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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 219

Published at 7th of April 2019 11:45:04 PM

Chapter 219: 219

"Do you want to hear me say that all along I was wishing we could watch sunsets together or go out to candle - lit dinners? Stroll out by the seaside or walk in a park as lovers . . . ?"

This statement, though spoken long ago in the hospital when he was donating his bone marrow, always filled Anthon's heart with regrets . Because of this, while waiting for their wedding, he tried to make it up by showering her with surprises and brought her to different places for romantic dates .

He also took over in fetching and dropping the kids in school, preparing their minds that sooner, he will be staying with them as their new dad . Though the kids were close to him, he knew that he could not take the place of their father . They also needed time, though not as long as Jia .

Time passed by so quickly and soon it was already the 28th of April .

During the peak of the summer, exactly as he always dreamed of, Anthon stood by the right far end of the make - shift altar, watching tearfully as his son walked down the aisle with the ring holder . He walked slowly according to the beat of the music and his eyes were red, resisting an urge to cry . Whether he was happy for him or he was hurting for Jim, he could not tell but there was one thing he was sure, he understood . His grandpa always talked to him about that .

Soon, his pain was shifted into a sense of pleasure as little Jianna walked in her princess gown . She was so beautiful with a light make up, making everyone wish to pinch, hug and crush her down . While she throw away the petals of different flowers, she almost stumbled because of sleepiness, making all the guests laugh in amusement .

Through this child, he would return all the love and acceptance Jim had for Jian . And as he watched them marching down in acceptance of him into the family, he also promised silently that he would care for them as his very own, more than Jim asked of him .

Soon, the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel was played and Jia came down from her simply but elegantly - adorned bridal car . As a surprise, the car was heavily - tinted that viewing outside was impossible . The moment she set her eyes upon the venue, she got so awed again by Anthon's dexterity in craftmanship . It seemed that the natural beauty of the hills and mountains with its treasures of falls and fountains were moved to the seaside . Entwined with the splendid beauty of the dark blue sea which reflected the color of the sky, the outline of green hills at the horizon, the sailing, white boats on the waters and the mossy, rocky boulders in the edges, the place looked like an unchartered, natural paradise .

The floral arrangements were, likewise, exceptionally breathtaking as expected, and she even wondered if Anthon was still able to sleep in this preparation . This stunningly beautiful wedding set up was made for her, just for her . . . and just by thinking about this, her tears began to well up again .

The whole entourage only composed of the officiating minister, Koko as the best man, Giselle as the maid of honor, five sets of principal sponsors where the Ybañez couple was one, Jian as the ring bearer, Jianna and Koko's twins as the flower girls .

She marched down the aisle alone; her parents, Casey and Mr . Wayne and Anthon's known parents waited by the altar .

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Her gown was narrow - fitted from her sweetheart - neckline down to the hem, making her hourglass figure flaunt . Her upper back was a see - through, crystal - beaded lace with glamourous, embroidered floral design . Wearing only a light make up enhancement which sharpened her innate beauty, she walked like a goddess in an enchanted paradise .

Soon, the music turned into a bridal march and after their parents gave them the blessing, Anthon finally took her to the altar .

During the recital of their marriage vow, Anthon requested for Jian and Jianna to be brought forward . Kneeling one knee down and holding both their hands to be at an eye level with them, he recited his wedding vow .

" I, your daddy Anthon, vow  to support your mom, push her, inspire her and, above all, love her, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live . I take her to be my spouse, choose her every day, to love her  in word and deed, to do the hard work of making now into always . "

Then, he fixed his gaze into Jian's eyes who was almost in the verge to cry, and went on .

"I also make a vow to take you and your sister into myself, to love and care for you as my very own . "

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Upon hearing this sincere promises, Jian threw his arms around Anthon's neck and cried .

Seeing that she was left standing behind, Jianna also cried and said, "how about me? "

The crowd who was deeply moved by this vow, suddenly laughed with tearful eyes .

After their proclamation as husband and wife, they heard a loud sound coming from a white yatch which suddenly floated few meters away from the wedding site . They all turned to the direction of the sound and soon witnessed the speeding off a remote - controlled toy boat, the size of a large shoe box, heading towards the shore . They all looked closely at it, and then they saw a small, white banner which was imprinted with, "Happy Wedding" . At the bottom of the toy boat, there was a small and a big box, wrapped in white ribbon and gold wrapper .

Thinking that this was a part of Anthon's myriad surprises, Jia excitedly came forward to pick it up .

She opened the small box first and was instantly amazed to see two diamond necklaces with heart pendants, which had tags of, 'for her' and 'for him' .

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She, then, handed the gift to Anthon, and proceeded to open the big box . As soon as it was opened, two white doves squirmed and flew out, hovering above them for a while before it went far away into the sky .

The crowd applauded in amazement at such a sweet surprise and felt so awed as the white vessel gracefully sailed away towards the open sea . . .

Never did anyone knew, that this surprise bothered Anthon and later brought him sleepness nights .

Aside from that unfathomable sense of joy which the couple, Mr . Wayne and his family felt, Section Jade's class were the second happiest of them all . They composed half the number of the total guest which included the couple's family members, some dignitaries and some people from the higher society . Never did they anticipate, that there was a sublime love story which blossomed out in their high school years . And such was their happiness to be the witnesses of its fulfillment .

Dinner followed and so were the routines of the reception program . The guests were all carried away by the intense sense of thrill and excitement in the air . They cooperated and participated in the program, in the games, in singing and dancing . . . To sum it all, it was, indeed, a merry wedding night .

When all of the guests left, Anthon took Jia to Blue Whale Mountain Resort to spend their first night . Jia was already imagining how he would surprise her again with the wedding suite arrangement . To her horror, Anthon led her, instead, towards the direction of the cottage, only to find a big tent!Please download our sponsor's game to support us!