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Published at 2nd of September 2019 09:03:31 PM

Chapter 22

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Washington, DC August 12th . . .

Sirens and gunfire could be heard through the streets of Washington with buildings on fire it was safe to say mayhem has flooded the city, many firefighters were on the scene trying to save as many people and buildings as possible .

But no matter how many burning buildings the firefighter's extinguished more would keep showing up, not far from the fires the police who were seemed to be in the crossfire with the criminals who started all this and a man who was flying around in the sky with a jet pack and flamethrower .

The police had the criminals surrounded by blocking both exits of the one-way street but it was obvious it wouldn't end anytime soon as the man in the sky continued to set fire to his surroundings .

"HAHA, this city will burn!" The flying man was commonly known as FireFly who wore a black and yellow suit and was made out of some sort of metal that seemed resistant to fire, but before FireFly could set another building on fire a *TONK* and a humming noise could be heard as he got knocked away before stabilizing himself in mid-air .

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" a voice rang out catching the attention of FireFly and his crew, as they look towards the nearby building they see a man catching a circular shield that generated a humming sound .

Not only FireFly but the nearby civilian's attention turned toward the figure, as they saw a man in blue with red and white stripes holding a shield it was none other than Captain America himself .

"I'm gonna give you a word of advice . . . this isn't gonna end well for you," Cap said glaring at Firefly who's the only reply was maniacal laughter .

"Kill him . " as Firefly ordered 6 crew members opened fire only to miss when Cap started running along the roof of the building before throwing a smoke pellet at his feet, this didn't stop the crew however as they continued to fire at the blue smoke .

As their guns finally ran out of bullets the smoke clears only to see nothing "Where did the-" *Smash* before one of the crew could finish Cap flew out of the window of the building, shield first blocking his body from any incoming bullets .

Landing on the ground shield first before rolling in between two of the crewmen "Holy shit!" one of them then aimed at Caps head only for it to get grabbed and aimed at his partner's foot .

*BANG* "Arghh" the man screamed in pain as his foot now had a bullet in it, but before the crewman could help out his friend Cap slammed his shield into him like a punch to the chest sending him flying into a nearby car knocking him out .

Cap then used the end of the gun by hitting the injured man across the side of the head causing him to join his friend into the dreamland before dismantling it .

Cap then threw his at a nearby Car causing the shield to Ricochet off the door before hitting the nearby enemies, who were aiming .

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"Hey, die already!" Firefly said as he fired his flame thrower full blast at Cap who covered quickly covered his face "BURN, BURN, BURN!"

Cap then threw a small disc towards him only for it to be dodged "he is that all you got . " which Cap only grinned it was then *Beep* *Beep* a confused Firefly then turned his head to see the small disc attached to his Jetpack "Huh? Oh crap . "

Firefly then got electrocuted before falling back to the ground, meanwhile, Firefly's last crew members ran towards Cap with their guns ready, seeing this Cap stomped a manhole cover underneath his foot before spin kicking it towards one them breaking the line .

Taking advantage of this Cap rushed towards them giving no room for fire upon reaching them he quickly dismantled their guns it was so fast, in fact, that it seemed as if it was less than 4 seconds .

"What fu-" Cap didn't wait for the crewman to finish as he used his palm for and uppercut it was safe to say the man would later need to see a dentist . . . or get a new jaw .

Only two left Cap didn't see a point to let this carry on as he pushed kicked one of them into the other before growing two more discs electrocuting them both "dont wordy they were on stun . "

Cap then walked over and picked up his shield only to hear "I promise this city-no this world will burn for me until then watch your back" turning around he sees Firefly flying off .

"Seriously?" Cap let out a small sigh before throwing his shield at Garfield knocking him out of the sky onto the building .

. . .

"No . . . no this isn't how it's supposed to be" Firefly grovelled on the ground as the Jet pack was no longer working .

"it's over Firefly," Cap said as he stood over Firefly while holding handcuffs, Cap then attached the handcuffs onto Firefly's wrists then grappled away towards the police cars to drop off a present .

. . .

After dropping off Firefly multiple reporters swarmed Cap and began asking multiple questions such as "Are you in the justice league!" or "Are you a sidekick of any the major heroes" which every question that was asked Cap answered as long as it wasn't personal "Sir my name is Cat Grant of the GBS news can you tell us you are . " .

"My name is Captain America," Cap said honestly, to him this wasn't that big of a deal but apparently it's was to reporters as they began to swarm with more him questions .

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But before he could answer any of them loud screams and cries could be heard catching his attention, near a burning build in could be seen multiple firefighters trying to rush in and a woman crying while being held back, that's when Cap looked up at a window and saw a kid and teenager banging on the window .

Without another thought, Cap shot his grapple at the building before launching himself off the ground Cap then used his shield to block as he smashed through the window landing in the next apartment that was filled with flames .

"ANYONE HERE," Cap yelled as he began walking through the flames but couldn't see anything as the dark smoke clouded the air .

"HELP!!" A teen girl and a kid screamed that was all Cap needed as he began following the voices .

Finally finding the apartment where the voices were coming from Cap saw a girl with pure white a hair and a boy who seemed about 10 years old who were banging on the window .

"HEY!!" Cap yelled catching the attention of both of them, they quickly rushed over towards Cap but that's when a large wooden pillar fell from the ceiling, quickly noticing this Cap rushed over and grabbed both of them while raising the shield over their heads protecting both of them .

"Are guys okay?"Cap asked which the teen just gave a nod while covering her face with her arm while the kid just held onto Cap without saying a word, using his strength he lifted the pillar with ease before tossing it aside "Okay to the window we need to get you guys out of here . "
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Cap then slowly walked over to the window with the two of them but once he got close he realised that the window was in fact broken so it couldn't open, seeing the fire getting worse Cap used his strength to forcefully open the window .

As the teenage girl goes through the window Caps instinct took over as he grabbed both the 10-year-old boy and the teenager and jumped out of the way as part of the roof fell where they once stood .

'I don't have time to look for another way out' Cap then threw three minidiscs at the flaming rubble, after few seconds it all turned to ice before a small explosion destroyed the rubble and the wall making a new exit 'probably not the safest way in a building that's on fire . '

"Hold onto me," Cap told both of them which they happily complied, seeing them holding onto him, Cap, then jumped out of the building and landed on his feet as if he was jumping off a small box .

"Cisco! Dawn!" a woman cried out as she saw Cap with the two, they quickly rushed over to the panicking woman .

"We're fine Mrs Ramon he-" Dawn then turned around to find that Cap had disappeared 'where did he go?' . She thought but soon smiled before turning her attention back to Ciscos mother .

. . .

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Washington, D . C . . . the loft . . . August 12th .

finally arriving home at night exhausted Cap fell onto his sofa "Well today was productive" meanwhile his Tv was on, showing GBS news talking about him .

"Sir you have a call . " Jarvis announced but Caps still stayed on the sofa .

"Tell them to call back later" Cap groaned, as he got up and went towards the kitchen and started going through his refrigerator .

"Sir . . . it's Batman he said it's urgent," Jarvis said with concern but Cap didn't look worried as he began making a sandwich .

"Okay, patch him through" when he said this a screen showed up showing Batman glaring .

"I heard about your extracurricular activities today," Batman said as he had a judgemental look on his face "Do you know how much damage you caused . "

"Well to be fair it was already burning down so-" Cap was soon cut off by an angry Batman .

"this isn't a game!" Although there was anger in his voice Cap didn't show any fear towards Batman "What if someone got hurt it or the build came down from stability that would've been on you . " Batman went on for a few minutes drilling everything Cap had done wrong without him saying anything in his defence .

"But overall the issues good job," when he said this Cap eyes widened in surprise it wasn't every day Batman praises someone "You handled the situation adequately considering the circumstances . "

"Thanks . . . " Cap honestly didn't know what to say .

"Lastly I need to speak to you about school . " when Batman said this Cap's eyebrow raised in confusion .

"You do know it's pointless and a waste of time . " Cap didn't have school on his mind, in fact, not once did he think it was necessary after all why would the smartest person in the world if not the universe need to go "I rather spend my time working . "

"You are still a teenager, school is necessary no matter how smart you are . " Batman said as he glared it was obvious Cap didn't have a choice "this debate is now closed . "

the screen then disappeared leaving Cap to sigh as he now had to think about the situation he was in 'So now I gotta go school . . . great . . ' .

After finishing his food, Cap walked to a table and placed his had on it as a large hologram display of blueprints popped up "Well time start working . "

"Jarvis let's start our company with a bang, shall we . " he said as a new hologram appeared showing a device of a large scale .

"Of course Sir" Jarvis replied .

"Oh, Jarvis play my playlist . " when Cap said this a grin appeared on his face as Shoot To Thrill by AC/DC went through the apartment .

. . .

August 10th . . . unknown . . .

In a room, fear was plastered on the faces of many scientists as they saw a man holding a woman in the air by the neck the woman was none other than lady shiva who escaped from the Justice League after the attack on Captain America .

"YOU HAD ONE JOB . . . . KILL HIM!!! THATS ALL I SAID!!" the man spoke in rage as he squeezed tighter .

"I'm . . . Sor . . . Sorry" Lady shiva said as she struggled for air, the man glared at her with cold his blue eyes before sighing then dropping her back to the ground, Shiva then began to take in all the air she could as if she hadn't breathed in days .

The man walked towards a window overlooking the snowy mountains "Well I guess it isn't all bad, he must be in some serious pain after that . " a smile appeared onto his face, he then turned his head to shiva who began shivering as sweat went down her face, one of the most dangerous assassins in the world who could even give Batman a hard time was shivering in fear .

" . . . Leave" without another word Shiva and the scientists left with great speed "sigh~ Can't find good help these days . . . soon brother soon," he said as he looked out the window with a smile across his face .

. . . . . . . .


A few easter eggs in this chapter, I wrote this a while ago but I had to write multiple drafts to find the right one this cap out better than most idk how I feel about the combat because I can't write for crap (I think so anyway) so it's a bit hard so sorry . . . . anyways hope you enjoyed

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