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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

June 22, 2019

Score, that means I’m set for life!

Madam Rurin gave a clear, shameless answer . My eyes turned into cash signs! So let me get this straight .  So, your hobby is to spend money? That’s a great hobby .  If you want to spend money on me, I will be the best investment you ever put your money on .

My heart fluttered like a petal in a spring breeze . Madam Rurin recognized my change of tone and pushed further, “His Majesty’s empire will become more and more peaceful and beautiful . Where you go, there will be an abundance of subjects that only a person full of talent can capture . I believe that your geniusness will be the light that will illuminate the world ahead . ”

I couldn’t breathe because my face was too stiff from excitement . For three years I have been living in rice paddies, suddenly I saw the light of my world, and now I was considered a goldsmith . Was I getting this right? But if this was a scam, it was too good of a story to pass up .

“So will you go? Anyway I’d better be off! Your position, circumstances, and thoughts make it obvious . I can wait as long as you need . If you have any questions, please send me a letter . ” Madam Rurin was as sharp as ever .

“One more thing…” She lowered her voice and moved her mouth close to my ear .


“As you know, His Majesty the Emperor has a palace in Relans . ”

“…? Yea . ” I didn’t understand what she was implying because of my low language skills .

Her voice went even lower . “That means you would have more opportunities to see His Majesty . ”


Shit woman that’s all you had to say!

My heart flew and my mind was set to arrive to the capital .

Unlike the heart, the physical body can’t easily find a way out . There were many things to learn, a lot to prepare and the situation also called for my family’s consent . I was worried about how to approach the topic, so I tried to use a philosophical method .

“Mom . Who am I?”

“Obviously you’re not a child anymore,” my second eldest brother interrupted me instead of my mother, who was silently agreeing .

“Ah not that!”

“Then a little germ . ”

“I’m a noble lady!”

“Yeah that too,” Mom sliced some meat and nodded .

I spoke up again before my brother pulled me away from my line of thought, “I’m a noble but I don’t do what nobles should . All I do is work . Why?”

“You really shouldn’t have been born in Gundal . ”

“I can barely do the work here and I can’t marry if I’m not pretty…”

“There’s no other place for you to marry . Just pick somebody in Gundal . ”

“Why should I? I’m a lord’s daughter!”

“We should have enough of a dowry to give . ”


Both my brothers started eating their meal . I was speechless . Just like that . If it was an arranged marriage then it could be settled . Right… Yeah…

Gundal literally has nothing . We were all about harvesting and producing rice for the year and the barbarians in the mountain prevented us from making any specialties . I realized this once again: Lord Gundal had said before that Gundal’s citizens are permanent citizens not just because of our standard of living .

It will take a long time for the Emperor to be interested in visiting us again . I haven’t seen a good-looking man in Gundal for three years but I wasn’t in a mood to be forever alone . Above all, I was done being a farmer who couldn’t survive without the rice they planted .

It’s dangerous here . I’m going to end up losing my mind and running away .

“…Mom, I’m going to the capital,” I pulled my last resort .

“It’s the capital city . What do you think you’ll do there if you go? Have you gotten love sick after seeing His Majesty after a long time?” My brother interjected without missing a beat .

“What is love sick?”

“You’re a maiden in love . ”


“It must be great that you don’t remember anything . But you aren’t pretending not to right? Tell me honestly . You’re not pretending so you can be more appealing? Well, even if you don’t remember, things don’t change that easily . ”

“…” It was really unfair but I had nothing to say . They keep saying me and the old Diana are similar .

“You tried to get closer to His Majesty and got hurt by one of his maids . ”

“…what happened?”

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“If only you saw what happened . It sure is scary being a maiden in love . ” My grandfather and mother nodded silently .

“Was it a letter of recommendation from three or more noblemen required to allow entry to work in the Imperial Palace as a maid? That maid wasn’t just any regular maid . I know that thanks to you . ”

“Why is it hard to get in?”

“Why? There are a lot of people trying to get in . They cut down the number of applicants by accepting those whose mothers they know or if they come from a good family . Do you have any of that?”

“I know Madam Rurin!” This connection was precious since Madam Rurin is a major figure who accompanies the Emperor during his visits .

“But Madam Rurin is just one person? I told you you need more people . Did you forget already?”

“…” Right . Even if I go to the capital, I’ll still have a lot to do before becoming a maid .

“You don’t have anything to get you ahead of the bunch either . You don’t have money or talent . ”

Did my brother just exist to get in my way? If so, am I his sister born to kill such an older brother? My heart pounded as I felt this deep desire . Let’s just patiently endure and get him when he least expects it .

There were also some stuff that had made me hesitate going to the capital . If you think about it, the reason was simple .

When you become a maid, that good-looking Emperor is going to be your boss . If you’re lucky, you can be the first to catch any juicy rumors . What if you get bribed? I also don’t doubt I’ll be attacked there .

‘In that case I’ll do the attacking first!’

I slowed down my racing thoughts . Unlike the previous Diana, I have a ticket to the capital so I have the luxury to find another way .

I can’t live in Gundal in this lifetime anymore . My life was divided between before and after the Emperor and I have already set foot in a changed life . I was already determined to go to the capital and the cost of staying there has already been solved by Madam Rurin .

Still, I felt like I should get permission because I was with this family for three years but I gave up . I and the old Diana were adults . We have the right to choose our own lives .

I’m going to cringe from having to get on my knees and beg, but I’ll think about that later . I began writing my letter to Madam Rurin .

“Give me this too . ”

“Yes . ”

“That too . ”

“Yes, dear customer . ”

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“Oh, that and the stuff next to it . ”

“Yes yes . ”

Madam Rurin told me to buy as much painting supplies as I needed, so the ones I picked were piled up into mountains . There were a lot of things to buy because I had to have all the materials from top to bottom . The clerk skillfully wrote my order and pulled the stuff I chose from behind the counter .

When the clerk noticed that Madam Rurin was my patron, his eyes changed . “Oh… Is all this going to Madam Rurin’s house?”

“…Yeah what about it?”

“Oh… Please use them often . I’ll send the bill to Madam Rurin . ”

“Yes, please . ”

The shift in the clerk’s eyes didn’t give off a bad feeling . I shrugged my shoulders and rechecked the materials I chose . The items were to be placed in two carriages . I didn’t want anything in the beginning, but Madam Rurin overpowered me to buy something .

Good products come from good materials! Please don’t hesitate to buy anything . If you want one, buy ten . Because the material is affected by the climate and the manufacturing process at that time, there is no choice but to buy in bulk . Now hop to it!’ Madam Rurin cried boldly into my ears . Thanks to her support, I will try and create the best artworks that my old self was never able to create .

I once said as a joke, ‘Can I get a gem for my painting and put it in their eyes?’ and she responded seriously with,‘What color?’ It was the first time I was asked to pick a jewel to fit in my picture .

I smiled and waved my hands together, ‘No, I was joking so don’t mind me…’

‘I’d rather buy both of them by size . ’


Since then, I never joked with Madam Rurin regarding materials . I also vowed never to put jewels for eyes in my paintings .

The capital of Relans was rich . Interest in the arts was concentrated here thanks to its wealthy citizens . Among them, Madam Rurin was a particular prominent patron . For the wealthy, art was eternal . Relans’s citizens also did their best to be extravagant and beautiful wherever they went .

‘But why do the men’s clothing look like that?’ I felt embarrassed just watching them from the streets .

The material shop was very close to Madam Rurin’s residence, but the entrance of her mansion and her door were far away from each other . I walked in and out of the neighborhood just wandering about, but the sight before me was sad .

Whether their attire reflected their wealthy economic situation or not, you could say it was gorgeous . The men’s outfits were delicately put into consideration . But somewhere along the way they went in a very bad direction .

Why did you put that on your shoulders, the legs are so sloppy, and you had to decorate the center with a colorful piece of cloth .

It seemed that I would go crazy every time I passed by an outfit that brought my visual senses into question .

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One of the wealthier nobles that passed me was a tall, handsome blonde-haired man with a nose bigger than my finger . He walked proudly with red lace on his legs and his gait seemed to shout ‘look at my beautiful legs like a flower!’

I became deeply frustrated .

This is not… This is not really…

Sometimes, fashion is artistic even if it’s strange, but artistry seemed to have clung to the men for dear life .

Gundal’s fashion was natural and easy to move . Sometimes we would dress up on occasion, but it was not as complicated to the point of overdoing it .

‘Yeah… We certainly don’t have eyelashes like him . ’

I laughed and stared at the blonde man at the center . Then I noticed his long eyelashes were actually ornaments and there was one going down his forehead between his eyes .


I pressed my eyes with both hands and walked to a nearby cafe . I was exhausted and could no longer see another man without closing my eyes . I ordered a drink and sighed . After seeing all the fashion that were symmetrically emphasized, I needed to be revived .

How can people keep their eyes open? Does anyone not see this? Or am I the only one with eyes?

I got angry and looked around the room to rejuvenate myself from their fashion sense . It was an ordinary, plain cafe but they had pictures hanging everywhere on their walls .

‘I wonder if they have more pictures like these?’

“We have a lot of other pictures here too, please look . ” When the cafe owner saw me take an interest in the paintings, he kindly invited me over .

“Our shop also serves as a gallery . If you have any pictures you like, please let me know . ”

Ah, so there were a lot more pictures .

Madam Rurin’s mansion had an enormous collection of paintings, almost like a museum . Her collection also housed the most expensive pieces by the most famous artists

It was the first time I saw pictures by unknown artists sold so casually on this street . I looked at the pictures with excitement .


I looked at each picture one by one and raised my eyebrows .


Of course, I shouldn’t have expected anything .