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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 66

Roof top .


Bo Jinyan stands up .   He reaches his hand out to help Jian Yao to stand on her feet .   They look at the words on the ground together .   Bo Jinyan looks proud of his handiwork .  


Unfortunately, his scribbles and thoughts don’t seem to make any sense to her .   She needs a little explanation to the visual ‘feast’ that is in front of her .  


But she is used to it .   She leans on his chest and compliments him: “You are amazing!” 


Bo Jinyan curls his lips into a smile .  


“Now, can you explain it to me?”


“Ur… .   of course . ”


He starts to point out his new discoveries: 


“The first point, and the most important one .   For a serious psychopath, the part of his fantasies that is most important for him is not to look back at his past, or show his hatred or retaliation . It’s how to express the desires that are hidden deep within his heart . For them, this is the most rewarding part of their crime .  


But when No . 1 is ‘showing us his life’, where did he hide this important element?”


Jian Yao thinks to herself . Sun Yung fantasied about being a killer machine .   Zhang Cheng imagined he was killing US spies, both are a type of heroism .  


What does No . 1 desires in life?


Therefore, he confuses the police and Bo Jinyan with the different killing methods .   The real him is hiding somewhere .  


“Second point .   He hates women .   So the question is, why did he plunder the man’s self-worth, but not the woman’s?”


Jian Yao can’t work this out .  


Bo Jinyan continues: “The third point .   When he was torturing the man, he used duct tape to cover his mouth .   Why did he not let him speak?”


Jian Yao answers subconsciously: “Because he doesn’t want to hear his voice?”


Bo Jinyan sweeps her a glance .   He says faintly: “All his actions, even those he didn’t consciously planned, has a reason .   Why did he not want to hear the man’s voice .   I can’t work this out at the moment . ”


Jian Yao is quietly thinking .   Well, looks like there arestill a lot of unanswered questions .  


“The fourth point .   Why did he take away the grey hair from the old man as a souvenir?  If it’s to symbolise his control over life and death, should it not be some other organs or blood?  After all, that would definitely excite him more .   But he took away hair . ”  


Jian Yao answers without much thinking: “Grey hair represents time, vicissitudes of life . ”


Bo Jinyan looks at her with his bright eyes: “Correct . ”  He says in his low voice .   Jian Yao is pleased to receive a praise from him .   She smiles sweetly: “Thank you . ”


“The last point .   Why did he have to go through so much effort to dump the bodies in four different locations?  Why not leave them in the same place? It would have saved him a lot of hassle . ”


Yes .   These are good questions .   Perhaps the answers will lead them into a new dimension .   Once they are able to make sense of these points, they will be very close to the truth .  


Bo Jinyan holds her hand and starts to walk to the lift .  


“There must be some connection between the four victims .   We need to find out what it is . ” He says, “So, our next job is -“


Jian Yao  continues: “go back to first step - to analyse the victims . ”

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Bo Jinyan stops and looks at her .


“What is it?” Jian Yao asks .


“Oh, nothing . ”  He smiles .   They continue to walk .   Bo Jinyan is very pleased .  


Oh . . The words she spoke were exactly what Bo Jinyan was going to say .   This is amazing .   It has never happened before .  


Sure enough .   Nothing, not even the most difficult case, can stop them from deepening their relationship .   They just love each other more as each day passes .  




The name of the detective from Hong Kong that is accompanying them to interview the victim’s family is Ouyang Lin .   Anam is with them too .  


The four of them are in a car on their way to visit the female victim’s friend .   Ouyang Lin has his hands on the steering wheel .   He is looking at the rear view mirror and says: “My men havedone all that we can .   The four victims are not connected . What do you expect to find?”


Even though he has his doubts, his tone is calm .   It’s a genuine question .   He is not trying to mock them .


Bo Jinyan answers: “We are looking for different things to you . ” He stops there and looks at Jian Yao: “Tells him what we are looking for . ”


Jian Yao doesn’t think twice .   She says to them: “We are trying to find out what is No . 1’s fantasy . ”


Everyone in the car keeps quiet . Bo Jinyan has a smile on his face .


Oh… . perfect!  

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You Hua is a good friend, flatmate and colleague of the female victim .   She is also in her early twenties .  


You Hua’s apartment is still cordoned off by the police . They walk into the apartment together .   When Jian Yao enquires about her friend’s character, You Hua’s friend starts to cry: “She is the best girl I have ever met .   She is gentle, smart and considerate .   Everyone likes her .   But why… . ”


Jian Yao reaches out and put her hand on You Hua’s friend’s shoulder to console her .   Her friend continues: “Six months ago, she broke up with her boyfriend .   She was very sad .   Other than that, I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary . ”


Ouyang Lin says to to Bo Jinyan and Anam: “We’ve checked out the boyfriend .   He is in Australia when she was missing . He is not suspicious . ”


The friend picks up You Hua’s family photo and passes it Jian Yao: “Her parents live in the countryside .   They love her very much .   Next month she is supposed to start a new position as a senior sales person in Lamma Island…”


Bo Jinyan takes a look at all the photos on the table .   Colleagues, friends, family… . She has a lovely smile in all the photos .   Looks like what You Hua said is true .   She is an outgoing and friendly girl .




After they leave the apartment, the four of them heads back to their car .   Ouyang Lin says: “This is the same information we obtained during our last visit .   Professor Bo, do you have any new discoveries?”


“How do you think men rate You Hua?” ask Bo Jinyan .


Ouyang Lin replies: “A friendly girl that is quite approachable .   I am sure she has a lot of admirers“  


Anam replies: “Top 20% to 40% of women . ”


Everyone laughs .   Now it’s Jian Yao’s turn: “It’s comfortable to be with her .   She is pleasant and nice .   Is she the type of girl that No . 1 is attracted to?”


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They arrive at their second destination .   It’s the old man Zhou Lin Po’s house .   His daughter and daughter in law greets them .  


Like You Hua, Zhou Lin Po is a good man .   His daughter is pregnant . Her husband is holding onto her . She is in tears: “My dad always says: Live a life that is worthy .   Don’t hide your conscience .   You can see for yourself what kind of person he is . ”  


She shows them to the study .   The room is full of trophies and medals .  


1995 - 2002 - He’s won several awards while working as a fireman

 2002 - 2005 - As a primary school teacher, he’s in the list of top 100 teachers in HK .  


2005 - retirement - He works for the government and has received many awards for his diligence and hard work .  


His daughter says: “Dad doesn’t get paid a lot for his jobs .   But he has helped many people .   He sponsors two children in  Guizhou province so that they can attend school…” 


At this point, even Anam, who is usually very quiet, consoles the daughter, “Our condolences . ”  


Ouyang Lin whispers into Bo Jinyan’s ears: “We have verified all these .   The other victims have not crossed path with him while he was working as a fireman, teacher or government staff . ”


Bo Jinyan nods and smiles .  


Jian Yao knows this expression .   It’s a look that shows he has found a link .


… . . so quickly?



Looks like he has some new ideas about the case already .

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