Young Love - Chapter 3

Published at 20th of January 2019 07:55:17 PM

Chapter 3

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Punya dozed off within 15 minutes while music on her headsets was still playing . That was her usual habit, her friends used to tease her "you must have been bus conductor in your previous birth, you sleep amidst such noise peacefully but wake up from bed by exam nightmares . . . . " and burst out laughing .

Granny and Narmada were talking about some ladies kitty party, while Rishi was busy looking at road which evoked his curiosity at every turn . He was asking a question every second to his grandpa, Major Eshwar who won awards for being a strict officer, was enthusiastically answering to the smallest member of the family on all his silly questions . Sometimes Rishi used to wonder, does this sweetheart grandpa really punish him? But he never dared to test .

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After 90 minutes of traveling, they arrived at Beach side resort . Rishi jumped out of the car as soon it stopped, Narmada had to run behind him . Granny slowly brushed Punya's curls on her face to wake her up . On smooth touch, she opened her eyes and could see the shining blue beach on her left through the windows . Punya got down and headed towards the resort with her grandparents . It took almost 10 minutes for Narmada to catch Rishi and bring him back to the Resort .

Resort manager recognized Major Eshwar immediately and welcomed the family wholeheartedly, at least he acted so .

Resort had lush green vegetation of coconut trees, palm trees, bushes around tents and huge umbrellas spread all over the beach to help visitors enjoy the nature directly . Just 50kms away from the city, this beach resort was a recreational place for the people who ran in fast pace with the life .

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Manager took the family to one corner of his resort which had a carpet on the sand under a huge umbrella, two netted swing hung between 4 coconut trees, and a table which had all different eateries from the restaurant of the resort . Though there were 500+ people at beach, this place was isolated from crowd and was quiet .

Punya had been here couple of times earlier, the beach remained calm and quiet yet so serene which could make her dumbfounded for hours she spent here . She started walking bare foot towards the sea and could feel the soothing warm sand under her feet . After few steps, sand was wet . . . She didn't step further, she instead sat there to make sand house .

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Rishi had made two friends and was running from tree to tree with a football .

Granny and Grandpa were resting under the shade . Narmada kept an eye on both her kids, whilst enjoying a fruit salad .

Punya concentrated in her sand house, so much that she didn't see a guy running towards her . Even he couldn't see her as he was running backwards . . . trying to hide from his friends . He fell on Punya but managed to balance her off the ground, but had destroyed her twenty minute effort . Sun was right above them, so he covered her face with his shadow unknowingly as he stared at her . Her wide eyes were sparkling as she gazed at his eyes changing from one eye to other, straight long nose apt for her oval face with pinkish cheeks which had started turning red for reason unknown, jawline so perfect as if an artist drew them for her, the nape of her neck was so attractive that made him tantalizing towards it . Milky white color of her skin was enhanced by her long wavy black hair, which were swaying on his left hand as he had held her in his arms . Mesmerized by her beauty, he was about to press his lips on her cheeks but Punya exclaimed in anger, "Idiot" .

He startled for a moment and dropped her suddenly… immediately he apologized for his mistake, "Sorry young lady, I didn't mean to hurt you, it was an accident" as he got up . He reached out his arm to help her stand; she refused and tried to get up by herself . As she put her hands on ground and tried to get up, she felt a sharp pain in her right hand, "Amma" she whined in pain . He knew there's something wrong with her right hand and he helped her slowly to stand despite her disapproval . Before he could open his mouth to ask,

"What happened?!" screamed Narmada who approached Punya in few steps, so the guy had to leave her in mom's embrace . He knew that her hand was hurt badly but prayed God sincerely that it must not be a fracture .

A few minutes later, grandparents joined the duo and they headed towards the parking lot . May be to the hospital thought the boy who stood there in uncertainty watching them walk away .

Punya was taken away for treatment as she was crying in pain . They had to rush as her right hand was swelling up . They boarded the car and took the highway which led to the city .