White-Robed Chief - Chapter 787

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Chapter 787: 787

Chu Li sneered . “How pretentious of you!”

“*sshole, you’re asking for it!” Another middle-aged man glared at Chu Li and attempted to slap him .

“Ting!” Chu Li lifted his sword from the table and used it to pierce the oncoming palm . A clanging sound instantly rang out, as though the sword had collided with metal .

Chu Li felt the sword’s tip quiver and scoffed . “Are you from the White Tiger Sect?”

“Hmph, other people might be afraid of the Holy Church of Light, but we, the Roaring Tiger Clan, aren’t afraid!” The man who raised his hand laughed coldly . “Today, I shall let you know about the rules of Gale City . Death will come to those who offend the Roaring Tiger Clan, even if they are disciples of the Holy Church of Light!”

Chu Li’s sword shifted again, but this time, it pierced the man’s throat .

“Ting…” The middle-aged man did not evade and allowed Chu Li to attack him . The clanging sound of metal rang out once again .

Chu Li was stunned .

The White Tiger Art, which he cultivated, was said to be the antique study of the White Tiger Sect . The level he cultivated was not very high, yet it was not a skill that most could master . Normal swords and blades could not hurt him, but the swords used by Grandmasters were unlike any other, and he was incapable of blocking sword attacks from masters who were on the same level as him .

However, although this middle-aged man’s cultivation level was weaker than his, he was able to block Chu Li’s sword, proving the strength of his torso tuning .

“Hmph!” The middle-aged man let out a cold laugh and stared at him disdainfully . “You dare to barge into Gale City, despite knowing that this is the best you can offer . You really don’t know the meaning of death!”

“Ting ting ting ting…” Chu Li waved his sword at lightning speed .

It was like the sound of rain hitting banana leaves . The middle-aged man did not move an inch; neither did he counterattack nor lower his head to avoid the tip of the sword aimed at his eyes .

Chu Li eventually sheathed his sword as he fell silent .

The man snorted . “How was that?”

Chu Li scoffed . “I’m impressed!”

“Now you know how powerful I am, time to get your *ss out of here! Gale City is no place for disciples of the Holy Church of Light!” The man warned .

Chu Li replied, “I’m here on a mission and I won’t leave!”

“Then you’re looking for trouble!” The middle-aged man glared at him menacingly . “Other people might be afraid to kill disciples of the Holy Church, but we, the Roaring Tiger Clan, aren’t!”

Chu Li retorted impatiently, “Empty vessels make the most noise! You’re such a windbag! How many times do you have to tell me that you aren’t afraid?! Hmph, the ones who say they aren’t afraid are normally the ones who are most fearful . Kill me if you dare!”

“Prepare to die!” The middle-aged man glowered at him like a tiger on the prowl . His aura was threatening and oppressive .

Chu Li brandished his sword and cried, “Who dares to kill me?!”

He directed his gaze toward the four men in front of him and the other patrons of the restaurant and hollered, “I, Zhao Dahe of the Holy Church of Light, am here . Who dares to kill me?!”

Instantly, the Flying Cloud Restaurant fell silent .

Some people began to pass comments, but they were soon hushed by their companions . Their number of voices diminished, before finally, the entire restaurant was pin-drop silent .

Gale City was the White Tiger Sect’s territory . However, the Holy Church of Light had expanded their influence over the past two years . It was obvious that the Holy Church wanted to further extend their territory now that their disciples had shown up in Gale City . Naturally, the White Tiger Clan would not allow this to happen . A conflict was unavoidable between both clans and onlookers who got involved would have no chance of escaping alive!

“Such insolence!” Rage consumed the middle-aged man . He did not expect Chu Li to be so brazen and aggressive .

When he yelled, the whole restaurant shuddered . He basked in this daring and glorious moment .

If the White Tiger Clan failed to suppress Dahe’s haughtiness, the clan would lose respect from other members of the martial arts world .

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“If you’re looking for trouble, I’ll grant you your wish!” The man took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, and dealt a blow with his right fist .

“Worghhhh…” It sounded like the roar of a tiger .

Chu Li got up from his chair and used the Time Steps . In a matter of seconds, he was in front of the man as the tip of his sword simultaneously cut through the force of the oncoming punch and stabbed his right fist .

At the same time, Chu Li punched the man with his left fist .

The punch landed on his opponent’s chest .

“Bang!” The middle-aged man was thrown far away as he spat out a trail of blood .

“Bang!” Chu Li dealt another blow with his left fist . This time, the man was propelled even further away until he collided with the window to the north . Then, he tumbled out of the window until he was nowhere to be seen .

A stab from a sword and two blows from a fist happened in one fleeting moment, such that the victim of the attack was severely wounded and vanished from sight before his companions could react .

“Impressive!” The expressions on the faces of the other two middle-aged men changed .

He was truly a disciple of the Holy Church of Light as he had managed to figure out their shortcomings in a matter of minutes .

The White Tiger Power, which was cultivated by them, possessed high defensive capabilities and made them impervious to weapons . Even a Grandmaster was incapable of harming them . However, there was a flaw in this torso tuning technique . Before they advanced to the sixth level, their inner energy could not leave their bodies, making them unable to attack from afar, unlike a typical Grandmaster .

They could only deliver short-range attacks .

If they wanted to attack from a distance, the only way to do so was to momentarily stop using the White Tiger Power and instead rely on other martial arts .

Once they reached the sixth level and the inner strength could once again leave their bodies, they could attack from any distance they wished, with their attacks being unstoppable .

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The White Tiger Power’s effect was astonishing, but it was challenging to cultivate . One could only become an official disciple once he reached the sixth level, or else he would remain an outer sect disciple . Similarly, even though this group were disciples of the Roaring Tiger Clan, they were from the outer sect .

Chu Li glared at them scornfully . “Your bark is worse than your bite, and yet you claim to be from the Roaring Tiger Clan . I think you’re all a pile of useless junk!”

“What did you say?!”

“Useless junk!”

“Eat my fist!” Both men pounced on him .

Chu Li defended himself with two blows of Divine Fist of Great Light as the two men took two steps back . Their expressions remained unchanged as it became evident that Chu Li had failed to hurt them .

The men charged at him again since they could not be harmed .

“Bang bang bang bang…” Chu Li kept punching them and forcing them backward .

After a while, the speed of his punches became far greater than the speed of the two men’s recovery . They had to continuously retreat until they had backed up from the south side of the restaurant all the way to the window to the north .

The two men could hardly breathe . This situation was similar to that of an Innate Master overpowering a Grandmaster, which was extremely frustrating . Finally, they could not tolerate it any longer and tried to deal some punches again .

“Roar…” As their fists roared, they came very close to Chu Li .

However, Chu Li turned around and vanished before reappearing in front of the two men .

“Bang! Bang!” Two blows of Divine Fist of Great Light landed on their chests . They were sent flying out of the broken window as they spat out a trail of blood .

Chu Li dusted his hands together and returned to his seat in a flash . Then, he looked at Sun Jizhi .

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Sun Jizhi’s expression was gloomy .

Chu Li said, “Are these men supposed to act as the muscle for your clan? They’re so unreliable . Perhaps you’d better rely on me, Elder Sun . I’m backed by the Holy Church of Light which is more powerful than the White Tiger Sect!”

“That smug expression of yours won’t be around for much longer!” Sun Jizhi remarked coldly, “The White Tiger Sect won’t ignore this . ”

Chu Li curled his lips . “I’ll give up when I’m dead . Get lost!”

He waved his arm impatiently .

Sun Jizhi snorted and left .

Chu Li cried, “Restaurant owner, please come here!”

A skinny old man rushed out with a big smile on his face . “Anything, Master Zhao?”

“I’ll pay for your damages . ” Chu Li took out a hundred tael banknote .

The skinny old man refused and smiled . “No need, no need . It’s an honor for Master Zhao to dine at Flying Cloud Restaurant . I can’t accept your money . ”

Chu Li stuffed the banknote into the old man’s hand . “Enough nonsense, take the money!”

“Yes, yes, thank you so much, Master Zhao!” The restaurant owner noticed Chu Li’s impatience and realized he was not being friendly, hence he quickly thanked him .

Chu Li waved his arm and the restaurant owner cautiously retreated .

After this, Chu Li stepped out of Flying Cloud Restaurant feeling satisfied . It was already dark and the main street was crowded and noisy .

Slowly, he walked back to his residence in Radiance Clan . When he set foot into his residence, his expression darkened and his blood boiled .