in front of the screens .


    Room A: Manager Lin and Shen Dan Wei are  not talking to each other .   They each sit on their side of the bed .   Manager Lin takes out her mobile phone, then puts it down again .   Shen Dan Wei is looking out of the window, with an obscure and sarcastic smile on her face .


    Room B: Zhou Qin is also sitting on the bed .   He calls home: “Mom, is Le Le in bed? No… Mmm… daddy miss you too… . ”


    Room C: Pei Ze throws his overnight bag on the bed .   He walks  into the bathroom, humming a tune at the same time .   After a while, he comes out .   Qian Yu Wen goes up to him .   He whispers something Bo Jinyan  and Jian Yao can’t quite hear .   Then both of them rest in the lounge .   They turn the TV on, and casually chats with one another .  


    Room D: Mai Chen stands at the window, absorbed in his own thoughts .






    Jian Yao talks into the intercom on the table :”Mai Chen, please come over to our room . "


   Everyone is startled .   Because the broadcast can be heard in all the residences .    


    Mai Chen approaches with a little apprehension, takes a seat facing Bo Jinyan .  


    “Director Bo, Wang Wan Wei… is murdered?” He asks solemnly .


    "Who knows!" Bo Jinyan  replies lightly .  


    Jian Yao observes the reactions of others through the monitors .   Everyone looks up when they hear the conversation .


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    Mai Chen stayed in this room for 30 minutes .   Then he returned to his own residence .   Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan  follows him back to his place .  


    Bo Jinyan : ”Repeat what you did that night after you returned from Wang Wan Wei’s room .   Try to recall all the details . ”


    Mai Chen takes a shower, then turns on the TV .   He has a quick supper of cookies and water, then he goes to bed .  



   Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan  returns to Wang Wan Wei’s room . Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan : “Anything worth noting?” 


    Bo Jinyan  replies: “Some minor differences from the police statement, like sequence of events, what he said to Wang Wan Wei etc .   This is normal for people who are trying to recall events of the past .   Overall, his actions are consistent with his testimony .   There’s no loopholes . He is telling the truth . ”




    Rain is getting heavier .  


    Bo Jinyan  is holding a large umbrella, sharing it with Jian Yao .   They are now in Pei Ze and Qin Yu Wen’s place .   Jian Yao carries the intercom machine with her and places it close to where Pei Ze is sitting .   The four of them are sitting in the living room .   The television is showing a soap opera .   From Jian Yao’s angle, she can see Zhou Qin’s backyard through the windows .  


    “Sorry Director Bo . . . . . . . Oh… . or is it Officer Bo…” Pei Ze smiles: "We were watching a soccer game that night, but there’s no match on today . Is Soap opera ok?"


    "Whatever . " Bo Jinyan  walks to the window, then turns back and smile at them, "Anyway, you weren’t really watching the game that night . ” 


   The two guys look shocked .   Qian Yu Wen speaks up: “I don’t understand what you are talking about . ”


    “You don’t?” Bo Jinyan  looks at Jian Yao, "Tell them what we found in Zhou Qin’s backyard . ”


    Jian Yao holds up a transparent plastic bag with the pearl earrings .  


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    "This belongs to the deceased, Wang Wan Wei . ” Bo Jinyan  says faintly,  “Mai Chen said she was wearing them when he saw her that night .   Yet, when the body was found, the earrings were missing .   I believe no one would purposely take the earrings and throw it in the backyard .   It can only mean that she came by here before she died .


    Why would a girl come around at that time of the night?  The earrings were found less than two metres from your living room window .   It is impossible that both of you didn’t notice she was here . ”


    Pei Ze sneers . “We were concentrating on the game .   It was raining, so we turned up the volume .   It’s totally possible that we couldn’t hear her . ” 




    Jian Yao is wearing a raincoat, standing where the earrings were found . After a while, she quickly runs past the window .  



    As she runs past, her body blocks the light that’s coming through a lamppost that shines straight into the living room .   It casts a large shadow .   She was so close to the window, it’s very hard to miss .  


    “Imagine, she must have been in some distress in order for the earrings to fall .   She was either having a dispute with someone, or running very quickly .   If you were in the lounge, you would have noticed her . ” says Bo Jinyan .


    Qian Yu Wen’s hands are clenched, his face turns pale .   Jian Yao returns to the room .   She is completely soaked from the rain .   Bo Jinyan  smiles at her: “Good job . ”


    Pei Ze gives a laugh: “Well, alright .   We didn’t watch the game .   We weren’t in the lounge .   We were in the room . ”  


    Bo Jinyan : “Oh .   So you’ve decided to change your testimony? Just like that?  What makes you think we will believe you?"


    "Huh . . . . . . " Pei Ze takes a deep breath and answers faintly, "We were in the room, making love the whole night .   We didn’t want others to know .   Does that answer your question?”




    Bo Jinyan  and Jian Yao goes back to their residence .  



    Bo Jinyan  replayed the video clips of the other rooms .   When Pei Ze admitted having sex with his roommate:  Zhou Qin closed his eyes .   He gave a big sigh and covered his face with his hand .   Lin Yu Xin looked stunned and Shen Dan Wei was still wearing her sarcastic smile .  

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