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White Snake - Chapter 36

Published at 5th of February 2019 01:25:09 PM

Chapter 36: 36

Zynx finally arrived in front of the first metallic door .

Although he had been gone for about a week, there was no change inside the poisonous fog, except for some new corpses in the process of corroding .

Zynx was familiar with this path, so he easily arrived in front of the final metallic door .

Zynx had already fulfilled all the required condition .

Therefore, he transformed into a human and placed his hand on a metallic door .

[Required condition had been satisfied]

[Do you want to enter?]

"Yes . "

When Zynx agreed, light released from it, covering him .

Seconds later, he was in the dark circular room .

[Teleportation successful]

'So that is teleportation . '

He looked around to understand his situation .

The whole room was the dark and only place with the light, was middle of the room .

There was heart floating at the center of the room which was like the human heart .

Although it was the only heart, it was still beating and with each beat of it caused mana to enter inside and poison to emit outside, brightening the radius of 10 m around it .

Zynx could discern, this was the source of the poison he was looking for .

Aside from this heart, there was nothing so his goal was fixed .

He walked toward the direction of the heart .

With each step of his, heart started to beat faster and poison started to gather around it .

'Is it inviting me?' (Zynx thought)

When he entered inside the radius of heart, a heart became dark and gathered poison transformed into a transparent dark creature .

"Ha-ha! Finally . . . " (Dark creature)

'Did I unseal some evil being?'(Zynx thought)

Before the dark creature could finish his sentence he ran outside the range of heart while observing the behavior of Dark creature .

'Huh . '

As soon as he went outside, the dark figure disappeared and heart reverted to red .

"Is it just my imagination?"(Zynx)

[No] (Mia)

He waited for some time but didn't see it appear, so he carefully moved inside the range of heart .

The dark creature appeared again and about to say something, but he jumped out .

Zynx performed the same task for more than 10 times and deduced something .

That transparent creature should be a dark elf, as it had a dark body like human and pointy air .

It could only appear when he was inside the 10 m range of heart .

. . .

At first, his temperament was haughty, completely ignoring Zynx .

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In the second attempt, he was looking at Zynx with disdain .

In the fifth attempt, Zynx could see the smile on his face .

With each attempt, he could see the change in the temperament of a dark elf .

So he wanted to experiment some more .

Zynx had expected a dark elf to beg him at 15th attempt but in the 11th attempt, when he was ready to move out after seeing the dark elf he heard something from behind .

"Please not anymore . " (Dark elf)

Zynx halted and asked back .

"What?" (Zynx)

"How about we sit down and talk?" (Dark elf)

Zynx continued standing up like before and said with an impatient look,

"I have no time for this, speak fast . "(Zynx)

'You have been wasting time moving in and out of the range, torturing me and now you are saying, you got no time . ' (Dark elf)

He could not blurt it out what was in his mind, so he said .

"Of course, I know . "(Dark elf)

"Then let's get straight to the point . I am minor god Drokitha…" (Drokitha)

Before Drokitha could finish, Zynx said,

"Hey! Stop bluffing . " (Zynx)

Zynx was the person from the modern world who believed in science rather than magical power .

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After dying, he realized there was a god in this new world, but how could he expect to meet one, while he himself was in the lowest realm .

Drokitha said with pride .

"Why will god lie to the mortal like you? It is true . " (Drokitha)

"Then prove it . "(Zynx)

"Sigh, I can't . "(Drokitha)


Drokitha replied with frustration .

"That is because of you . " (Drokitha)

Zynx pointed himself .


"Yes, before my death, I created my virtual image with 100% memory and 1% power (Divine essence) in order to find a suitable successor . "

"In order to not waste my divine essence, I was in a hibernation state . The only way of waking up is when someone entered inside and will go back to hibernation when they step out . "

"1% power was enough for me to only wake up for 10 times, so I created a hard condition to enter the room . "

"But maybe the condition was too harsh as no one had ever been able to enter inside except you . "

"Even in the 5 attempts of yours, I would have been able to use my divine power but now it was the last attempt . If you had gone outside ignoring me, then I would have completely disappeared . "(Drokitha)

After hearing all frustration of Drokitha, Zynx became overjoyed instead of feeling guilty .

He finally understood why the face of Drokitha was changing with each experiment .

Thanks to Zynx experiment, Drokitha divine essence was at the lowest that meant there was no choice for him except accepting Zynx as successor .

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Being able to gain the inheritance of minor god would obviously make him happy, but he didn't show it in his face .

"Sorry . "(Zynx)

Drokitha must have thought he was in upper hand when he heard Zynx apologize, so he replied .

"Hmph! At least you know your mistake . " (Drokitha)

Zynx was about to retort when he saw his expression .

But he didn't give any chance for Zynx to speak .

"In order to get my inheritance, you have to agree with my condition . " (Drokitha)

When Zynx heard the word inheritance, he swallowed up the word .

"Do you know how god is created?"

"No matter which era it is, every being had the wish which they can't fulfill by themselves and have to depend on others . Even others may not fulfill this for you so they ask the universe for a solution .

Universe provided them with the method (System) of fulfilling that wish i . e . god . "

"God power is limited; they can not fulfill the wish of every being, so they become selfish . Only the wish of the faithful devotee is fulfilled .

There is an only a small number of faithful devotee so for other, new method (System) is created i . e . , the devil . "

"Although devil can fulfill the wish, their way is different, not reliable and the price is also high, so I and other 6 minor gods ask the universe for new method i . e . 'Mercenary-Summoner' . "

"Mercenary-Summoner was different from the method (System) like god and devil . God and devil method was pure sacrificing while this method was semi-sacrificing (exchanging) . "

"Only the people of 7 planets were given this skill, and with this skill, they can summon the people having the same skill(Mercenary-Summoner) . "

"This skill can only transfer through hereditary or through the creator himself . "

"I am the 1 of the 7 creators of this skill, so I have one chance to transfer this skill and my condition was for you to accept this skill . "

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