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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:09:44 PM

Chapter 68

While on the car, Jim's phone rang . It was Miss Maxine . Jim picked it up and turned the speaker on .

"Dr . Wayne, Mr . Nicoleau would like to send you his apologies . There was no way for him to get all the wedding wear done in time . It's because his most experienced workers are on summer vacation . "

Mr . Nicoleau was the most famous wedding wear designer in the country . His works were all featured by various famous publications . His schedule was always very tight because of the contracts he got from the socialite families . To get into his schedule, the wealthy clients were competing in raising up the cost . And so did, Jim . Only that he was so fortunate enough that Miss Max was Mr . Nicolaeu's bestfriend and that he, surprisingly, win her favor .

Jia glanced at Jim . He seemed not worried at all . And her presumption was then confirmed .

"It's fine, Miss Max . Two or three months will do . We will hold the distributions of cards until everything will be settled . "

Jia felt a sudden weight pressing on her chest . What was on Jim's mind? Yesterday, he talked about fighting with him . When they did the planning, he wanted Miss Max to do the impossible just to get all things done in just a month . Yet, now, he seemed to lose his interest . He did not even consulted her opinion about the postponement of their wedding . However, she had already decided to fight for this . Whatever she would start, she definitely would fight for it to the end!

They were both silent along the way until Jia pulled off in front of Graham's hotel . Seeing that Jim did not move and his thoughts were far away, she touched his chin .

"My love, we're here, " she smiled, amused to see him startled .

Jim looked around and, then, sighed . He hooked an arm around her neck, drew her head closer and then closed her lips with his . It was light and slow at first, but in the next second, became savage and harsh . The more Jia got nervous . He was kissing her as if it was their last!

After few minutes, he released her .

He, then, whispered something into her ears . Her eyes got wide and her heart pounded . She was both relieved and nervous . The show had begun!

Tears stung in her eyes as she watched Jim disappeared . He would soon be meeting with Dr . Grace . After few minutes, she drove out of the hotel's entrance but then she went back and pulled off at the parking lot .

She remained seated for few minutes then immersed herself into deep thoughts . After a long while, she went out of the car and decided to hang out in the hotel's coffee shop . Mr . Wayne would surely not recognize her .

She ordered a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and slowly sipped it while she browsed on his phone . Suddenly, she remembered something!


At the reception area, a tall, beautiful and elegant woman in a soft green, mini dress approached the counter . As the receptionist saw her, she smiled and greeted her warmly .

"Miss, I need the card for Room 647 . " She said in her most captivating smile .

"Sure, ma'am . Mr . Wayne already gave us an instruction . "


When Jim entered the lobby, he chose not to claim a swipe card . Dr . Grace was already there so he could just knock on the door . He knew very well that the security measures in a presidential suite was tight but since he was expected, it would not be a trouble .

Just as he anticipated, Dr . Grace immediately opened the door for him . He was, for a moment, stunned at her different aura today . He was used to seeing her in scrub suits and a white coat . However today, she was wearing an emerald green, tightly - hugging, highly above - the - knee dress that revealed her great shape . Paired with gold earrings, an emerald pendant on a gold necklace and a nude strap to a gold high - heeled sandals, she looked so beautiful and elegant .

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He gave her a nod and a thin smile as he walked to the nearest couch .

"Why is dad taking so long? " He said to break the awkward atmosphere .

They had been working together for so many years but to be in a place for a personal matter was uncomfortable . Especially, that this meeting was intended for them to establish an intimate relationship . He had been avoiding her from the start despite her constant advances . But now, his dad trapped him in a way he could not refuse .

"He said it's an important matter . " Dr . Grace replied .

The intercom suddenly buzzed . They both looked at each other, silently debating who would pick up the call . Jim, eventually, stood up to answer the phone . It was about their food delivery Mr . Wayne had ordered earlier . When he arrived, the food was already arranged in the table by Dr . Grace .

"Son, let us not keep the food waiting . Come over here . " Mr . Wayne called Jim up as he saw him browsing on his phone .

Jim slowly walked towards the table and seated himself across Dr . Grace . Mr . Wayne was at the corner, facing both of them .

"Son, I'm happy that you are able to make it . I thought you would find excuses . " Mr . Wayne smiled, as he shifted his gaze to both of them .

"We seldomly meet dad so I spare my time for this . " He replied while placing some food into his plate .

"I and Dr . Grace had already talked about so many things before you came in . "

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Dr . Grace smiled as she glanced at Jim . Her earlier conversation with his dad flashed into her mind .


"Your grandson is so cute, Mr . Wayne . "

"You met him? "Mr . Wayne was a bit surprised .

"Yes, and also your daughter -in - law . " She proudly replied though her heart suddenly bled . How she wished it was her .

To her surprise, Mr . Wayne frowned .

"Is she also beautiful like you? "

"She's more beautiful because she won your son's heart while I don't"

Mr . Wayne chuckled . He was so amused at her being so straightforward and honest .

"It's not too late yet . I'll help you later and in return, help yourself . " Mr . Wayne winked at her as he continued to speak .

"I'd be honest with you . Jim told me they are getting married soon . I objected and told him to think about it over . I also told him to give you a chance before finally deciding on the marriage . Hoping he'd change his mind . "

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Dr . Grace shuddered . How could he dare to do such thing? His son was no longer a child and could definitely, decide for himself . Worst of all, he seemed to know all about her love for him .

"Sleep with him tonight . You're a doctor and you know what could make you strip him up before he wakes up . Give me the prescription .

I'll go and buy it myself . "

Mr . Wayne was never joking . He knew that, before him, was a sophisticated woman who would do anything to have what she wanted .

"Mr . Wayne . . "

"Right now, Dr . Grace . Don't let this chance slip . "

"Dr . Jim will be mad at me . " Grace suddenly felt scared but partly happy .

"If you get pregnant, then perhaps he would change her mind . "

Dr . Grace was a brilliant woman . Certainly, not this way, she thought . The plan was so childish and irrational . She was a witness of how much he loved Jia . A night with her would certainly not enough to destroy his marriage plan .

Mr . Wayne seemed to read her mind . "A night with you may not change his mind but would break Jia's heart . The video of your intimate night that I would be sending her and her own insecurities would make her change her mind . As expected, she could not accept Jim's betrayal . He had been so faithful in her eyes . "

Mr . Wayne was right . She no longer hesitated as she knew she did not need to pretend before him . She needed not act demurely before him . He already seemed to know that she was capable to do any wicked ways to have what she wanted .

She picked up her bag, pulled out a prescription pad and wrote a prescription . She paused for a while to think what was better for him . Alprazolam 500 mcg or Midazolam?Please download our sponsor's game to support us!