White Snake - Chapter 1

Published at 30th of December 2018 07:45:48 AM

Chapter 1

The boy woke up with a start . His head was throbbing in pain, as if it was filled with lead and it felt extremely heavy .

Once the pain faded decreased slightly, he found himself in a white room which is completely white no matter how far he tried to see .

Then he heard sweet voice, like your next door elder sister, in his head, startling him .

[Ding, Host has given chance for reincarnation . ]

Host: "What?"

He could not believe what he just heard .

He was 22 year old student studying in the final semester of university . He remembered It was 3 am, he was creating some important cheat for exam happening at 7 am as he didn't like to study . He has already finish making cheat for 3 chapters from the total of 7 chapters, and he only has about another 3 hour for, remaining 4 chapters . Since he has been up for almost 21 hours, is feeling drowsy, but he didn't sleep . He is planning to take the exam without taking any rest .


His stomach make noise as he has not eaten anything since the dinner at 9 pm, so he is feeling hungry . He cannot ask other family member to ask for midnight snack as he has been leaving alone for 7 years . He remembered his tragic past that happen 7 year ago, His family was traveling to the resort in car to celebrate his father promotion but their car get hit by truck causing accident to the whole family . His mother died on the spot while his father died after saying single sentence, "Our life is short so enjoy your life . "

He agrees with his father thought as he is that type of person . He promises him readily at that time, but he could not enjoy his life as he has promised because in that accident, he loss his both leg . He has enough wealth to live a good life because of his father and mother, but he could not have a girlfriend as he can't walk and nobody wants boyfriend like him . So, only one that accompany him, was his left hand .

After he finishes writing cheat for one more chapter, he thinks of taking rest for some time . He takes out lotion and was ready to use his left hand, so he turns on his laptop, but then he saw light, turn on in the opposite building .

He looks there, and saw beautiful woman wearing one piece dress entering in her bedroom . He knew she work on bar and her name is Lisa . She only come home late at night . She is considered as a beauty containing 2 big mountain at her front and having big butt . All people living in the building find her very attractive because of that . He has also used her in his imagination for many times . By looking at her red face he concludes that she is drunken if his leg was fine he would have jumped to that building from his in order to have some fun . He has heard from building manager that she always come home at this time because of work, and she live alone .

When he focuses on her, he saw her in one piece dress showing all of her curve . He thinks today he does not need laptop . He moves toward his window in his wheel chair to get better view with tissue paper and lotion at each hand . When he went near the window, he saw Lisa is trying to undress her one piece dress .

After he saw that he thought,'Maybe today I am going to lose my virginity for my eye' as he has only seen that in his dream or in video . When she took off her one piece dress, he saw her body with only underwear . He knew that she is a fox as her body can even attract an impotent man, even though, he will not do anything .

She is wearing see through lingerie so if the person is near her he could see everything . Since he was far, he tried to go near her bedroom window in order to see more . So he went toward balcony of his, from there he can see clearly . He was whirling the wheel of his wheel chair very fast towards the balcony in order to not miss anything . While paddling the wheel with the hand containing lotion, it slips due to its slippery outer texture, which is due to some leftover lotion of yesterday use and spilling out its contain(lotion) in the floor . When wheel of the wheelchair pass through the part containing the lotion, it speed en up .

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He become shock after, he realizes that his speed is increasing, so he tried to make it slower, but he could not . His wheelchair crash to the balcony, due to the high speed, causing him to fly little more than 3 ft (0 . 91 m) above the floor . His balcony is only at the height of 2 ft (0 . 61 m), so he flied outside the building, causing his death .


"Sigh, so this is how I die . "

"System can I ask you something?"


"I died due to the female so it can be considered as femme fatale, right?"

. . . … .

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. . . . .

. . . … .

System reply after some time,

[It can not consider as femme fatale as that woman Lisa is not that beautiful and your death is not because you fight with other people for her favour and you two didn't know each other as you are always single in whole life . Finally, your death is not even related with women but it is related with your pervertedness and smooth, oily, slippery lotion .

Note:Lisa is not a woman but transvestite . ]


He is not shocked because system said that his death is due to the pervertedness and lotion but shocked because of the truth, his masturbation girl was transvestite .

"You are joking right?"

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"What about her 2 mountain and butt?"

[His butt is real as he is born with it but his 2 mountain is after surgery that happen before 3 years . ]

" Then I died because of transvestite . "

[No, your death is unrelated with woman or transvestite but related with . . . ]

"I know that you don't need to said that again . Sigh, how can I live my reincarnation life after hearing this truth . "

"Hey system, Can you erase the memory of conversation we just have? So I can live my life beautifully . "