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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 53

Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao stands in front of a small house, surrounded by trees .   It seems their suspect - Zhang Cheng likes to live in a remote and isolated place, away from people .  


Bo Jinyan is the first person to arrive, ahead of the police officer who called him .   They can hear the police sirens coming from a distance .   They should not be too far behind .  


Jian Yao asks: “Should we wait for them?”


“No . ” says Bo Jinyan .   He puts on a pair of latex gloves .   He seems to look excited: “When a lot of people enters the house at the same time, the place loses its originality . ”


Jian Yao is not surprised .   This man is honest and smart .   But when it comes to investigating criminal cases, he can’t cover the excitement that arises from the passion he has for his job .


“Ok . Let’s go in . ” She smiles .   Of course she will go in with him .  


Fortunate for them, the yellow wooden door is not locked .   It is easily pushed open .   There’s an unbearable stench that rushes to their nostrils once the door is opened . Jian Yao almost vomited again .


Bo Jinyan places his finger over his nose to block out the smell .   He walks in without slowing down .  

Jian Yao hesitates, then she pinches her nose and follows him inside .  


It’s dark in there .   The windows are blocked .   It is a small place .   One bed . One desk/table . That’s it .   There are things lying all over the place .   It’s too dark to see what they are .


She is stepping into a psychopath’s house in darkness .   Every step, she is stepping on top of something… the bumps underneath her soles… Jian Yao secretly hopes they are not body parts .


Subconsciously, she gently holds on to Bo Jinyan jacket from the back .  


Stay close to him .  


The Bo Jinyan that was busy examining the room in the dark pauses .   He turns round to look at her .  


She quickly grabs on the corner of his suit jacket .   She is not letting go of him .


“Oh . ” he seems to sigh softly in the darkness .


“What’s up?” asks Jian Yao .


She can vaguely tell by the light shining through the front door, that he is trying to look at the hand that is grabbing onto his jacket .  


“So cute . ” He says in pleased voice .


Jian Yao blushes in the dark .


Even though she can’t see his facial expressions, she knows he is staring at her .   And at the same time, a hand reaches the light switch on the wall .   He just found it .


Ah… . handling two roles at once .  


They are standing in  a pigsty .  


Light blue bed linen has sweat stains all over it .   The duvet is curled up into a bundle on the floor .   The table has lots of dirty dishes and bowls with food scraps inside them .   On the floor, there are  polystyrene takeaway containers, rubbish bags, clothes, shoes… flies everything .   There is also a strong stench of urine in the air .  


“What a tasteless lunatic . ”  Bo Jinyan mutters to himself .   Then he starts searching through the rubbish .


As a woman, Jian Yao automatically take up the tasks that are less filthy - she opens the drawers of the desk and examines what’s inside them .


In one of the drawers, she finds a stack of envelope .   They are made from the same type of yellow paper .   She passes them to Bo Jinyan .   The envelopes are empty .   In the front of the envelope, there is a date written with ink pen: “2013 January , 2013 February… . “until” 2013 June .   The handwriting is the same for all the envelopes .   Obviously, it’s written by the same person .  


Bo Jinyan looks more closely at the stack of envelope .   He notices the corner of red note sticking out from one of them .   He pulls it out .   It’s a hundred dollar note .  


“This is for living expenses . ” Bo Jinyan says: “Someone is looking after him . ”


Bo Jinyan mentioned earlier .   Because of his mental state, he won’t be able to hold a job for long .   To survive, money must come from somewhere .   Perhaps it’s family members?  Passing him some money with an envelope every month .


After a while, Jian Yao finds two pieces of paper that’s torn .   It’s not too badly damaged, so she can still read the words on it:


“Time for dinner . ”


“Take a shower/bath after the sun has gone down . ”


Again, it has the same writing as the envelopes .


Bo Jinyan stands up from examining the pile of rubbish on the floor .   He passes a few pieces of paper to her .   Like the ones in her hands, there are phrase or short sentences on them .   Don’t leave the village .   Use the toilet, not the floor .   etc etc .   There are some adhesive tapes on the corners of these paper .   They used to be on the wall .  


“Male . Educated .   Financial status - average . Young adult . ” Bo Jinyan looks at the words and comments .





Soon, the officers join them inside the house .


“Professor Bo, have you discovered anything?”


Jian Yao looks at Bo Jinyan .   He signals her to show the envelopes and white sheets of paper to the officers: “Someone was looking after him .   He was very attentive .   But then, the person has not been coming for awhile, or else this place cannot be so messy . ”  He pauses and continues: “He’s abandoned . ”

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Everyone is quiet .  


Is that the reason for his mental breakdown?


The officers scatter to look for other evidence .   Jian Yao stands beside Bo Jinyan .   She asks: “How do we find out the identify of that person?” Her instinct tells her that the place Zheng Chang is going is somehow linked to this man . Perhaps, he is going find him… .


But there seems to be no other clues of the man’s identity in the house .  


Bo Jinyan sweeps her a look, he says proudly: “Of course there is a way . ”

He always has a way .  


Jian Yao waits hopefully for another speech .   He is going to use his expert knowledge and superior elimination skills to… .


Wait .   He is pushing away rubbish on the desk?  


A red colour telephone appears .


“Like I said before, I like taking short cuts . ”  First, he turns on the speaker function .   Then he presses the re-dial button .  


This is much faster way to find out .  


Other officers gather .   Everyone waits .   But it goes straight to voicemail: “Your phone cannot be used at this stage .   Please pay your account… . ”


It’s an older phone .   There is no caller display button .   So they don’t know what the re-dial number is .   One of the officers suggest: “I will call the station .   We will find the records linked to this phone . ”  Everyone agrees it’s a good plan .


Except Bo Jinyan: “It will take too long . ”


He lifts up the receiver . Takes a quick look at it and passes it to Jian Yao .


There is a small sticker on it, with the number of this telephone on it .  


Jian Yao takes out her mobile to load $100 credit on the number .   She never thought that one day she would top up the phone for a psychopath .  


Finally, they successfully call the person on re-dial .   A man picks up the phone .   He is speaking very softly, and he sounds tired: “Cheng, did you not remember what I told you?  I will call you later?  They are asleep . ”


Bo Jinyan ponders for a while, then he starts speaking: “Hello .   Are you Zheng Chang’s brother?”


The person pauses: “Yes .   Who are you?  Why are you using his phone?” He sounds concerned . “Did something happen to Ah Chang?”


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Bo Jinyan answers: “It’s a long story .   Keep your windows and doors locked .   Do not get out of the house .   Your brother is on his way to kill you . ”


The man is shocked: “What?”


The officers next to him is stunned too .   Bo Jinyan turns to one of them and says: “Get his address .   Send it to me immediately . ”  Then he says to Jian Yao: “Let’s go . ”


Jian Yao follows .   She takes a quick look before leaving the house .   An officer is explaining the situation to Zheng Chang’s brother .   Others are getting ready to move to their next destination too .





Early morning .   The roads in the countryside don’t have many cars on them . Soon they are back in B city .   

Jian Yao took a short nap on the way back .  


When she wakes up, Bo Jinyan is still driving .   His face looks less tense .   His fingers are tapping on the steering wheel .   Looks like his mood has improved .   Well, they are very close to  catching the killer .  


“Did anyone call?”  She asks .


“No . ” He answers faintly .


That’s good .   That means there’s no other causalities so far .  


“He has arrived at the neighbourhood for quite some time now . ” Bo Jinyan says It’s enough time for him to run around the B city three times . ”


Jian Yao think of the mental unstable killer, hovering near his brothers’s house… 


“They found his medical records . ” She says . “If the brother cares about him, why doesn’t he send him to an institution?”


Not long after they left the house, the police found the file in the rubbish bin .   The last visit was early this year .


Bo Jinyan: “I am not sure .   But according to official numbers, at least half of the serious mental patients are not receiving any  treatment . ”


Jian Yao is shocked: “Why?”


Bo Jinyan says mockingly: “Because there’s not enough bed space* . ”


Is this meant to be a joke?  But it is not funny at all .


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(* Note from author Ding Mo -  It is a known fact that there are not enough facilities (including doctors, nurses and spaces in the hospital) in China .   A lot of the serious mental patients are not granted admission to hospital because of this . )




Then they come across another problem .   One that frustrates Bo Jinyan greatly .   Traffic jam .  


They have been on the road for over two hours .   They are so close to their destination .   Often they can see police officers walking past them .   But they are stuck .   Only 1km of distance left, yet, it has taken them over ten minutes just to crawl forward a few metres .  


Jian Yao just talked to the team leader: “They will send someone to clear a way for the police cars to go through . ”


Bo Jinyan replies: “Oh great . The rest of the cars will be stuck here for ages . ”


Jian Yao knows he is just complaining to let out some steam .   As the car moves slower, she has more time to observe what’s happening on the streets .


About fifty metres ahead of them, beside a flower bed, there is a man sitting down at the corner .   He is wearing a black top and a pair of black pants .   His hair is messy .   Most of the pedestrians are deliberately avoiding getting close to him .   He is wearing a pair of grey sport shorts .   There are some dark marks on it .   Jian Yao looks more carefully .   His hands have red stains on them too .


When did he arrive? He wasn’t there a moment ago .  


Jian Yao calls out to Bo Jinyan: “Jinyan… . that man . ”


“I see him . ” Bo Jinyan says coldly .  


He quickly turns his steering wheels to drive off the road onto a patch of grass on the side .  


“Good boy . ”  Bo Jinyan mutters .   He fixes his eye on the man .


Jian Yao starts to get nervous .  

At this time, the person that they suspect is Zheng Chang stands up .   He walks towards a little lane to the side of the flower bed .    


We can’t lose him now .   Jian Yao takes out her phone and calls the Team leader .  


“Don’t leave the car . ” 


Jian Yao turns around . Bo Jinyan has opened the door and disappears in the crowd .   After a few seconds,  she finds him .   He is walking into the same lane Zheng Chang went .  


Jian Yao suddenly feels worried .



They agreed that they would stay together whenever they are investigating . But he ran off by himself… . to go after a mentally unstable killer that has a weapon with him .

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