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Chapter 1022: 1022

Chapter 1022: Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (7)

Qiao Yiyi was shocked .

But she suddenly realized a lot of things .

The reason the company had given her all the resources… and even kept her identity so secret that Qiao Yiyi had been unable to find out a single detail .

It was all because it was her!

An upset feeling flashed across her eyes .

Second Brother, does this Qiao Lian really matter so much to you?

Why was it that she found herself fading into insignificance every time Qiao Lian appeared?

She clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes .

She didn’t know what had happened, but she was sure this wasn’t the right time to create any trouble . Hence, she narrowed her eyes again after Qiao Lian had spoken .

She retreated at once as she remarked, “I have such bad luck . Everywhere I go, I run into you!”

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Then she walked away from the powder room .

After she had walked some distance away, she anxiously stood in a quiet corner .

She took out her cell phone and hesitated for a moment before she dialed Lu Nanze’s number .

The number that would unfailingly greet her with a busy signal in the past, strangely, connected immediately .

The muscles around her eyes tensed up at once . She knew… the matter from eight years ago had reared its head again .

She spoke, “Second Brother . ”

“You’ve seen her?”

Qiao Yiyi nodded and replied, “Yes . ”

“Do you understand then?”

She shook her head and said, “Second Brother, I don’t understand . Why is she here?”

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“She and Shen Liangchuan are divorced . ”

Qiao Yiyi’s eyes lit up at once, but it very quickly changed to a worried expression .

Lu Nanze continued, “She’s pregnant . I want you to destroy the child without hurting her . ”

Her pupils shrank back as she bit her lip forcefully .

Images from the past flooded her mind .

At the time, she had been 18 .

As much as she had always adored and admired him, he had never been within her reach . She could only silently yearn for him .

Until one time, he suddenly called her and asked, “Do you like me?”

She was elated and answered, “Yes, Second Brother, I’m willing to do anything for you . ”

“Good . Now I have a task for you . ”

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“What is it?”

“Qiao Lian wishes to join some sort of club . I want you to ensure this doesn’t happen under any circumstances . ”

In that moment, her heart sank and died .

But she had already known, given her status, she would never be able to capture Second Brother’s attention .

She had to make herself useful to him . Hence she agreed to it . “Second Brother, if I succeed, how will you reward me?”

“What do you want?”

Biting her lip, she told him, “I want to be your woman . ”

She knew that given her status, it would be impossible to marry him . But being by his side was good enough for her .

Indeed, Second Brother agreed, “Fine . ”

And this time round?

Biting her lip, she spoke into the phone, “Second Brother, will you promise me something if I succeed in this task?”

“What is it?”

She tightened her fists as she made her request, “I wish to carry your child, may I?”

All of these years, Second Brother had made her take birth control pills after they had been together .

He had reminded her time and again that, if they had a child, Qiao Lian would never go back to him .

But now, she yearned for a child with him .

There was a silent pause for a moment, and then he said, “You do know that even if you have a child, the child would have no status . ”

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