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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 198

Published at 26th of March 2019 10:45:07 AM

Chapter 198

Two weeks before her expected date of delivery, Maxine returned to the Philippines . She had given her word and couldn't just back out .

Meanwhile all along, Glenda felt something wasn 't normal . Her belly was way too small than her two pregnant friends who were at the same gestational age with her . Her baby kicked less stronger and less frequent than theirs . The more she got afraid to show up for prenatal assessment . To think, she made up alibis succesfully just to avoid being checked . Though she took up business as her college course, she was not totally ignorant to sciences . She could always do her own research . There were too many books available . She just didn't want to hear any negative impression that would ruin her excitement . Come what may!

"Glenda, do you want to know the gender? " This statement made her feel tickled . It was a question of confirmation that she was indeed having a child . But when Glory suddenly decided to keep it a surprise, she got nervous . Why would she hold it back? She was aready facing the monitor . And why did she suddenly got busy after the procedure? It seemed something wasn't right and she was just avoiding her .

Getting more anxious each day due to her suppressed doubts, her most awaited time came up . The unusual feeling of lower abdominal cramps progressed to lower back pains which got stronger and more painful as time passed by .

Felix got extremely anxious . He was torn in between these two women . Maxine had her labor pains as well and was already admitted at her sister's birthing center .

"Bring her in . I have already oriented my staff here for confidentiality . This is something risky and illegal but how could I turn my back on you?"

Dr . Glory lamented sincerely .

"I'm sorry, sis . . . "

Few hours later, Glenda was anxiously lying down in one of Glory's birthing rooms .

"Sis, do you want me to give you a painless delivery? " Glory asked her, pretending to look excited .

"No, I want to experience the essence of being a woman . It is being said that if you cannot feel the labor pains, then you cannot truly feel the essence of motherhood . " Glenda explained .

Glory felt a headache coming her way . She had successfully but painfully asked her close friend who was an anesthesiologist to be her accomplice . She had successfully but painfully persuaded her to do an epidural sedation outside of a hospital premises . And now that she finally consented, her patient was backing out!

"That's foolishness . The true essence of motherhood starts on your decision to keep the pregnancy and through all the years that you will be caring for your child . Painless delivery is just a way to lessen your fear for the next pregnancy . "

Her friend came in . " That's true, Miss Glen . "

After some moments of self - debating and hesitations, she finally gave in .

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Having her placed in a side - lying position, she was further asked to curl out prior to an aseptic preparation . Then, with an introduction of a small pain when a needle was pricked at a small part of her back, the numb sensation immediately started to set in .

The truth was, she was only sedated . Her mental preparation prior to the induction of epidural analgesia was only a psychological set up . She was only allowed a deep sleep through an intravenous sedation so that when she would wake up later, she wouldn't know that there was actually no labor and delivery .

On the other hand, inside a room adjacent to hers, the most awaited female twins made their first loud cries . But only one was allowed to be placed in Maxine's abdomen when the cord was cut and only one was shown to her after they were pushed out of the world .

But Maxine heard her cry . When Dr . Glory raised her out after the first child, she caught a glimpse of her but she looked away . She had to cut the first moment of emotional attachment to the child . She would not be hers . She would be registered as the daughter of a wealthy hereiss by the name of Glenda Ybañez . And that her name would be Gracienne .

Tears were silently streaming down her eyes and it broke Felix 's heart . But he had made up his mind . She was also his son . Gracie would be his and Glenda's child . They had already agreed about it .

When Glenda finally woke up, Felix handed to her the child .

"Is this our baby, Felix? How come I just slept through it all and didn't hear her when she cried? " Glenda said tearfully as a smile broke in her face .

"You were just too tired . " Felix assured her nervously while he patted her head .

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"She's so beautiful, Glenda . Her name would be Gracienne . "

Felix tried to push it as soon as possible . That was the name Maxine requested while the first child was named Hailey .

When Maxine flew back to Atlanta, she did not tell Felix anymore . Her daughter would be the last ties she must have with him . But everytime she made Hailey a dress, she also made one for Grace . She would have it delivered then to the office of Felix and the latter would pretend that he ordered it for her .


"Hon, this house is so beautiful! I'm already excited to move in after our wedding! " Anna exclaimed happily as Anthon toured her to all corners of the house .

"The new owner has paid this already . " Anthon said , his eyes were dark with sadness .

Finally, he was giving this up, just as he was giving up on his heart's greatest desire . He must learn to accept his loss, no matter how long, no matter how difficult . He had said his goodbye, he had sold his dreamhouse for her and he had set the time of his wedding .

"No, I love this . I want this to be our home . " Anna argued tearfully, like a child who asked for a candy, but her ways could never move him the way Jia did .

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"Anna, I must tell you again honestly that this house was dedicated to Jia .

I made this for her . And all the memories I have in this house should be hers alone! "

Humiliated once again, she grumbled .

"You're crazy and unreasonable love for that woman has made you so stupid in making decisions . Wake up, hon, I'm already here . The memories you say would be replaced with our own . "

"Nooooo! " His decision was firm .

Trying to pretend her submission to his plans, she kept silent . This was not fun anymore . This was beyond what she could only endure . She started to despise his illogical dedication to an ungrateful woman whose heart and liver must have swelled due to flattery .

Looking at the proposed church program, she came up with a better plan . She picked up Anthon's phone and tapped on the contact list .

Her call was picked up immediately and a startled voice said hello .

"Miss Jia, since my husband did so much for you on your wedding day, can you also sing for our own wedding?"

Anthon, who stood staring at the wall where he used to place Jia's abstract painting, heard her well and got horrified!Please download our sponsor's game to support us!