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Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Dragon Conqueror Gang’s Great Plans

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In less than an hour, the wine and candles had been bought back . The woman burned a large basin of water, helped the lady take a bath, and dressed her up neatly . Then, she lit two red candles and allowed them to carry out the marriage ceremony .

Among the three family members, there was no taboo . They cut the meat and poured the wine . The woman looked at the couple and let them drink “cross-cupped” wine at the table .

“Eat the meat, eat the meat!”

The man used his chopsticks to put meat in the lady’s bowl . He chuckled happily, gazing at her . She bowed her head, and her features were exquisite under the light . The more he looked at her, the prettier she became . He was so smitten that he forgot to drink the wine placed near his mouth .

The woman filled the lady’s glass, laughing . “We apologize for the rushed wedding . We have made you feel uncomfortable . When the town gathers tomorrow, I will get Sheng’er to purchase some nice fabric to make clothes and buy two new quilts,” she said .

The lady only bowed her head and ate without saying a word . After they drank for a while, the woman winked at Zhao Sheng, hinting . She smiled and said, “It’s getting late . You should go to bed early . I’ll clean up here!”

Zhao Sheng immediately put down his chopsticks and stood up, his face flushed .

“Well, let’s go to bed!” he stammered .

When the lady had first arrived, Zhao Sheng had given her his bed . These days, he slept in his mother’s room . But tonight, naturally, he would sleep in the West Room .

The lady gritted her teeth, stood up, and lifted the curtain to the West Room . The two sat on opposite ends of the bed, silent . They listened to the sounds of the woman packing the dishes and chopsticks, then walking back to her room . Slowly, the whole yard quieted down . Only the light of the two red candles shone on the table, flickering from time to time . It was cold out, and the wind howled . It blew in through holes in the windows . The candlelight flickered, and the atmosphere grew increasingly silent and awkward .

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The man rubbed his hands and said, “It’s getting late, and it’s chilly outside again . Let’s go to sleep!”

The lady’s face was cold . She took off her shoes, crept onto the bed, and curled up tightly . The man slipped off his straw shoes . Although the room was cold, he felt warm . It was probably the wine . Letting down the worn, faded bed drapes, the man took off his cotton-padded jacket . He was afraid to look at the lady . He grinned sheepishly and said, “Why don’t you take off your clothes?”

The lady leaned against the corner of the bed . “You go to bed first!” she answered calmly .

Her reply stunned the man, and he bowed his head shyly . “My mother says that two people have to sleep together on their wedding night!”

The lady looked at the man’s tanned, weary face, and turned away in disgust . He leaned towards her, saying, “I know you don’t like me, but we’re married now . It’s only right for me to bed you!”

Again, the lady turned away, her face pale . Viciousness flashed in her eyes . So what if they are married? If one of them is dead, there will be nothing left!

When the man saw that she did not move or speak, he stretched out his hands to take off her clothes .

“Let’s sleep!”

“Don’t touch me!” The lady recollected that day in the woods, when she’d screamed in horror, and grabbed her collar tightly .

“Unless…you are lying to me?” the man frowned and asked .

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The lady bit her lip and took a deep breath . “No, I…I’m just scared!”

“Don’t be scared, I’ll be nice to you!” The man looked at the lady’s beautiful face and gulped down a mouthful of saliva . Carefully, he reached for her foot, his gaze steadily heating up . He gasped and pounced suddenly . He cradled the lady’s face and kissed her .

“No, don’t do this!”


Across the hall, the woman listened to the bed squeaking in the West Room and the man’s gasping for a while . Then, she gleefully covered herself with a quilt . This matter has finally come to fruition!

As for Su Jiu, after enjoying a great meal, she slept . It was already dark, but she was not yet asleep . Chang Huan leaned against the bed, his head resting on her calf, snoring loudly . Nanny was bored alone and napped in her chair . Today, Ji Ze, the Ji Manor’s Second Young Master, had shown his face . After toasting to several powerful people in the city, he’d gone back to study . Ji Yuxian’s three concubines had stayed in their yards all day because of the taboo . The Ji Manor’s Second Mistress was entertaining the female guests, so the backyard was silent . The noise in the front yard only subsided after 11 p . m .

Ji Yuxian drank a lot of wine with a misty but charming glaze in his eyes . Still, his steps remained stable as ever as he walked into the backyard, straight toward the main courtyard . The elderly Housekeeper Yu followed him, whispering, “Young Master, your bridal chamber is in the Perched Phoenix Pavilion . ”

Ji Yuxian paused . He suddenly smirked . Because of the wine, his voice was huskier . “I really drank too much . I forgot that tonight is my wedding night . ”

Then, he turned and walked toward the Perched Phoenix Pavilion . Behind him followed Jin Mi and Jin Feng, who were brother and sister . After entering the Perched Phoenix Pavilion and looking at the red lights winding like dragons, Ji Yuxian squinted and gave orders to the attendants behind him .

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“You don’t have to keep watch tonight, go back to the main courtyard!”

Jin Mi bit her lip and said, “Young Master, I have to serve you!”

“Don’t I have a bride to serve me now?” Ji Yuxian smirked .

Jin Mi wanted to say something, but Jin Feng, who was beside her, held her back and replied respectfully, “Yes!”

Ji Yuxian went to the bridal chamber alone . When he’d gone, Jin Mi wriggled out of Jin Feng’s grasp and reprimanded him, “Brother, what are you holding me back for? What if Miss Su doesn’t serve Young Master well?”

Jin Feng was dressed in robes suitable for martial arts practice, standing tall and handsome . He looked at his sister and corrected, “There is no Miss Su anymore . Now she is Young Mistress, the mistress of Ji Manor!”

Jin Mi’s gaze was full of disdain . “Brother, when you see Miss Su, you won’t say that again!”

“No matter what kind of person she is, she is now our Young Mistress . You must respect her!”


Jin Mi snorted coldly and turned to walk away, but Jin Feng frowned and shook his head slowly . His sister had always been arrogant because Young Master doted on her . She had even some improper thoughts and desires about him . But Young Master belonged to a higher social class . How could they, mere attendants, dream of making friends or having close ties with him? Sooner or later, trouble would follow . He still needed to tell his mother to discipline his sister more .

Meanwhile, in the bridal chamber, Nanny heard footsteps . She woke up suddenly and shook Su Jiu, saying, “Miss, Young Master is here!”

“What Miss? What Master?” Su Jiu was still deep in slumber . She was so befuddled that she forgot where she was .

Nanny found that the curtain had been thrown open to one side and pulled Su Jiu up to cover her . Then, she woke up Chang Huan, whispering, “The groom is here . Sit properly!”

“What is there to be afraid of when he comes?” Su Jiu’s eyelids drooped as she mumbled, wanting to lie back down .

“My goodness, my lady, you can’t sleep anymore!” Nanny tugged hard at her arm . “Think about the situation . Think about the Dragon Conqueror Gang’s great plans!”

That jolted Su Jiu awake . Oh right, we haven’t got the silver yet! She sat up straight and hurriedly kicked Chang Huan to wake him up .

The door squeaked open . A man’s tall figure walked in slowly, bringing in the chill from outside .