White Snake - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Zynx decided to seek for other ant and followed it to its colonies, but after searching for more than an hour, he couldn't find a single ant .

If he had not killed the ant from before, then he would have already found its colonies, but he didn't regret .

Zynx didn't know that they would provide him so much bloodline points and since it was an ant, then he was sure, he would found more if he was to wait for a day or two .

After 2 days he finally spotted the groups of 10 bone penetrating ants, marching in a straight line southward . This time he didn't charge, he continued following them .

When they arrived at the mountain of bones, they shot gray liquid from their mouth on to the bone, changing the most of the bone into liquid . They then swallowed that liquid .

And the bones, which didn't change with the contact of gray liquid, they placed it on their back and returned towards the previous direction .

Due to their size, they could not carry much, but if you arrange the bone they were carrying, then you could create a dog .

After following them for more than 5 hours, He could see colonies at the distance which appeared humongous . It was completely white making it stand out from the dark surrounding . There were numerous holes on it and a bone penetrating ants were passing in and out from that holes .

He had thought that it was possible for him to completely destroy the colonies, but now he knew it was impossible as there were more than 1000 ants on it .

Zynx felt excited instead of feeling lost . Since there was numerous of them, they would not realize if some of them were to disappear .

First of all, he needed to find a shelter, which should not be far from colonies and from where he could observe the surrounding area of colonies .

Little distant from the mountain, Zynx discovered a dead tree . It was different from the other dead tree which he had found till now . It looks like a banyan tree with a huge base and innumerable branches, with some leaves on them .

Zynx commanded poison ward to knock on its bark with full force but there was no damage . He could feel it was strong, so he decided to transform it into his shelter .

Zynx climbed on it and created a little opening at top of the tree and looked inside . He thought he would need to continuously corrode it but inside of the tree was hollow, reducing his work .

With little effort, he entered inside the tree as the opening was small, because he didn't want a bigger monster than him to get inside .

Zynx observed around and discovered that space inside the tree was bigger than he had thought, within this space even poison ward could summon without any difficulty .

Zynx created numerous small hole on the bark of the tree from inside so that he could survey outside .

Now all Zynx needed to do was kill them and bring them here for digesting . He went to the top of the tree and looked toward the colonies .

He saw many of the bone penetrating ants were moving out from the colonies, some groups were marching for the search of bone(food) like before, while others were patrolling around but none of them were near him, so he had to wait .

As the patrolling team had to seek around the colonies for an intruder, he was sure they would arrive at his location .

Zynx saw two of them moving toward his location, so he took out the spear from his void stomach . When they arrived below him, he controlled the spear and attacked, directly killing them .

[Level: 4/5(4 . 4%)]

[Bone penetrating ant*9]

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Zynx looked around to observe if there was more of them, after realizing there was no more, he jumped down and stored their carcass inside the void stomach .

He climbed back the tree and inserted his mouth inside the opening, after that he dropped carcasses inside it, commanding poison ward inside it to consume them, while he continued looking around for more .

[Time for digestion – 1 min]

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 3(3 . 5%)]

Zynx looked at the notification and saw average bloodline point had decreased by half, he conjectured it must be a penalty for leveling up .

Since there existed numerous of them, it didn't truly matter . He could fill quality with quantity .

By using the same tactic, Zynx had already killed more than 28 of them in a single day . He then asked Mia to display a notification as he was busy in surveying, so Mia had not sounded any notification .

[Level: 4/5(18 . 4%)]

[Ancient bloodline (white crystal) = level 3(45 . 5%)]

[Bone penetrating ant*27]

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[Do you want to use complete information parchment (Step 1) of Bone penetrating ant?]

Zynx didn't gain much experience point from bone penetrating ant, but he was not hunting it for experience point, rather for bloodline point, which was increased by a huge margin . He just required one more day and his ancient bloodline would again level up .

Now the only problem was, which attribute should he unlocked using complete information parchment (Step 1) .

After killing 37 of them, he understood, they were easy to kill so there vitality point should be low, and he also knew their strength and agility was also low leaving behind only intelligence .

"Mia, intelligence is responsible for the thing related to magic, right?"

[Yes, intelligence determine your mana, mana recovery, magic attack, magic comprehension etc . ]

Zynx remembered those ants could use black liquid, to easily corrode bone, that must be their magic attack .

Then he suddenly remembered something .

"Mia, I can produce an infinite amount of poison, does that mean my mana was infinite?"

[No, production of poison inside your body is not dependent upon mana but poison body of yours]

"Then where can I use my mana?"

[Even though you can produce an infinite amount of poison, if you want to control it outside of your body, you need mana . ]

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[For example, mana was used when you controlled poison spear to attack adult bronze earthworm and because of your low mana, you felt dizzy after using it . ]

Now he was sure of which attribute he should unlock .

"Mia, unlock Intelligence point . "

[Intelligence attribute of bone penetrating ant, has been unlocked . ]

Zynx then looked at the patrolling ant .


Bone penetrating ant (10%)

Race: Ant(variation)

Name: N/A

Rank: Mortal


Intelligence - 3