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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:08:33 PM

Chapter 78

Jia could not help herself but cry as well . It was such a wrenching sight of a father and son being reunited . Jian never lacked the fatherly love and attention since, for Jim, he was of his flesh and blood . If it were not for the decision of Jim to introduce him to his biological father while still at a young age, Jian would probably not suspect in his later years . Jim loved him so much and he was an apple of his eye .

However, seeing them now , broke her heart . Most especially, the immense pain that Anthon must had harbored in his heart . The sound of his sobs pierced into her soul that she wanted to run to hold and comfort him .

Jim, on the other hand, felt a strong force gripping around his heart as he shifted his gaze from Anthon to Jia . Women always cry, he thought . They were even moved unnecessarily by the novels they read or by the stories in sad movies .

Perhaps, her tears may not be out of longing for Anthon, he comforted himself . Perhaps ,because, the scene was indeed touching .

After a long while, Anthon's emotion steadied . He held Jian at arm's length and then closely looked at him . His son, undeniably, had his looks . He smiled upon the thought of it . And as he looked down on him again, the boy curled up into his chest, wondering why he was sobbing and smiling .

"Daddy, why are you not living with us? Jian asked innocently, sending a chill inside his heart .

Anthon thought over . How would he answer him? How would he understand? Finally, he came up with an answer .

"Jian, you're still a baby in my eyes and you cannot understand many things yet . Daddy Anthon cannot be with mommy because you also have daddy Jim whom you and mommy loves also, right?"

" In a home, there must only be one daddy and one mommy . " Tears were running down as Anthon explained this to his son .

He respected Jia and her decisions, no matter how difficult it was to survive a day knowing that she would soon commit to a lifetime bondage with Jim . He felt if he would try hard enough, he could still take them back to him . However, he also respected the man who rescued and loved her in her most desperate moments . He also realized Jim's selflessness and thoughtfulness when he chose him as the developer of Jian's Garden . He knew he would do his best because it was for the future of his son .

However, Jia had no clue yet . She did not understand why Anthon was there and why did their meeting was recorded . Their must be a purpose . She recalled that kuya Nap reminded her many times to look up to the monitor .

Back on the function room, Anthon changed his topic .

"Baby, who was with you in coming here? "

"Mommy!" Jian replied .

"Where is mommy now? "Anthon persisted . No one knew, except him, how much pain did it cause him everytime her name was mentioned .

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"At uncle's office . "

Jia's heartbeats suddenly got heavier . She did not want to see him now . She was afraid her feelings would betray her .

"Okay . I'll take you to her . " Anthon said . His heart was in disarray .

As Anthon held the door for Jian to come out first, he realized his phone was not with him . He need to call Atty . Guevarra .

So, he instructed Jian to wait for him for a while . He would go back inside the room to check on his phone . But he did not find it there . He paused for a while, trying to recall where he had possibly left it .

As he went back to Jian outside the function room, Atty . Guevarra arrived .

"Atty . Rodriguez, sorry for taking so long . I'll send Jian off first, then I'll get back to you soon . "

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Kuya Nap, then, picked Jian up and walked towards the direction of his office . Jian was a bit frustrated but he could not speak up his protest . Kuya Nap was still a stranger to him and he was too afraid to disobey .

Unable to resist, the father and son just stared at each other while Jian was getting farther and farther away .

Jia, on the other hand, as she saw them leaving the room, hurriedly went out and headed back to the coffee shop . It was not the right time yet . She would only dare to see him again if her heart would not tremble in his sight any more . When she would be brave enough to trust herself .

Anthon went back inside the function room to check for his phone again . It was really not in the table where Jian left . It was neither on his bag . Where could it be? Perhaps, in the car, he thought .

Jia chose a table where she could see the busy streets and the people outside . Staying in the quiet corner would only intensify her emotions .

It was a busy afternoon . All the people who passed by all seemed in a hurry . They did not even turn their heads or peep inside . As she took a closer look, her eyes were caught by someone coming up in a hurried strides towards the building . His suit was grey .

She swiftly looked away, wondering where Jian was . Perhaps, kuya Nap was already at the office when he and Jian came . Her heart beat like drums again!

After Anthon disappeared, she went out of the coffee shop to check on Jian . She'd better stay at the coffee shop while waiting . Kuya Nap's office was no longer a safe place . The party would still be at six in the afternoon .

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Just as she was about to turn left towards the office, Anthon was pulling the door close . She hurriedly ran away! The loud thuds of her heartbeats were already deafening .

Anthon . . . why are you scaring me?

She decided to call kuya Nap, instead, and ask him to bring Jian at the coffee shop . She did not want to risk bumping into him again .

Back in the coffer shop, she moved to another table on a far corner . She chose to sit on a couch with her back towards the door . So that she would not accidentally see anyone again . And so that she would not be recognized .

She took small sips of coffee mindlessly . No matter how she tried to relax, she could not . She cursed Jim for sending her over here . She would have been saved from the trouble of enduring this torment . The more she thought of it, the more she took larger gulps of coffee . It was always her way of throwing out her emotional stress .

While she was lost in her thoughts, a warm hand wrapped her shoulder .

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