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Chapter 93

Chapter 93 : The night of the season and the beginning of dawn

As the new year was welcomed into the great lands of Kaltico . The seasonal night continued through the water month of Volnar and the sun would take 20 days to ascend to its peak, cutting into the earth month .


While the magical beasts continues to ravage, the number of casualties had decreased significantly, this was the result of the traders refraining from trading internationally and the various subjugation activities .


Only Gazzetta’s internal borders were safe as the artless warriors worked hard to ensure their security, however the other countries used the narrow mountain trade route which passed through Blue Garden’s border . However, in order to get to this route, they would have to go through a forest where the magical beasts herd were lurking thus it was considered very dangerous .


Due to the magical beast attacks, the distribution of goods were being affected as it became difficult to reach Gazzetta, even the medical goods of the old Nossentes had become hard for the other nations to acquire .


In the central tower of Patrucia Nost, in the conference room within the Old God temple, Shinha was going through the endless construction plans for the city, reports of the damage caused by the magical beast and the proposed countermeasures against them .


“Are you struggling?”

“Yea, a little . ”


“Which? Hmm, is it the subjugation forces by the other countries… . . but ain’t we making use of it?”

“Yea…that’s why I gave the approval, however at this rate the domestic goods in the country will be at risk . ”


Coincidentally, the trade restriction plan by Gazzetta and Trent Rietta was a weakening strategy that was fulfilled with the magical beasts attacks .


It all boiled down to the power of the divine arts, compared to a country that was run by divine art users, the amount of supplies require to develop a territory in Gazzetta was almost doubled .


For example, the reclaiming of land would be hindered by rocks, which a few earth art users, one could easily use the earth art to clear it, however the artless could not imitate them . Thus, tools are required to break down these rocks .


There is also the wear and tear of using tools, thus their inevitable replacement was also required . In addition if an excellent earth art user was on the job, he could finish the work in a short period of time . However, in Gazetta’s case there would be an increase in the number of artless required to do the same amount of work, thus increasing the amount of food required to sustain them .


In conclusion, due to the fewer traders, the distribution of goods became stagnate, thus Gazzetta became the most affected country . With the mountain ranges they were just barely scraping along, now the more important thing was to pay attention to the old Nossentes territories, as the population of artless and divine art users increased .


“Well, couldn’t you have just usurped the surrounding countries earlier and avoid missing the opportunity?”

“ . . . that’s also a method . However there’s also Yuusuke . ”

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“Shin-boya, are you still blaming the Evil God on your failure of grasping Queen Risha?”

“ . . . . . . . ”


Like being stepped on the tail, Shinha’s face turned ugly as he sighed . Ayaka’s words seem to have worked too well .


The magical beast problem that Trent Rietta was facing turned out to be a great opportunity for Fonclanc, with his verbal promise of not invading Blue Garden to Queen Risha, it might be the downfall to his path to becoming the supreme ruler .


If he could have taken Blue Garden during that time, Fonclanc would have been tied down with Trent Rietta’s civil war, which would allow Gazzetta to stabilize their rule in Blue Garden and would begin their preparations for the next war .


“Well, I can only give the King of Gazzetta some options . The choices that will be made will be up to you . ”

“Granny… . ”


As though looking gently at a grandchild, even though she is a witch she felt the building up of emotions in her chest ~~


“Even if you have decided to throw away Queen Risha’s “love letter” . ”

“ . . . . Granny . ”


Shinha smiled with a bright red face as he shrugged his shoulders as though he was being teased .




After sorting his feelings, he continue reading the reports and plans like what the King of Gazzetta should do . With the shortage of the goods due to the magical beasts, Shinha’s countermeasure to this was to assign official positions to domestic divine art users, the plan was to use them to help increase the circulation of goods and help in the improvement of the economy .


Shinha particularly wanted to focus on expansion, which could be done by hastening the construction of a harbor on the half of Trent Rietta that he had conquered during the civil war . This would allow him to have a direct trade route with Fonclanc .


The plan was to use this harbor to trade with Fonclanc, the country with the largest population of divine art users, to improve their relations and allow the five races union to be recognized .


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“Your majesty, the latest news from Fonclanc has arrived . ”

“Bring it to me . ”


These spies that were planted in different countries sent back regular reports, Shinha frowned as he went through the details . There were internal signs within Fonclanc of activist trying to eliminate the Darkness God Corps, especially with their recent activities .


“King Esvosbus who knows about the Evil God, seems like only now he wants to remove Yuusuke . ”

“Hmmm, if he wanted to he should have done it much earlier . ”


It seems like it was one of the top palace officials who had these intentions, and they came to the conjecture that it wasn’t King Esvosbus’s intention to do so .


In the rumors that were in circulation Yuusuke was made out to be in league with Gazzetta while also retaining a relationship with Blue Garden . Gazzetta’s internal spy of Fonclanc and also the people who were not the direct subordinates of King Esvosbus were lurking around him and were getting information out from those that were trusted .


“There’s a need to flush out and remove these rumors… . ”


Shinha murmured with a difficult expression, while Ayukas prepared the pen and paper behind him .




“Risha-sama, we have received a letter from Gazzetta’s king…”

“From Shinha? Hmm, I wonder what kind of wind is being blown towards here . ”


Risha tilted her head as she received the letter that was delivered to the underground Palace of Kofta . Normally, Queen Risha would have sent a personal letter to King Shinha and would also receive a reply that way, however, this time an official letter came from King Shinha’s side .


Thus Risha wondered what kind of emergency situation had came up through this letter from Shinha . She began to squint her eyes as she goes through the content .


“What’s going on with Gazzetta’s King?”

“ . . . . . there seem to be a dangerous development within Fonclanc . ”


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The letter states that there were spies within Fonclanc who knew about Queen Risha and King Esvosbus’ secret meeting, also about the letters that were being exchanged with King Shinha .


The recent slandering of the Darkness God Corps Captain within Fonclanc was also known by Blue Garden . Amongst the rumors was the idea that the Darkness God Corps  Captain was the Evil God of disaster, that he had been involved with King Shinha and Queen Risha, which pointed out certain minor unnatural occurrence .


Amongst the Fonclanc nobles were those who hadn't risen to a higher position, these people were not agreeable with the Darkness God Corps Captain . Those who wanted to see the decline of the darkness god captain had investigated him, thus they arrived at a conclusion that his actual form is the Evil God, the one who will bring forth the calamity .


The information that Gazzetta and the Evil God were associated was somewhat told to them by the old geezers of the old Nossentes parliament who were being handed over to Fonclanc . However, that is only enough to make them vigilant against the Evil God and Gazzetta, there wasn’t a solid enough reason to cause suspicions against Blue Garden .


During Fonclanc’s intervention of Paula’s Great Wall, Gazzetta’s army invasion of Blue Garden was a fact, thus the outwards appearance of Gazzetta towards them seemed like a weird relation, neither hostile nor friendly .


Blue Garden’s policy of an equal society did not deny the 4 Great God’s difference in divinity, thus it did not mean that it denied the 4 Great God faith which is the core of the divine art user’s society, however from the public’s point of view it seemed clear that it was impossible for there to be a demise of the divine art user society and the prosperity of the White Can of Gazzetta due to the position of the country .


Although this was just a thought .


Until the nobles of Fonclanc were able to link the increasing number of disasters to the Evil God, and create a reason to cause the a feeling of distrust within the citizens of Blue Garden, only then would it result in the failure of the unity of the 5 races .


“This person know the details of the conversation with King Esvosbus and the personal letters addressed to Shinha is~~”


Risha began glaring suspiciously at the officials of Shalnar temple . Kofta is extremely sensitive to the movement of people, unfamiliar people and people with acting suspiciously would immediately be found out . After the downfall of Izapnar, the only people surrounding the royal family were the trusted and reliable ones .


Shalnar temple was originally one of the facilities of the country which held jurisdiction over government affairs, not just a place merely for faith .


Consequently there was merit in the fall of the 4 Great Gods faith, in terms of thinking about dangers looming around the continuation of the temple, thus it wouldn’t be weird if there were those who would be in favor of stopping the 5 race union plan .


“Well, shall we arrest the priest?”

“No… . first check on the surrounding close aides who have access to the temple . ”


Being quietly instructed by the Queen, the two ladies-in-waiting, Masha and Sasha, nodded as they left her majesty’s office .


As Risha was left alone, she began rereading the letters from Shinha . Without any form of request, this time it was just a letter to advise her, in those Shinha seemed to have a positive interest to the 5 race union plan . Because of this, Risha was happy .


Although the  movement of the Anti-Darkness God sect of the upper sanctum of Fonclanc seemed suspicious, as long as they could settle the current magical beast problem the rest could follow after there was peace . By that time, they could consider hastening the promotion of the 5 race union plan across all the 4 great nations .  

In the letter, Shinha had stated that whether Yuusuke was the real Evil God was one of the topic during King Esvosbus’s personal discussion when the Darkness God Corps had went on a blockade mission at the magical beast facilities .


Like what Risha had thought, in the near future, the treatment of the Evil God would be changed . However, King Esvosbus and King Shinha’s secret messages weren’t directly exchanged . Both of their opinions were exchanged through Queen Risha .


Like usual Shinha wants to invite the Evil God to Gazzetta, while King Esvosbus would like the memories of a Hero fade away with the peacefulness of the world, as one of the palace knights who will be buried into the quiet daily life .


Rather than standing out in various ways, in the times of peace, the tools would be remembered instead of their creator . Between the 2 options, from Risha’s point of view on the evil god, she would side with King Esvosbus .


Incidentally, although it isn’t about holding secret talks between the 4 great nations, nor having secret interactions, King Cliffzard of Trent Rietta was being left out, but it seems that the person in question doesn’t seem to mind . (TL: Forever alone)




Ivor’s Anti-Darkness God Corps faction which knews about the existence of the evil god and the 5 race union plan were conducting activities in an effort to prevent the 5 race union plan . Like usual they held their scheduled meeting in a room of the palace, however today only the most trusted people were being called to Marquis Vordat’s residence .


“Comrades, the different methods of preventing the union are finally in place . From here onwards it will turn into a dangerous bet, are you guys ready?”


“Of course we are . To deny the core of the Divine art user society the faith of the 4 great god is preposterous . ”

“To prevent the Evil god from spreading his influence, however much risk would we be taking . ”

“We all support Marquis Vordat’s decision . ”


Marquis Vordat nodded in response to his followers support and began explaining the outline of the future plans .



Now it’s the 10th day of the Volnar month which it is still the season night .