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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 30

Jian Yao puts down the phone .   She looks at Bo Jinyan .  


    He is still sitting on the bed, He leans forward and rests his arm on his lap, interlocking his fingers .   His face flashes a relaxed smile .  


He looks extremely pleased with himself…


    Jian Yao has to admit: “Wow, you are good . ”


    - Actually, he is more than just ‘good’, he’s awesome .  


  But he doesn't seem to be touched by her compliments . He lies down on the bed, put his eye mask back on, and goes back to rest .   To him, this is a simple and easy to solve case .   There is nothing to rave about .   This is a case of logical deduction . It’s not even in his area of specialty - criminal psychology, serial killers etc .


    Jian Yao says: “Don't sleep .   Officer Wang has invited us to oversee the interrogation process . "


    “I am not going . " He simply answers, "My work is done .   The rest is up to them . ”




  Jian Yao heads over to the conference centre by herself .  


   She follows Officer Wang into a room that they are using as their control room .   Inside the room, two officers are observing several computer monitors, which are transmitting video images from the rooms where the Customer 3 division staffs are being questioned .  


    Jian Yao sits down in front of the monitors .   She sees a number of familiar faces .


    Lin Yu Xuan, Zhou Qin, Shen Dan Wei, Qian Yu Wen and Pei Ze .


    They are arranged in separate rooms .   The police are recording their testimonies .   Everyone looks weary, except for Pei Ze .   He looks disinterested, as if he doesn’t give a damn to what has happened .  


    Jian Yao remembers the times they spent together .   She is repulsed by his actions and attitude .  


    When the policeman throws the testimonies of others in front of him, he momentarily loses his composure .   He looks flustered .   But soon, he recollects himself .  


    “Whether you confess or not, we have enough evidence to charge you . ” says the policeman .  


    Pei Ze is silent for a moment .   He asks: “What is the penalty for murder?"


    Police replies: “That’s a matter for the courts to decide .   But they will show more leniency to those who confess . ”






    When did it all start?


    Long before Wang Wan Wei joined, Customer 3 division was already a drug house .   Wang Wan Wei was like a small fresh flower planted amongst the decaying vegetation .   She was totally unaware of what’s going on .


   But their private lives were quite separate from their work lives .   And there should have been no intersection between the two . They were not short of money .   They kept to themselves and were very careful around others .   The good kids like Mai Chen and Wang Wan Wei lived in a different world from them .  


    Until that night .  


Pei Ze and Lin Yu Xuan were wantonly indulging themselves in the conference room .


    “It doesn’t matter . No one will come . " He said, "Xuan, I want you here, in this very room that you use for telling me off during work hours . ”


    Lin Yu Xuan is a capable and shrewd woman .   But she is only a woman after all . Her husband was a professor in a music college .   He fell in love with his female student that’s twenty years younger than him .   He walked out from their marriage while she was still pregnant .   Lin Yu Xuan was devastated . She aborted the child to start a new life .   But life had stagnated since then .   She was not able to move on .  


   Then Pei Ze appeared in her life .   They worked together, dined and wined together .   She knew this attractive young man had ulterior motives .   But she was too lonely, and too fragile to resist .


    - He must have some feelings for me too, right? Otherwise… There are many other women in managerial positions .   But he came for me .  


    When exactly did she fall in love with Pei Ze?  She was not sure .   Initially, she looked at it as a deal .   He provided the love and comfort she desired .   In return, she used her position and power to help him advance in his career .   A fair trade .  


   But when Pei Ze was ready to move on from this relationship, she didn’t want to let him go .   She couldn't bear to live without him .   Her successful career did not fill the emptiness in her life . The loneliness was too much for her to bear .  


    But it was not hard to keep him, as long as he was still working in the company .  


    So their relationship continued . She turned a blind eye to his debauchery - nightclubbing, casual sex with other girls… And he lured her into drugs . Cannabis .   Sweet but painful .   In the end, it’s hard to say who is the dominant one in the relationship?  Is it Pei Ze? Controlling her with a steady supply of drugs? Or is it Lin Yu Xuan? Using her power and influence in the company to keep him close to her .   The line was blurred .   No one knew the answer .


    That night, as they were busy enjoying themselves, someone opened the door to the conference room .   They even heard a gasp .  


    But the person retreated very quickly .  


    Pei Ze quickly put on his pants, opened the door slightly and looked through the gap: “Yes, it’s Wang Wan Wei .   The lock is broken .   We didn’t notice that just now . "


     From then on, Lin Yu Xuan was worried Wang Wan Wei would one day expose her shameful deeds in front of others . Though Pei Ze insists that Wang Wan Wei didn’t see their faces, she would be happy to see her go .   It was too risky to have her around .   She started to pick on the innocent girl all the time .   And surprisingly, she started to enjoy seeing her suffer .   After all, a young girl just starting out in life should also learn that life is not an easy and smooth journey .  

     . . . . . .


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    "This is the reason you and Lin Yu Xuan lured her to the path of drugs?”


    Pei Ze smiles: "In the beginning, it was Yu Xuan’s idea for me to sound her out . "


    To find out how much she actually knew about their affair .   It was during the time when Wang Wan Wei felt down and discouraged because of her situation at work .   To Pei Ze, she was like a little rabbit .   Meek and weak, evoking a man’s innate urge to conquer .  


    One night .   Pei Ze and Wang Wan Wei had a lot of wine .   They were drunk .   She was lured into a sexual relationship with him .  


    The first time Pei Ze asked Qian Yu Wen to join them, Wang Wan Wei refused .   But eventually, she gave in to Pei Ze’s request .   She was too timid to resist him .  


    Their threesome relationship went on for a while .   She knew Pei Ze and Qian Yu Wen were drug addicts .   But she had no idea her other colleagues were taking drugs too .   She never would have guessed that her life was lost because these people would disregard her plea for help .  


    Lin Yu Xuan vaguely knew about Pei Ze and Wang Wan Wei’s relationship, but surprisingly, she didn’t seem to care .  




    “How did Shen Dan Wei become a drug addict?" The police asks . Who knows?  Is Shen Dan Wei going through the same ordeal as Wang Wan Wei?


    "Her?" Pei Ze laughs: “She is the first to take drugs in the division .   She was led astray by her boyfriend when they were attending university .   Later, the man left her to return overseas .   Only then did she realise he was married . ”  


    Shen Dan Wei . Her dreams of marrying a rich foreigner were shattered .   She couldn’t shake off her addiction, so she frequented bars and nightclubs .   Pei Ze and her met in a drug party once . They nodded and smiled to one another .  


    "She helped me clean up the traces of my crime . " Pei Ze says, "Everyone helped .   They are all accomplices, right?”   




    Just like Bo Jinyan predicted, Pei Ze went to see Wang Wan Wei after Mai Chen left .  


    She refused, threatened to call the police .  


    Pei Ze was heavily intoxicated .   Out of anger, he decided to kill her .  


    “Qian Yu Wen’s drugs…  Are you the supplier?” The police asks .


    Pei Ze gives a faint smile: “He asked me for it .   But I did not introduce him to the habit . ”


    Qian Yu Wen’s reason for taking drugs was boredom .   He’s simply looking for physical stimulant to spice up his life .   As for his taste for men, he discovered it after he became a drug addict .   Life is short .   He decided to let himself loose and enjoy life the way he wanted to .  


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 But all these were hidden from their outwardly normal lives .   They were not stupid .   No one wanted to lose their job because of drug abuse .   Perhaps, this is a road of destruction, but the end is still a long way off .   There’s no hurry to take a U turn at this time .   Later, perhaps .   Later .    


    Between each other, not everything was disclosed .   Pei Ze was the only one who knows who were into drugs too .   Qian Yu Wen was with him all the time, so he had an idea of what’s going on .   But the others, they did their own thing .  


    Shen Dan Wei is a loner .   The others might have guessed that she took drugs .   But it’s none of their business .  


    As for Pei Ze and Wang Wan Wei’s relationship, no one was aware of it until the night of the murder .  


And Mai Chen .   He’s the law abiding and honest young man that didn’t pose a threat to his seniors at work .  


    “Why then, is Zhou Qin taking drugs?" The police asks, “Same reasons as Qian Yu Wen?"


    "Oh . . . . . . " Pei Ze laughs, “His drug habit has nothing to do with me either . ”


    Zhou Qin and his wife met in university .   They fell in love with each other .   But their romance was short lived . They broke up because of some misunderstanding .   However, they still had each other in their hearts .   They reunited after a few years and Zhou Qin was the happiest man in the world .   But his happiness didn’t last long again .   She died in a car accident .  


    Leaving behind a son . Every time he saw the child’s face, he agonised over the death of his dear wife .   He couldn't concentrate on his work .   Once he almost lost his job because of his carelessness .   It was drugs that held him together .   It gave him a new lease of life .  


He knew it’s the wrong path .   He thought he could get away with taking small dosages for a short period of time and not get hooked .   By the time he realised, he had gone too far .   He deeply regretted his actions and had started rehab .     However, it’s not easy to cut off the addictive habit .   So he’s had a few relapse every now and then .  


    Pei Ze knew everyone's secrets, so he made them cover for him .   Everyone knew that if the murder was discovered, they will be brought back to the police station for a detailed interrogation .   All their dirty laundry would be exposed .   They might get fired .   Nobody wanted to lose their jobs .   Besides, Wang Wan Wei intended to commit suicide in the first place .


   But today, the truth that they tried so hard to cover up, is finally revealed .  


     . . . . . .


    “How could you do this to a young lady?  Where is your conscious? ” The police asks each one of them .  


    But silence is the only answer he gets .  




    When Jian Yao leaves the conference centre, it’s three o’clock in the morning .   It is still dark, as if the sky is covered by a thick layer of black ink .   Jian Yao walks down a long and brightly lit corridor .   She stops beside a window and looks out .  


    A lot of people come to her mind .   Her father, Li,  Bo Jinyan, and many others .  


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   Everyone will encounter confusion and temptation at some point in their life .   It may be hard and painful .   But that is not the reason to forsake morals and principles .    Life is more than indulging in selfish desires and feeling good, it’s about doing the right thing .  


    She opens the door and walks in the room . She expects to find Bo Jinyan sleeping, but to her surprise, he was standing in front of a mirror .   He is doing up the buttons of his jacket, as if he’s about to attend a formal meeting .


    Jian Yao walks up to him and asks suspiciously : “Are you going somewhere?"


    Bo Jinyan turns to look at her: “Let’s get on with the real reason we are here today . ”


    Jian Yao is confused .    


    Before she could ask any questions, he walks out of the room with a solemn face .




    Jian Yao sits in the backseat of the car, beside Bo Jinyan .   He is looking out of the window with an infrared telescope .   The rain has stopped .   The car drives into a narrow and windy road .   It brings them back to the residences they visited earlier .   The crime scene is pitch dark .   All the lights in the area have been turned off .  


    There are two other police officers in the car .   They are keeping their eyes on a monitor inside the car .   It is linked to the video cameras placed around the complex that shows all the paths that leads to the residences .  


   Bo Jinyan puts down the binoculars .   He is sitting there, deep in thought .  


    Jian Yao cannot contain herself any longer :”You did so much… to lure him here?” 


    That man .  


    Bo Jinyan replies lightly: "Why do you think I agreed to take on something as dumb as a secret investigation?  Not to mention coming back to this boring place? "


   Is that the reason he agreed to help Yin Ziqi? He planted his move - secret investigation means there would be no police involvement, giving the person an opportunity to leave more signs for him .  


    “But you said you enjoy seeing the murderer shamed?" Jian Yao asks .


    “Yes, I did enjoy that, but it’s not a good enough reason for me to make all that effort . ”


   The numbers written in blood comes to her mind .   Suddenly, she is all tensed up .


    “How do you know that he will be here?” She asks .



    “He will .   He will come… for me . ” 

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