White Snake - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

He reached to the summit of mountain after hour of traveling . In the road, he didn't find any other creature even though it is hunting ground, so with his small body it only takes hour .

When he reached the summit, for a first time, he saw a complete skeleton . Its bone is thin with greyish in color . It will have look just like a human bone if not for the extra pair of arm . He didn't attack it, knowing he could not defeat it now . So he just sneakily bypassed it .

Traveling in the path, he saw the rope like creature squirming in the ground . It was bigger than him and was brown . When sun light hit on its body, it produces bronze shine .

"Hurrah, finally I found my family . Is it my long last brother or sister? Let me ask him . "

"I forgot I can't communicate with monster, Mia what should I do?"

[It is bronze earthworm not a snake, you should be ready to fight or run for it as it has already felt your movement through ground . It supposed to have same point in agility as your so whatever happen you should be fine . It will take 2 min for it to reach you so make your decision . ]

[If you find snake in the future then you should run even fast because, except some species of snake all other snake hate you to the bone . ]

"So, even my own race is my enemy, then my only ally is from my same bloodline?"

[That will have been true if there is one . But you are the only one with this bloodline . ]

He became confused .

"What about my mother who gave me birth?"

[You are not given birth but your body was formed by the power of destruction by ancient god Shiva in ancient time . ]

[After your death, your body will again reform in the form of egg after millennium, which takes 16 years to crack that is how you come to be . ]

[You have 15 sec to make decision . ]

"Huh! Oh! My god! You waste my 1 min 45 sec . "

"In that time I should have make good plan to kill it . Thank god I still have 15 sec so it is not late . "

Mia became curious .

[What is your plan?]

"It will take time to explain, so just watch . "


He lost chance to summon poison ward because of not having enough time, but he can use poison shot .

Zynx then face toward bronze earthworm . "You want to have idea of such a cute snake like me, now you have to face tribulation for that . You pest!!"

Bronze earthworm cannot understand it but it can guess it must be its prey taunting him .

After speaking that, Zynx open his mouth and use skill poison shot, spitting poison from his two fang onto the bronze earthworm . The speed of poison shot is quite fast so it hit on its body . After poison landed on the body poison moves around the outer body of the earthworm searching for hole to get inside as if poison is alive and when it finds the gaps it gets absorbed inside the earthworm body .

He stared as he didn't expect his poison to work like that but that is just for a second as he doesn't have time to enjoy this shocking moment .

Finished staring, he started to run .

Mia also became shocked, not because of poison but because of Zynx . He said he had planned but now he is just running .

[Zynx, you said, you have plan to kill it, then why are you running?]

He replied while running, " Can't you understand it, this is my plan . Using poison on it, then wait for it to die . Since it has same agility as my, my poison will cause it to be slower and with time, poison will flow on its body killing it . In this way, I can gain experience with only losing my stamina . It is my masterpiece what did you think? Do you want to kneel down in front of me? I am okay with it . "

Now Mia understand what was he thinking . So she just kept quiet, waiting for something to happen .

He also just face forward and keep running as he can feel someone following him through his aural sense . He looks back when 5 min time period is reached to see distance between them and to see whether it is still following him . He found, distance between him and earthworm is not seemed to be decrease much, 'It may need time to spread poison in the whole body, I just have to wait for it . '

After 15 min, he found it hard to run . He looks back and saw earthworm running toward him faster than before .

"Mia, what is happening?", He asked in his mind .

[Your poison is not powerful enough, so along with time it has removed most of the poison from its body and its vitality is more than yours so it was catching up to you . Seem likes your plan of wearing it has failed]

"Mia! Why didn't you tell me when I was telling you my plan?"

[Because you didn't ask]

. . . .

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"I remembered, it was supposed to be my mistake at that time, so should not you correct me there?"

[I remember you always asking to turn off the correction function, so I try doing it…]

If she really turned off the correction function then he didn't mind this mistake as he can still turn the tide of fight, but next sentence . . .

[…but you almost got injured . So, I will just discard the idea of turning it off as I can't withstand, you get hurt . ]

'Then what about before . '

He could not even get angry with system as all the habit, is learned from him and if he rejects the system it was just like rejecting himself, so he just kept quiet and focus on earthworm following behind him .

Since my poison is not powerful, I should just stack in it its body . He looks towards the earthworm and use poison shot on it and same thing happen as before .

Because he attacked the earthworm, distance between them decreases, so he started to run . After creating some distance, he again repeats the process as his body can produce infinite amount of poison . 3rd time after attacking, he can see it slowing down by huge margin . He also slowed down to catch breath as he is running for more than half hour .

After 5th time its speed is decreased by more than half, so he doesn't need to run . He decided to fight with it .

He stops running and jump toward the earthworm and bite at its scale penetrating it . Earthworm try to get rid of him by shaking his body but fang of snake is in hook shape so earthworm couldn't get rid of him . He then poured all the poison in his body inside the earthworm through his fang . Huge amount of poison make the earthworm feel as if a million of insect are crawling in its body and after some struggling it finally died .

[You kill Bronze earthworm]

[You level up]


Name: Zynx

Age: 16 years old

Temporary Gender: Male

Race: Snake

Bloodline: Vaitas

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Ancient bloodline (White crystal): Level 1(2%)

Class: Egg hatchling

Rank: Mortal

Level: 2/5 (57%)


Strength – 1 . 5

Vitality - 1 . 5

Agility - 1 . 5

Intelligence -1 . 5

Charm - 5

Destruction point – 0

Passive skill: Aural sense, Fast Metabolism, Poison Sting, Health Regeneration, camouflage, Bronze scale, night vision, Humanoid language

Active Skill: Poison ward, bite, poison shot

Unique skill: Poisonous body, Pet of destruction


"Finally level up!! Where is my skill point?"

[There is no skill point . Mia only provide you with skill but didn't let you to increase it systematically]

"Then how can I level up my skill?"

[You should comprehend your skill to level up but Mia won't show your skill level . If your comprehension of particular skill is high then you can use your skill efficiently or change that skill into new skill or even assimilate within you, then you can use that skill like moving your own hand without need of much energy]

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Along with the interaction with Mia, he understood that Mia can only provide information and cannot make any change, it has to follow world rule . Neither it can give quest to him nor increase his skill level directly, it can just show the way and becoming powerful depend on himself .

He noticed dim blue light in his peripheral vision . He glanced at the direction of death Bronze earthworm, blue light is releasing from its eye .

He moved toward its, taking out its eyeball which have stop producing the light . He realized blue light is not from its eye but from something inside its head . He open its head and found parchment containing some kind of information .

[Congratulation for finding 'Bronze earthworm parchment']

[Do you want to consume?]

"What is this?"

[It is the information of Bronze earthworm, if you consume it you can get some information of it . Do you want to consume?]


. . . …


Bronze earthworm (10%)

Species: Earthworm

Name: ??

Attributes: ??



[You need to collect 10 more parchment to view its certain stats]

Now he understood it .