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Chapter 509
Today, Xiao Yu was enjoying hearing song in the camp, while playing chess with Caso, but suddenly a soldier quickly came in and after saluting: “Lord, there is a man named Nicholas outside asking permission to enter . ”

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“How come he came so late?” Xiao Yu was extremely dissatisfied . He waved his hand and said: “Call him in . ”

Not long after, a familiar figure walked into Xiao Yu’s camp and saw Xiao Yu lying on the couch with a lazy face . He smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Xiao Yu . ”

The person who came in was Nicholas .

Xiao Yu ​​smiled and said: “Yeah, but in fact it hasn’t been that long . It’s just that you can’t forget my handsome face . But don’t worry; I will not blame you for it . After all I just have peerless face . ”

“Oh, you are still shameless as ever . ” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu and couldn’t help but mutter under breath . He went straight to Xiao Yu’s side and sat down . He began to smile and sipped his wine .

“Well, I heard that the church seems to be expanding . Don’t you plan to deter their advances?” Xiao Yu adjusted a comfortable posture and said faintly .

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“Don’t worry, Pope is not a fool . He knows when to stop . Now people are mainly thinking about you . When do you plan to go to ruin?” Nicholas took off his shoes directly and also lied down on the couch in a comfortable posture .

“You are really greedy . ” Xiao Yu said dissatisfied .

“I have always been greedy . ” Nicholas said with a smile . He grabbed a grape and put it gently into his mouth with face full of smugness .

“Greedy people do not meet good end . ” Xiao Yu cursed wickedly .

“People are greedy when they are alive . Because they are greedy, they have the motivation to live . Are you not greedy?” Nicholas did not care about the curse of Xiao Yu .

“Hey, am I greedy? If I say that my biggest goal is to guard my territory, to be a small emperor and to stay away from troubled water . Do you believe me or not?” Xiao Yu said .

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Nicholas put a rare and serious face as he said: “I believe . But this world will not allow you to do so . This world is a world where you will be eaten by others if don’t eat others . So you must constantly make yourself stronger and then eat others and become the biggest fish . ”

“But, even powerful fish can never jump out of the river of destiny . At most we will only cause few waves, but it is impossible to jump out of the rivers . It will never be possible to go ashore . ” Xiao Yu was happy to express some of his own ideas .

“No one can go ashore, but as long as we swim in this river freely . We are happy, can’t we do it?” After being stunned, Nicholas suddenly said with a smile .

“Haha, you are right, as long as we swim happily and live happily, it will do . ” Xiao Yu did not expect that Nicholas could see so thoroughly . This was his originally intension — To live happily .

“What is the new adventure you said about?” Nicholas took a sip of wine and began to talk about business .

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“Actually, it is like this . I want to let you see how I got rid of this Weigong . In the future, this Principality is also mine . I think that all the benefits are mine alone . Therefore, I think I will give you some benefits too . ” Xiao Yu pointed to the tall wall outside .

“Oh? When were you so kind? Want to give me benefits? You are an absolute stingy . Say it, what you want from me?” Nicholas asked directly .

“Cough… can’t you pretend that you don’t know? I don’t have to be so straight forward . ” Xiao Yu said as he helplessly spread his hands .

“Well, I will give you face, say, how much benefit can I get?” Nicholas asked with slight smile .

“I recently got a chamber of commerce and planned to do business between Yunmeng and the inland . However, in some places, my influence is not great, so I need you to do ensure the safety of branches there . You can rest assured, since I asked for your help; I will definitely not let you suffer loss . It will give you some profits . ” Xiao Yu also didn’t beat around the bush and directly got to business .

“Oh? This is a good thing . You have a good relationship with Yunmeng . You can get a lot of resources and political support there . This is a good deal, then you how much profits do you intend to give me?” what Xiao Yu said aroused Nicholas’s interest .

Both bargained for some time and finally settled at 30% profits . Nicholas would get 30% of Net profits and in return he had to ensure Chamber’s safety in Yunmeng .

“You are really a black-hearted profiteer . It’s no wonder that your family can grow this much . It was all done this way . ” Xiao Yu did not forget threw curse at Nicholas .

“If we are doing business honestly, can we become a family that has been passed down for thousands of years? People who are not treacherous are weak people . In this world, you have to eat others and suck the blood of others to grow up . If not, other will try to suck your blood . ” Nicholas leaned on the couch and looked very quiet .

“Now that matter of Chamber of Commerce is settled . Let’s talk about the church . ” Xiao Yu looked at Nicholas’s eyes as he asked .

“What the church have to do with me? Anyway, they are not threatening me anymore . ” Nicholas leaned back on the back of the chair .

“Hey, you can’t say that . Who knows what kind of things church has? If one day I fall, you might become his next target . The Pope’s ambitions are not small and as his strength grows he will become are and more ambitious . You can talk to Leonardo about it . He seems to be in close contact with the church now . ” Xiao Yu also pulled Leonardo in .