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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:15:12 PM

Chapter 22

Section Jade Chat Group

Jay: @Jia, why have you become so defensive this time?

Liz: @Jia, I think you should consider .

Mira: @Anthon, you better set her a trap

Ayanna: I am jealous!!

Giselle: Don't take my husband away . Hahaha! Go, @Anthon!

Anthon: Definitely, @Giselle . If you can help me with it . .

Soon, the chat room were buzzing with teases directed at her . But what caught her curiousity was the exchanges between Anthon and Giselle . What really did happen five years ago? Giselle was absolutely not kidding around when she announced their marriage .

She picked up her phone and sent a private message to Giselle, leaving a mobile number for her to call back . Eversince their last meeting, she cut all ties with everyone . She simply disappeared . Until the day she decided to activate her status, did she found out that she had been requested to join the group .

She became a different person when she was signed in . Not the timid and aloof person anymore . She participated actively in the discussions, sharing her ideas and even volunteered to trace those ten classmates who were unheard of .

Her phone suddenly vibrated . She was already at Gee's Cafe, sipping her coffee .

"Jia, can we meet up? I'm in the city . Where are you?" Giselle's voice echoed when she picked up the call .

She hesitated for a moment . Giselle did not know how badly she was hurt when she announced her marriage to Anthon . She had no reason to talk to her anymore if all that she would hear would only tear her heart apart . But she needed to know . . .

"Gee's Cafe . " She responded coldly .

"In 15 minutes . . "

Soon, an elegant woman appeared with her sophisticated smile . The sound of her heels made her look up the moment she came in . Her stunning beauty suddenly captured her and made her forget all her humiliation . She stood up right away to hug and kiss her .

"How are you all these years? You look more beautiful! " Jia honestly exclaimed .

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" And you are not? Anthon is right, after all! You're surprising everyone with your sudden appearance and, most of all, your beauty in Anthon's eyes! "

She added, "First love really never dies . . "

"What are you talking about?" Jia was caught by surprise .

"Anthon called me up to do the task of explaining because it appeared that I've caused an irrepairable heartache to both of you . "

" So, I came all the way here from Singapore at Anthon's expense . "

Jia couldn't believe her ears . Did Anthon really spent that much to have Giselle come over urgently? She felt a sudden onset of palpitation, that she really couldn't dare to speak . Sunconsciously, she turned to her coffee and sipped the whole content of the tall cup thorougly, making Giselle instantly horrified!

She tapped the call button, sending the attendant right in front of them .

"Another two cups, please? "

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Though a bit surprised, Giselle easily understood that it was because Jia was so tensed . So, she went on .

"Jia, can I go ahead? " Giselle suddenly became hesitant to go on .

"Speak . . " She calmly replied without looking up, flipping her straw gently .

"Alex and I were into a relationship since fourth year in high school . We kept it secret because my parents would surely beat me to death . You knew how violent my father was . Did you remember, I had multiple lacerations everytime I made him angry? "

Giselle nodded as she unconsciously looked up to her, intrigued by her revelation .

"Within the ten years of relationship, five of those were spent by the two of us living together . We were able to make excuses as each of us pretended to rent a boarding house near our office after college . "

Giselle paused for a moment then sighed . This time, it was her who sipped her coffee generously, hoping the caffeine would boost up her energy .

"On our ninth year, Alex frequently got into pneumonia, taking off excessive weight from him . Then, one day, we were shocked by the news that it was not just a simple pneumonia but lung cancer . . "

This time, Giselle's voice quivered but she went on .

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"I was three months pregnant then . I even told you about that . I did not know why he refused to fight and hang on, after all, he knew better his condition than anyone else . "

"It was then that he called up Anthon . He pleaded with him to save me from shame . My parents would no way accept that their only daughter got pregnant out of wedlock . So the wedding was set . . . "

Giselle could no longer hold herself and she broke into a painful sob .

" Anthon, out of love for Alex and pity on me, most especially that I was pregnant, consented to the

marriage . "

"Anthon, out of his kind heart, requested for us to often meet, perhaps it was his way of learning to love me . But that kindness deprived me of sleep . . "

"Jia, If only you knew how Anthon suffered when you disappeared . He even went out to all the corners of the earth to look for you but you're nowhere . "

" I was then the sole witness of his pain and defeat . Since we shared the same fate so after six months, the wedding was set . "

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