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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 78

A few days later, Jian Yao is rescued by the FBI from the devils’ den .   When she looked back at the experience, she remembers the immense pain she suffered both physically and psychologically .   But she is also amazed how life can be so much like an unpredictable plot of a novel .  

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Nobody, except for the person who planned the moves, expected how the events would played out .


Let’s take the story from where it all started - the video footage that was sent to the TV station by Tommy .   A secret footage that nobody else knew existed, except for Tommy, Xie Han… and him .


…… .


Afternoon,  In the underground cellar .  


It’s hard to tell the time of the day when there’s no natural light coming through .   Jian Yao is sitting on the sofa .   She watches as Xie Han arranges the fresh flowers and places the candles on the dining table .  


She can tell he is in an extremely good mood . Every word, every action .   He is like a well mannered gentleman .   He even gave her a nice bunch of yellow daisies .  


Jian Yao feels as if every cell in her body is withering, like a plant that is about to die .   Xie Han takes a look at her and sits facing her on the other side of the table .


“Bon appetite . ”  He says with a smile .


Jian Yao picks up the chopsticks .   As they touch the white rice in the bowl, she hears Xie Han makes a “Oh” sound .   Her hand shakes and the chopsticks fall onto the tablecloth .  


Xie Han stares at her: “I have not introduced tonight’s entertainment .   We are about to see another video about Simon .   Are you happy about that?”


Jian Yao has an uneasy feeling about this .   She keeps quiet .  


Xie Han stands up and walks over to her .   This movement sends chills to her spine .   He casually place his hand on her shoulder, and says softly: “I know that you are woman with depth and good character .   I am honoured to share my feelings with you . ”


He starts to converse with her!  Like Bo Jinyan says, he is an unpredictable and moody man .


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“People say, ants can overcome elephants .   Even an insignificant pawn can completely change the course of an event .   I didn’t expect our little Tommy to give me such a big surprise!  I am amazed . ”


Jian Yao is getting more and more afraid .   Her whole head starts to hurt .  


He continues: “I didn’t know he kept the footage .   And to send it out at this time… I understand why he is doing this .   Once this is broadcasted, Bo Jinyan’s reputation will be completely ruined .   This is his present for me .   He seems to think that by destroying Bo Jinyan, Bo Jinyan will be of no interest to me anymore .


I can only say Tommy underestimates Bo Jinyan, and he underestimates me - This is exactly what I wished for - to put Bo Jinyan to destruction, is to push him towards me . ” 


Jian Yao sits very still .   Her heart is sore .   Jinyan, what’s happening to you?


He smiles at her: “You don’t understand what I am talking about?”


Jian Yao bits her lower lip .   She is not answering him .


Xie Han laughs .   He picks up the bunch of yellow daisies and put it to his nose for a sniff: “Let’s just say that Simon has a secret… . a secret that was revealed two years ago .   Only I know about it, Tommy knows about it .   And Simon… does not . ”


So Bo Jinyan has made a fatal mistake .   Using Tommy as a bait as allowed him to reveal this secret to the rest of the world .   Bo Jinyan’s plan backfired . What is about to happen is going to be out of Bo Jinyan’s control . ”


Jian Yao is confused and worried .   A secret?  Bo Jinyan has a secret?  That’s impossible .   Is this another trick Xie Han is using on her?  It must be .


She must stay sober .   Stay in control .  


Xie Han presses the play button on the remote .   He says with a dreamy voice: “Enjoy .   This is what I am after .   This is what I have been waiting for .   It’s a time for fiesta and celebration for serial killers around the world . "


Even though she keeps telling herself this is just a trick of his, she can’t help but tense up .   She is afraid to see what’s on the video .  



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A small room .   A prison cell with a lonely light bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling, and a rectangular desk .


A man is sitting in front of the video camera .   He is bare chested .   There are rows of cuts on his back .   Jian Yao recognises him at first glance .   It’s Bo Jinyan .   His hands and feet are tied to chains .   Obviously, he is imprisoned .  

He lifts his head .  


The familiar handsome face that she knows too well .   But he is a lot thinner here .   And his hair is much longer too .  


But this Bo Jinyan is somewhat different from the man that she loves .  


It’s his expressions! 


Callous .   Cruel .   His eyes looks looks cold and uncaring .  


Why is that? 


Then he picks up a little knife on the table .   He licks off the blood with his tongue .   Then he speaks: “Tommy . ”


Jian Yao’s heart shivers .  


What happened to his voice?  Why… why does he sound… so different?


Tommy is probably outside of the range of the camera lens .   Bo Jinyan has an devilish smile on his face .  


“I’m not that stupid guy, Simon . ”  He is holding the dagger in his hand .   He plays with it like a skilful hunter: “I am Allen . ”


Suddenly, Jian Yao can hear a buzzing sound in her brain .   There is no sound other than Bo Jinyan’s voice .   Her heart feels like it’s being shredded into pieces .

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The same man .   But with a different expression and a different voice .   Usually, Bo Jinyan’s voice is deep and low, but this voice sounds very husky, and a bit brighter than his normal voice .   It sounds like it’s from a completely different person .   Even the accent he speaks is different .  


How is this possible? 

A second personality… . Allen?


In the images, where Bo Jinyan refers to himself as ‘Allen’,  smiles and says: “I have killed more people than you . ”  


 “Don’t drag me into this immature game of yours . ”


“If you can completely kill off Simon’s consciousness so I can have this body all to myself, I’ll join you . ” 




The video footage went viral .   It’s broadcasted on very major television channel in the US .   And it’s all over the internet .


As the news presenter has predicted, it shocked the whole of the US .   Everyone needs time to digest this piece of information - Angel and demon… it’s the same person .  


Allen even admitted to some murders that he committed over the years .   These were unsolved mysteries .   He even told Tommy the details of how he went about committing those crimes .  


…… . .


FBI Analyst Office .  


Everyone looking at the television live broadcast is in shock .   They can’t believe the man in the video is the same man they used to work with .   Someone mutters: “Shit!”


In the Maryland Hospital, Fu Ziyu  is lying in bed . He watched the broadcast on his laptop .   Tears starts to trickle .   He keeps very quiet .   Anam is standing beside his bed .   He is nonplussed by the news .   He is so shocked he is rooted to the spot .


The family members of the victims that Bo Jinyan claimed to have killed look at the TV in disbelief and anger .  


At the same time, countless reporters gathering in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel, where Bo Jinyan is staying .   The hotel security and police stops them from getting to Bo Jinyan’s room .   A lot of them goes outside and point their camera towards the window of Bo Jinyan’s room .  


A tall man appears before the window .   He partly open the curtains so that he takes a look at the crowd that’s gathered on the ground .   Then he closes the curtains, and disappears from the crowd’s gaze .  




The broadcast is over .   Jian Yao sits on the chair with her body shaking . She doesn’t know what to believe .


Xie Han is well pleased with her reactions .   He takes up his chopsticks and enjoys his meal .  


“You are surprised?”  He says: “I don’t blame you .   Even Simon himself don’t know that Allen exist .   You are only his girl friend, how would you know . ”


Jian Yao’s is speechless .


Xie Han looks at her . then he smiles . He picks up a slice of beef and put it into her bowl: “Actually, it’s not hard to understand why he has split personality .   Did Simon ever tell you how his mother died?  His father killed her in a villa and used cement to hide her body in a wall .   Allen remembers it .   But Simon has forgotten .   They are the same person, with different sets of personality and memories .


I bet he never told you what happened when he was captured by Tommy .   They are too painful to bear, even for Simon .   He’s not as strong as you think he is, that’s why he’s split into two persons .  


Let me think… . what else?  Does he suffer from insomnia and walk around the house at night?”


He continues: “That’s Allen .   He’s just hiding himself from Simon . ”


Jian Yao’s heart aches .   Her head starts to spin .   She supports her forehead with her hands as her dizziness makes her feel like she is going to faint .     From the corners of her eyes, she notices Xie Han looking at the TV screen, and with an extremely contented tone, he murmurs: “Hi Allen .   You have returned… finally… My greatest friend . ”


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