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Chapter 1023: 1023

Chapter 1023: Qiao Lian Is Pregnant (8)

Qiao Yiyi tightened her fists at those words .

After a pause, she said, “I agree . ”

There was another pause on the other end of the line .

Finally, Lu Nanze’s voice was cold as he said, “This is a choice you’ve made . ”

Qiao Yiyi nodded . “Yes . ”

They hung up .

She turned and looked in the direction of the filming set .

The door to the powder room was open .

Qiao Lian looked extremely pretty after she was dressed up, she was as radiant as the sun .

Qiao Yiyi dug her fingers into her palms as she looked at the other woman .

It had been like this ever since they were young . Qiao Lian had always been the center of the universe, whereas she… she had always been displaced to a corner, completely eclipsed by her, living an inconsequential existence .

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She had had enough of this .

As her fists tightened, her eyes narrowed .

Growing up with Qiao Lian, she knew the woman a lot better than Second Brother did .

She wanted purity in a relationship, and Qiao Yiyi was determined to be that speck of impurity between the woman and her Second Brother .

If only she had a child with Second Brother… then all possibilities of a relationship between them would be destroyed .

If Second Brother could wait eight years for this woman, then he could very well wait for another eight years .

But if she had a child by then, this would be Second Brother’s only child .

So what if the child had no status?

At this thought, she took a deep breath . Hence she had to guarantee her success in this matter . Just like eight years ago, she had to make sure everything went well and to his satisfaction .

Eight years ago…

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She had planned to cripple Qiao Lian’s hand .

Now, eight years later, she would see to the destruction of the same woman’s child .

At this thought, Qiao Yiyi’s expression turned vicious .

She walked up and surveyed the area where the filming props were kept .

In a short while, they would be filming a scene in which Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan met on the bridge .

On the bridge…

Qiao Yiyi’s pupils shrank back as she lifted her gaze and looked around .

If Qiao Lian were to fall into the water in this freezing weather, and even if nothing happened to the child, she would struggle for her life .

Qiao Yiyi’s lips turned upwards in a frosty smile .

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On the other side of Hengdian, at the filming location of Ambition .

Mo Xicheng was in the midst of filming, while Shi Nianyao sat on the side with her chin propped up in her palms, staring at him like a love-struck puppy .


She couldn’t get over how dashing her male idol was .

Especially in a historical costume . He looked every bit the elegant child he was playing . She was completely dazzled .

His temperament obviously surpassed Mo Zhi’s by far .

It was just a cruel play of fate that Mo Zhi had been born the son of Madam Mo, and her idol had been born the son of a mistress .

She couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh, as she recalled last night’s encounter with Yao Lili .

If she were to date her male idol and end up marrying him, then wouldn’t she have to deal with such a mother-in-law every day of her life?

She sighed deeply again at this thought .

She felt bad for her male idol .

As she was contemplating all of this, Mo Xicheng finished filming the segment and walked up to her .

Even the way he walked was dashing!

Shi Nianyao was completely infatuated .

At this point, she felt a light tap on her forehead . Snapping out of her daydream after a pause, she realized her idol was standing right before her and saying, “Why are you staring into space? Get me some water!”

Shi Nianyao jumped to her feet at once . Indeed! She was his assistant now . How could she be so tardy?

But as she turned around, she saw Yao Lili walking towards them . There was a girl next to her .

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