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Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Innocence


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Seeing everyone cast their eyes on her, Tian Qi knelt on the ground, then calmly stated "To answer the Empress Dowager and the Emperor, the soup was indeed delivered by this slave as decreed by the Emperor. Besides this servant there were two (2) other eunuchs from Qian Qing Palace who escorted the small food box. All three (3) of us can testify that neither our hands nor feet touched the soup as we were bringing it over." After some hesitation, she decided not to tell them of Wang Meng checking for drugs.

Cui Zhu was Imperial Concubine Wan's personal palace maid. After she listened to Tian Qi, without waiting for the others to react, she quickly asked "Three (3) eunuchs delivering one small bowl of soup, is that nottrying to hide and making it more conspicuous?"

trying to hide and making it more conspicuous = a cover up that only makes matters worse

Tian Qi answered "When it comes to the dragon seed, one has to proceed with care if they are to be allowed to live longer."

"Even so, the three (3) of you could have colluded to give false evidence."

Tian Qi coldly said "What this aunt is trying to say is that I'm certainly the one who put the safflower in the food?" As she said this, she raised her head and looked at the Empress Dowager and Ji Heng "This servant has always been loyal, looking forward with the Empress Dowager for the Emperor to have a room filled with children. How can I plot to hurt the Emperor's child?"

The Empress Dowager didn't know whether she should believe this Tian Qi or not. She has been fond of this straight young eunuch. However, when it comes to matter concerning the Imperial Harem, it is hard to say who's side he's on. There could also have been some people who bribed him. Thus the Empress Dowager looked at the two Imperial Concubines by her side, De and Shun. These two have temporarily been in charge of the Imperial Harem's six palaces so this matter ought to be taken care of by them. The Empress Dowager asked them "How do you two see this?"

De = virtue, goodness, morality, kindness
Shun = to obey, to follow, to arrange,to make reasonable

Both of them were quite hesitant, not knowing how they should answer. Most importantly, they didn't know what the Emperor wished. Since Imperial Concubine Wan was in good health, it was reasonable to say that they were more than happy to do somebody a favour at little cost, to allow her to take a breather.  Who made her have a baby in her belly, ne? Unfortunately, since this matter involves Tian Qi from the top management team, would the Emperor shield him?

However, an eunuch is just an eunuch in the end and it cannot be compared to the Emperor's heir. If Tian Qi truly took part in this matter, even it the Emperor tried to cover up for him, he still couldn't be lenient. As she figured the solution to the problem, De Fei said "This matter is too important and it requires careful investigation. We can't rashly accuse anyone." If the investigation still didn't find the one at fault, they could only find a scapegoat.

This was also Shun Fei's intention.

Tian Qi did not want to be investigated by them. By no means would she believe these imperial concubines were kind enough to take into consideration whether an eunuch was innocent or not. If the investigation couldn't come up with the truth, or the truth wouldn't be in line with their plans, the last one to be out of luck would have been one of the servants.

Cui Zhu spoke again at this moment. "Empress Dowager, Emperor, all niangniangs, there is something this servant wants to report."


Cui Zhu glanced at Tian Qi first, only then did she say "It appears our master has offended this eunuch."

"What is this nonsense? Since when was the master ever afraid of offending the servant?"

"It was this servant's slip of tongue. Several days ago, on Dragon Boat Festival day, Imperial Concubine niangniang was sitting in a pavilion in the Imperial Garden. By chance, eunuch Tian walked past and used the festival as an excuse to ask for a reward, so my master bestowed him two (2) golden nuggets. Eunuch Tian took the two (2) golden nuggets and then ridiculed Imperial Concubine Wan niangniang, saying she was poor and stingy, not as powerful and magnanimous as other Palace Masters. As a good-natured person, niangniang carefully explained, but he still mocked her. In a moment of desperation,niangniang lashed out at him and told him a few words. Eunuch Tian went into a fit and, just as he was leaving, threatened niangniang that she cannot continue insisting to be reckless."

With only a few words she managed to portray a shameless, greedy servant who liked to throw her weight about. Tian Qi really admired this woman's ability to talk nonsense.

At first, Tian Qi was still trying to guess who was the one moving things in the shadow. However, getting up to here and listening to the palace maid's words, basically it was precisely Imperial Concubine Wan who wanted to scheme against her. Otherwise, Cui Zhu had no reason to come out and spew all that nonsense, making others suspect her.

As expected, after the Empress Dowager and the other imperial concubines finished listening to the accusation, they all looked at Tian Qi full of misgivings.

Only Ji Heng remained expressionless as he swept a glance over the two people kneeling on the ground, and said "First, lock up all the people who made the soup and those who delivered it. Since this was directed at Zhen's child, Zhen will be the one to personally investigate the case."

The two imperial concubines, De and Shun, took a sigh of relief as they wouldn't have to be involved in this matter now. The Empress Dowager was also quite satisfied with this decision, seeing Ji Heng's care towards his future child.

Tian Qi was locked up in ZhengSi Palace straight away. All the suspects were locked in separate rooms so they couldn't talk to each other and fabricate a story. Because the Emperor personally decreed it, no one was allowed to make things difficult for the suspects until the end of the investigation. Therefore, Tian Qi wasn't treated badly. She ate delicious food and the people who looked after her where very polite and peaceful.

As she was facing the wall in the ZhengSi Palace's hall, Tian Qi carefully pondered what her next step should be. Even though she became aware of the main culprit, she didn't know why Imperial Concubine Wan wanted to get rid of her, going as far as taking such huge risks.

And, even though she now knew the inside story, other people didn't. If she went to the Emperor and told him 'Your woman ate safflower deliberately so she can harm me. I don't know why, maybe she is mad', the Emperor would think Tian Qi was the mad one. 

In other words, even if she were to tell the truth, no person would believe her.  

What was this called? Tian Qi was so angry she wanted to scratch the wall.

She thought again. Because the main part of this matter happened between Imperial Concubine Wan and herself, it was going to be hard looking for witnesses and evidence. If she didn't handle it properly, this matter could become messy. If they couldn't investigate the truth, they would get someone to be a scapegoat. Since she and Imperial Concubine 'have animosity', she is indeed the best scapegoat.

As things stood now, only she could prove her innocence.

Thus Tian Qi banged on the door, screaming "Someone come, someone come! I want to see the Emperor! There is something important I need to report to His Majesty!"

Considering Tian Qi's identity, the people in charge of ZhengSi Palace handled this matter promptly and reported it to Ji Heng. Ji Heng allowed her to see him.

Contrary to expectations, Tian Qi was calm. She didn't play her same pattern where she wept and held the Emperor's calf. She knew that, if she didn't make things clear now, never mind holding his calf, even clinging to his thigh wouldn't be useful.

"Your Majesty, this servant is entirely loyal to Your Majesty and could never conspire to murder the Emperor's child!" She first had to sincerely show her loyalty.

"Is this all you wanted to say?" Ji Heng put down the scroll he was reading and took measure of the person kneeling on the floor.

"In fact, this servant has a vague idea of what might have happened, but, if this servant were to speak, this servant would lose his head right away. Therefore, this servant earnestly requests Your Majesty allows me to participate in the investigation. Once the evidence is gathered, only then will this servant report the whole story."

Ji Heng muttered to himself irresolutely. Tian Qi thought the Emperor felt this request was too much, thus she added "If Your Majesty doesn't believe, you can send someone to keep a close watch over this slave's every movement. This slave..."

"Tian Qi," Ji Heng suddenly interrupted, "you don't believe in Zhen."

"..." Tian Qi's mind went blank.

"You don't believe Zhen can prove your innocence?"

Tian Qi replied "Your Majesty saying so is already this servant's fortune."

Ji Heng was silent for a moment, then said "You can do what you want, ba, just don't tell anybody. Zhen wants to take a look at what you find out."

After Tian Qi thanked the Emperor for the favour and left, Ji Heng drooped his eyes and stared at the scroll on the desk. Only after a long time did he finally sigh.

Tian Qi didn't believe in him.

This realisation made Ji Heng somewhat depressed. He knew from the very beginning the murderer couldn't be Tian Qi. Even if he didn't believe in this little pervert's character, he still wanted to believe in his intelligence. Tian Qi wouldn't use such a clumsy poisoning technique. However, in front of that many people, unless he had convincing proof he couldn't absolve Tian Qi. That was why he had no other choice but to first take everyone into custody and then slowly get to the bottom of the matter. The reason why he took the initiative to investigate this matter was also so people didn't anxiously wrong a good person.

However, Tian Qi didn't believe in him. He didn't believe he could protect his life.

Suddenly Ji Heng had a dark thought. 'Once you investigate and fail to find the evidence, then you can come looking for Zhen to beg for forgiveness.'


Tian Qi took the bowl of soup, the evidence for the crime, and carried it with both hands, trying not to spill it, as she went and tried to find Wang Meng. The two people who were following after her were dispatched by Ji Heng to keep a close watch on Tian Qi.

Besides his medical expertise, Wang Meng was usually not interested in other matters so he wasn't aware of the miserable event that befell Tian Qi. Seeing Tian Qi carrying a bowl of soup and handing it over to him, he took it and drunk a mouthful.

"How is it?" Tian Qi asked.

"En, quite tasty." Wang Meng answered. 

"..." Since this was Wang Meng, Tian Qi didn't need to be lenient, thus she fiercely rapped on his head a few times.

Wang Meng was knocked until he had a hole on his head. He frowned and said "But why do you want to add safflower, which is for improving blood circulation, to this nutritious soup?"

Hearing what he said, Tian Qi quickly asked "Are there any other drugs inside apart from safflower, ma?"

"Some other spices." Condiments were also regarded as drugs. If one were to talk about it earnestly, white fungus and lotus seeds could both also be used in medicine. Wang Meng's thoughts were really academic.

Tian Qi didn't need to bother about seasoning so she asked "Can you tell how the safflower was added, ma?"

"I could if I ate it at the right moment." As Wang Meng said that, sure enough, he scooped up a spoonful, brought it to his mouth and drank it. After he savoured the taste in his mouth, he smacked his lips and said "The safflower should have been boiled in water and then added to the soup. In case it was cooked directly with the soup, it wouldn't taste like this."

Tian Qi was stroking her chin "In that case, the safflower couldn't have been put in directly."

"Even if it was safflower powder, no matter how finely you grind it, there would still be some residue left in the soup. But I didn't taste any nor did I see any just now." Wang Meng stirred the bowl of soup, "You see, there is no residue on the bottom of the bowl."

As Tian Qi listened to his explanation, she already thought of a solution for this scheme. She asked again "About how long would it take for a pregnant woman to get a stomach ache if she were to eat this?"
"That depends on how much you eat. If you eat too much of this stuff, you can have a miscarriage."

"Only one or two mouthfuls."

"There's not much safflower added in this soup. Eating one or two mouthfuls won't lead to a miscarriage, but it might move the fetus. You might get a stomach ache after one or two shichen after eating. The specifics depend on the pregnant woman's physique."

shichen = two-hour period

"It isn't possible to have a stomach ache immediately after eating?"

"Impossible. Anyway, this is not some poison to pass through the intestines."

As Tian Qi left, her heart was content with her findings. Considering Wang Meng was merely a small eunuch, nobody would be convinced if the testimony came from him. Thus, Tian Qi went back to Qian Qing Palace to look for the Emperor. She wanted to request the Emperor to invite the highest physician in the Imperial Hospital, the one who was usually in charge of taking care of the Emperor, so she can ask him some questions. She didn't trust anyone else.

Although Ji Heng didn't know what Tian Qi had in mind, he still agreed to his request.

Tian Qi gave the bowl of soup to the Imperial Physician and asked him a few questions. The Imperial Physician's answers were almost the same as Wang Meng's. Because he was old, the Imperial Physician's taste wasn't as sensitive as Wang Meng's, so he couldn't be certain whether the drug was cooked with the food or added on later. He only knew it was not powder.

After she was done asking questions, Tian Qi turned to look at Ji Heng. She asked the Imperial Physician to withdraw, then she could analyse matters thoroughly with Ji Heng. She asked "This servant was responsible for taking the soup from the Imperial Kitchen to the BaJiao Pavilion. There were no other times the soup could pass through this servant's hands. In other words, if this servant wanted to add safflower to the food, it was necessary to boil it in water in advance, then add it to the soup on the road from the Imperial Kitchen to the BaJiao Pavilion. If it's a liquid, it's inconvenient to carry it on one's person. I'd have to get a small bottle and make sure it's closed up properly at all times. I'd have to open the bottle to add it in the soup, then close it again... Your Majesty, think about it, how likely it is to fall through and stand exposed in the middle of the events? In the unlikely event this servant was utterly heartless and wanted to poison someone, it'd be impossible to use liquid poison.
Therefore this proved not only my innocence, but also of the two (2) eunuchs who delivered the soup with me. 

Cui Zhu suspected the three (3) of us are working together. I was the one who took the initiative to ask the two people to help me. If I can accomplish this thing on my own, why would I still need to try to find two more people to collaborate with? This makes no sense at all.
Thus, the soup has been tampered with either before it left the Imperial Kitchen or after it arrived at the BaJiao Pavilion. Your Majesty might not know this, but I have a friend who is a bit eccentric; he only needs to smell or taste the food to tell if there are any drugs inside. Every time I took the food from the Imperial Kitchen, I always went to him to let him check it. He never found any safflower.
Which means the only place where safflower could have been added is the BaJiao Pavilion. Moreover, even if my friend was wrong, Your Majesty also heard what the Imperial physician said just now. With that amount of medicine, one couldn't get a stomach ache immediately after only eating one or two mouthfuls. This servant was just about to return to your side whence the eunuch from BaJiao Pavilion chase after me straight away. There must be something odd there."

Tian Qi finished saying everything in one breath, then boldly looked straight at Ji Heng. Finally, there was no need for a scapegoat. 

Ji Heng walked close to Tian Qi, bowing his head to look at her. Two opposite pairs of eyes, sinking in deep silence.

Tian Qi didn't know what the Emperor intended to do. She felt the atmosphere was a little subtle thus, having a guilty conscience, she bowed her head. "Your Majesty?"

Suddenly, Ji Heng pinched his chin, forcing him to raise his head. He used a bit too much force, so Tian Qi's lower jaw was hurting. She wrinkled her eyebrows and looked at him. In his eyes she could see traces of an unclear emotion. She thought he must be in a bad mood. Tian Qi became a bit scared. "Your Majesty?" I truly don't know what I did wrong again. I'll have to trouble you to make it clear...

"Tian Qi, you are too smart," Ji Heng mumbled as if talking to himself. "you should be a little more clumsy."

Wasn't this the prelude to killing somebody to silence them? Tian Qi's whole body went stiff at once, her complexion pale, she shivered uncontrollably and asked "Your Majesty... spare my life..."

Ji Heng saw he was finally begging for mercy, but it wasn't the way he expected it. The eyes of the person in front of him were pitifully covered with a watery mist, his complexion very pale, while his lips were more and more red, as bright as blood. He was shaking in fear at the moment, looking like flower petals shaken and ravaged by the wind and rain.

Ji Heng felt his chest was heating up. He suddenly lowered his head until the tip of his nose touched the tip of Tian Qi's nose and then stopped abruptly.

Tian Qi stared blankly, her face getting red.

Ji Heng closed his eyes and said "Get out."

Tian Qi already wanted to leave at an earlier time. Hearing the Emperor's words now, she left the palace hall at lightning speed.

Once she was out, Tian Qi pat her chest, thinking while walking 'Truly odd, how can I possibly think the Emperor was trying to kiss me, ne?'




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YMPCD - Chapter 32: Proving one's innocence


  Tian Qi saw that everyone’s eyes were cast on her. They had to kneel down and calm down and said, “Returning to the Queen Mother, the Emperor, the soup is indeed a slave to the emperor’s will. More than a slave, two other eunuchs Together with the escort of the food box, the three of us can testify against each other and never touched the hands and feet in the soup." Hesitated, decided not to tell Wang Meng's verification.

  Cuizhu is a palace lady who is close to her. She listened to Tian Qi and said, instead of waiting for others to respond, she first asked, "I don’t want to cover a bowl of soup for three people."

  Tian Qi replied, "It’s about the dragon species, and carefully drive the ship for thousands of years."

  "Even so, the three of you can collude for perjury."

  Tian Qi cold road, "This aunt's meaning, that safflower must be what I put?" said, looking up at the Queen Mother and Ji Heng, "The slaves have always been loyal, and they can't wait for the Queen Mother and the Emperor's grandchildren, how can they conspiracy to harm the Emperor? Hey?"

  The Queen Mother did not know if she should believe this Tianqi. Emotionally, she likes this little eunuch very much, but the things in the deep palace have always been difficult to say. If there is no good, anyone will buy her. So the Queen Mother looked at the Deshun two squats around him. The two scorpions were in charge of the Sixth House. This kind of thing should be taken care of by them. The Queen Mother asked them, "What do you think?"

  Both of them are hesitant and do not know how to answer. Most importantly, they don't know what the emperor means. It stands to reason that since they are innocent, they are happy to be a good person and give her a sigh of relief. Who makes people have a baby in their stomach? But this matter is related to the Tianqi of the Imperial Front, will the Emperor protect the short?

  However, the eunuch is ultimately an eunuch, and there is no comparison with Huangfu. If this matter really has the participation of Tian Qi, the emperor will not be soft if he is short-term protection. After thinking about this Zhongguan, Deyi said, "It matters a lot. This matter needs to be carefully investigated. It is not appropriate to make a judgment." If you can't find out, you can only find a scapegoat.

  This is also the meaning of Shunyi.
  Tian Qi did not want to be checked by them. She did not believe that these nephews would be kind enough to take into account the innocence of an eunuch. If the truth could not be found, or if the truth was not in line with what they expected, the last unfortunate must be a slave.

  At this time, Cuizhu said, "The Queen Mother, the Emperor, the ladies, the slaves have something to do."


  Cui Zhu first looked at Tian Qi and said, "Our master seems to have offended the father-in-law."

  "What is this, when the master is still afraid of offending slaves?"

  "The slaves lost their words. In the first few days of the Dragon Boat Festival, the niece was sitting in the gazebo of the Royal Garden, and occasionally met Tian Gonggong. Tian Gonggong asked for the reward on the grounds of the festival. The master gave him two golden cakes. Tian Gonggong took the gold. The cake, but ridiculed, said that the 婉嫔 婉嫔 穷 穷 穷 , , , , 婉嫔 婉嫔 婉嫔 婉嫔 婉嫔 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Also threatened that the goddess could not mix."

  In a few words, a savage and shameless slave was portrayed in the front, and Tian Qi really admired the woman’s skill.

  However, originally Tian Qi is still wondering who is doing this. She will understand it here, and she just wants to count her. Otherwise, Cuizhu will not swear out such a shit reason and increase her suspicion.

  The Queen Mother and the Scorpions listened, and they looked at Tian Qi with full of doubt.
  Only Ji Heng no expression, only a glimpse of the two people on the ground, said, "The people who make the soup and the soup are locked up first, it is related to the emperor, and you have to personally try."

  Deshun Erqi breathed a sigh of relief, without them being caught in the middle. After the Queen Mother saw that Ji Heng finally got to the heart of the children, he was slightly satisfied.

  Tian Qi was thus shut down to Gong Zhengsi. In order to prevent suspects from confessing, they are all living in a single room. Because the emperor personally gave the purpose, they were not allowed to be embarrassed before the matter was found out, so Tian Qi’s treatment was not bad, it was delicious and delicious, and the people who took care of her were quite cheerful.

  Tian Qi was in the wall of the palace and decided to take a closer look at his next response. She knows the inside story, although she doesn't know why she must go with her, and why she will take risks.

  But although she knows the inside story, others don't know. If she tells the emperor directly, your woman deliberately eats red flowers to harm me, the reason I don't know, probably she is crazy... then the emperor must think that the crazy is Tianqi.

  In other words, even if the truth is said, no one will believe it.

  This is what it is called, and Tian Qiqi has to scratch the wall. She thought again, because the matter was done by herself, so the evidence witnesses were not easy to find. If this matter was not done well, it would become a headless public case. In the end, the truth could not be found. She is "the best scapegoat".

  For the sake of the present, only the self-certification is innocent.

  So Tian Qi slammed the door madly. "Come, come, I want to see the emperor! I have important things to report to the emperor!"
  Taking into account the identity of Tian Qi, the person of Gong Zhengsi immediately confessed his words to Ji Heng, and Ji Heng allowed Tian Qi to see him alone.

  Tian Qi is calm, and he doesn't play with his calves. He knows that he doesn't make it clear this time. Don't talk about holding calves and holding his thighs.

  "The emperor, the slave is loyal to the emperor, and will never make a murder of the emperor!" First, sincerely loyal.

  "You just want to say this?" Ji Heng put down the books in his hand and looked at the people on the ground.

  "In fact, the slaves vaguely know the inside story, but they are afraid to say that they will immediately lose their heads. Therefore, they ask the emperor to let the slaves participate in the verification of the matter. Once the evidence is obtained, it will be truthful."

  Ji Heng is silent. Tian Qi thought that the emperor felt that this request was too much, and added that "if the emperor does not believe, he can send people to monitor the slaves every move, slaves..."

  "Tian Qi," Ji Heng suddenly interrupted him. "You don't believe you."

  "..." Tian Qi was dumb.

  "I don't believe you can still make you innocent?"
  Tian Qi opened his mouth and replied, "The emperor can say so, it is already the lucky life of the slaves."

  Ji Heng was silent for a while and said, "Do whatever you want to do. Don't be too arrogant, stumble to see what you can find out."

  After Tian Qi Xie En went out, Ji Heng stared at the book on the case. For a long time, he finally sighed.

  Tian Qi does not believe him.

  This consciousness has made Ji Heng somewhat disappointed. From the very beginning, he knew that the murderer could not be Tian Qi. Even if he does not believe in this small metamorphosis, he must also believe in his intelligence, such a poor poisoning technique, Tian Qi can not do it. However, in the face of so many people, he can't get convincing evidence, he can't help Tian Qi to get rid of it, and he can only accept people first, waiting to slowly find out the truth. The reason why I took the initiative to take things over is also to worry about other people’s wrong judgments and good people.

  However, Tian Qi did not believe him, and did not believe that he could protect him.

  Ji Heng’s heart suddenly burst into a dark idea, waiting for you to check it out and see how you would ask for mercy.


  Tian Qi took the bowl of evidence and went to the wine and vinegar face to find Wang Meng. She followed two tails, and Ji Heng sent to "monitor" Tian Qi.
  In addition to medical skills, Wang Meng has been slow to respond to other things. He still didn't know the sad reminder that happened to Tian Qi. He saw Tian Qi handing him a bowl of soup and he took a drink.

  "How?" asked Tian Qi.

  "Well, it's very good." Wang Meng answered.

  "..." In the face of Wang Meng, Tian Qi did not need to be merciful, and he knocked a few times according to his brain.

  Wang Meng was knocked open, and frowned and said, "But why do you want to add blood-sucking safflower to this nourishing soup?"

  Tian Qiyi listened to him saying this and hurriedly asked, "Aside from safflower, is there any other medicine here?"

  "There are some other spices." The seasoning is also a medicine. Seriously, the ingredients of Tremella lotus seeds can be used as medicine. Wang Meng is very academic.

  Tian Qi excluded the seasoning and asked, "Can you find out how this safflower is added?"

  "I can eat it's heat," Wang Meng said. Suddenly he took another half a spoon and sent it to the entrance. He licked his mouth and said, "This should be mixed with water from the red flower. If you cook it directly, it is not This smell."
  Tian Qi touched his chin. "Can't you just put red pollen and the like directly into it?"

  "If it is red pollen, even if it is finely ground, it will leave a residue in the soup. I have not tasted it before." Wang Meng stirred the bowl of soup. "Look, there is no residue at the bottom of the bowl."

  Tian Qi listened, and there was already a calculation in her heart. She asked again, "If a pregnant woman eats this, how long will it take to have a stomachache?"

  "That depends on how much you eat. If you eat too much, it will be aborted."

  "Only one or two."

  "There are not many safflowers here. If you eat one or two, you won't have a miscarriage, but you may be tempted. If it is an episode, you have to eat one or two hours later. Specifically, you should look at the physique of the pregnant woman."

  "Is it possible to have a stomachache immediately after eating?"

  "Impossible, this is not a poison."

  Tian Qi left with satisfaction. Considering that Wang Meng is just a small eunuch in the face of wine and vinegar, his words are not convincing in front of others. After Tian Qi returned to the Qing Palace, he went to the emperor and asked the emperor to upload the hospital order, which was specially for the emperor. Bit. She can't believe anything else.
  Although Ji Heng didn't know what medicine was sold in Tian Qi Hulu, he did it.

  Tian Qi gave Tang Duan to the doctor and asked him a few questions. The answer from the doctor is similar to that of Wang Meng. Only when he is old, his taste is not as sensitive as Wang Meng, and he can't taste whether the safflower is soaked or boiled, but it is sure that it is not pollen.

  After asking about the doctor, Tian Qi turned to look at Ji Heng. First, please ask the doctor to evade it. Then he said to Ji Heng, "The slave is responsible for referring the soup from the imperial kitchen to the banana plant. At other times, the soup cannot be minioned. That is to say, if the slave wants to add safflower to it, it is necessary to prepare the water that has been boiled with safflower in advance, and put it in the road from the idyllic room to the banana squash. If it is water, it is not convenient to carry it. I have to have one. The small bottle has to be sealed. When you add it to the soup, you must open the bottle cap and pour it inside... The emperor thinks about how easy it is to get rid of this process. So even if the slave is lost, Tianliang wants to poison, the first choice It can't be water either.

  So not only me, but the other two eunuchs who sent soup together can prove their innocence.

  Cuizhu suspects that the three of us are colluding well. The other two people are calling me to follow, so why can I find another person to collude? This completely does not explain.

  In other words, the problem of this soup is either in the imperial kitchen or in the banana plant. You don’t know the emperor. I have a friend who is a strange person. He can smell the soup and know what is inside. After taking the soup out of the imperial kitchen, I let him smell it, there is absolutely no safflower inside.

  Therefore, the place where the safflower is placed should be the banana plant. Besides, even if my friend smells wrong, the emperor will only listen to the doctor. With this dose, one or two soups can't be immediately attacked. Why did the slaves just come back and the little eunuch of the banana planter chased it? Come up? There must be weirdness in this. "

  Tian Qi finished his breath and boldly confronted him. I don't have to be a scapegoat.

  Ji Heng approached and looked down at Tian Qi. Four eyes are opposite, silent.
  Tian Qi didn't know what the emperor meant. What she meant was that she felt that the atmosphere was a bit subtle, so she bowed her head in guilty conscience, "Imperial?"

  Ji Heng suddenly pinched his chin and forced him to look up. His strength is a bit big, and Tian Ji’s jaw is pinched and faint. She frowned at him and saw that his eyes could not tell the unclear emotions flowing, and in general he looked very bad. Tian Qi is a little scared, "Imperial?" I really don't know where else to say wrong, trouble you to give an explicit...

  "Tian Qi, too smart," Ji Heng muttered, as if talking to himself, "You should be stupid."

  Is this the rhythm of killing people? When Tian Qideng was in a stiff body, his face was white and shouted. "The emperor... forgiving..."

  Ji Heng looked at him and finally begged for mercy, but not in the way he expected. The eyes of the people in front of him were covered with a mist of water, and their faces were pale and pale, but their lips became more and more red and bloody. At this moment, they were shaking with fear, like petals that were blown by the wind and rain.

  Ji Heng had a hot chest and suddenly lowered his head. When the tip of his nose touched the tip of Tian Qi, he suddenly stopped.

  Tian Qi was stunned and his face was red again.

  Ji Heng released his hand and he said with his eyes closed. "You go out."

  Tian Qi wanted to run early. At this time, he got the imperial edict and quickly quit and quickly quit.

  After going out, Tian Qi took a picture of his chest and thought while walking. It was strange how she felt that the emperor wanted to kiss her.even the gods don't know and the ghosts don't realize

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