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Chapter 527: 527

The middle-aged woman twitched her mouth and said, “It depends on how much . ”

Qiao Lian immediately said, “10,000 a month, and that doesn’t include competition incentives . Is that enough?”

The moment the woman heard this, she looked up with a jolt and her eyes lit up . “Enough! It’s enough!”

Then, she immediately stretched her hand out to Ancestor White Bones, palm faced up, and said, “Where’s the money?”

Ancestor White Bones was bewildered .

She had run away from home and had had just enough money to purchase a bus ticket . After arriving at the villa, she had never had to pay for anything else . Where was she going to get this money from?!

Qiao Lian took out her wallet and drew out 5,000 . Placing this in Ancestor White Bones’ hand, she said, “This is your salary for half a month . ”

The words had barely left her mouth before the banknote disappeared from her hand and reappeared in the middle-aged woman’s hand .

The woman looked down at the money in her hands with a huge disgusting smile, and pocketed the notes after counting and ensuring that the amount was correct .

She smiled at Qiao Lian, as though trying to curry favour, and said with feigned politeness, “Oh, you just mentioned that you are her coach? I’ll hand my child over to you then! If she is not doing enough, feel free to give her a good beating, or a good lecture . You don’t have to hold back!”

Qiao Lian could hardly believe her ears .

Now turning to Ancestor White Bones, the woman said sternly, “And you, Ling Xiao, let me warn you, focus on your gaming! And in half a month, I’ll come for the next 5,000!”

Qiao Lian was flabbergasted at the quick change in the woman’s attitude .

After the middle-aged woman had said all of this, she turned to go .

Ling Xiao seemed to have calmed down by now, but The Godfather was still annoyed and said to the woman, “Aren’t you going to even give her some of that money?”

The woman immediately turned around and fiercely replied, “What has this got to do with you? She doesn’t have to worry about her meals or accommodation, why would she need to spend money? This money is for her brother to buy a house and take a wife!”

Following this, she turned around and strode away quickly .

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On this note, everyone thought this would be the end of the drama . Unexpectedly…

After the woman left, the team members started asking Ancestor White Bones questions .

From the few things she had said, everyone thought that her family followed especially rigorously the traditional practice of placing more importance on sons than daughters .

Ancestor White Bones was around 20 years old this year and normally at this age, she should be in school . However, when she got to junior high school, she had been forced to leave her studies and start working so that she could pay for her brother’s nuptial home .

From a young age, all the eggs in the meals were for her brother only . They lived in a small two-room apartment . While her brother had a room to himself, the sofa was her makeshift bed every night .

Her brother was like a blood-sucking vampire that took everything from her .

Qiao Lian was shocked upon hearing her story .

This was the 21st century, she didn’t think that things like this still happened .

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She took a deep breath and patted Ancestor White Bones’ shoulder to comfort her .

Qiao Lian then got up to leave after telling the team to train hard .

She had not even taken a couple of steps when Su Penghao suddenly rushed towards her, saying, “Coach Qiao, let me drive you home . ”

Qiao Lian paused and looked at Su Penghao .

She noticed that his eyes were exceptionally bright with enthusiasm, and sensed that he was trying hard to please her .

She thought about what Su Penghao had said before… that he trusted Xiao Qiao .

Qiao Lian smiled and said, “Sure . ”

On the way back to the villa .

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Su Penghao kept sneaking looks at her through the mirror .

But when her eyes would meet his, he would quickly look away again .

Qiao Lian twitched her lips and finally said, “Hey, what’s the matter with you? Why are you behaving so coyly, like a girl?”

Su Penghao was a little hurt .

Wasn’t it obvious he was afraid that she would still be mad at him for the things that had happened before?

Nevertheless, he cleared his throat and said, “Anyway, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you . ”

Qiao Lian said, “Go ahead . ”

“Erm… Will you go buy Ancestor White Bones a new set of clothes?”