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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Request


Ji Heng forced down the powerful throbbing of his heart . As he opened his eyes, he saw Tian Qi running out of the palace hall as if he evaded severe floods and fierce beasts . He felt desolate .

Why was he still afraid of him, ne?

He stroke his chest . Thinking back to the urge he had just now, he could feel a burst of dry heat . Almost, he almost kissed Tian Qi .

It was truly an unfathomable mystery how he could have these thoughts . His strange dreams at night must be what led to being in a trance during the day .

To be frank this explanation was a little far-fetched, merely, instinctively, Ji Heng was unwilling to dig deeper . Having to force down those random strange thoughts, he tried to find something to divert his attention .

Thus he called for Sheng'An Huai and had him bring Imperial Concubine Wan's Cui Zhu to him .


In BaJiao Pavilion, Imperial Concubine Wan dismissed all her attendants and was secretly discussing exactly this matter with Cui Zhu . She was restless, always feeling she was going to meet with a mishap . Cui Zhu tried to comfort Imperial Concubine Wan and said "Niangniang, please be at ease . This servant can guarantee that nothing was overlooked . I've already handled all material evidence . Even if the Emperor wants to side with Tian Qi, he still cannot fabricate evidence . "

There have been many incidents in the Imperial Harem, with many investigations not coming up with the actual facts, so they had no other choice but to use servants as cannon fodder . This was also the reason Imperial Concubine Wan and Cui Zhu used this idea . In any case, things are what they make them . Only them and the heavens knew what they did . What could the others possibly discover?

What allowed them to be secure in the knowledge they had backing was the fact that Tian Qi was only a small eunuch . Even if the master declined to kill him and had the strength to investigate, even proving Tian Qi's innocence, but who would work so hard just for a small eunuch? If the investigation didn't bring out the real perpetrator, it was unlikely they'd continue to tangle with him . Even if Tian Qi was clearly innocent, he still couldn't avoid this calamity .

However, Imperial Concubine Wan found what happened was unexpected . How could the Emperor personally interfere in this matter, ne? Shouldn't this kind of affair be left to the imperial wives and concubines to manage, ma?

After a long time, when Sheng'An Huai managed to clear up the truth about this affair from beginning to end, he felt the biggest mistake Imperial Concubine Wan made was to underestimate Tian Qi's worth in the Emperor's heart . In fact, everyone underestimated this point, because nobody thought the Emperor could possibly be concerned about an eunuch from the top management team .

However, Tian Qi believed Imperial Concubine Wan's biggest miscalculation in this affair was that she didn't carefully try to find an Imperial Physician to consult at least once .

Thus, now that Imperial Concubine remembered the Emperor wanted to investigate this personally, her heart was on tenterhooks as she asked Cui Zhu "You tell me, will the Emperor be able to discover anything?"

"Niangniang, please rest assured . As long as we don't confess, the Emperor will discover that everything is to no avail . This old woman feels he personally got involved with this only because this concerns the dragon seed, he can't not care .  Niangniang shouldn't worry too much . As long as the two of us don't speak, everything will be fine . Even if we take ten thousand (10 . 000) steps back, you are now pregnant with the dragon seed . Regardless what mistakes you make, who can hold you accountable?"

Just as they were talking someone knocked on the door, saying the Emperor wants to see Cui Zhu in Qian Qing Palace for questioning . At once Imperial Concubine Wan's complexion paled, the hand holding onto Cui Zhu unwilling to let her go .  

Cui Zhu had to comfort Imperial Concubine Wan a few more times, and urge her again and again "Don't talk even if they threaten to beat you to death", then she followed Sheng'An Huai to Qian Qing Palace . Once at Qian Qing Palace she did everything to fully fulfil this one promise . No matter how she got beaten, all she did was clench her teeth and cried out injustice .

Sheng'An Huai was the one conducting the interrogation under torture since Ji Heng wasn't present . Sheng'An Huai assumed the Emperor was really furious this time to immediately send people to Qian Qing Palace for execution . Although he didn't know what the Emperor wanted to find out from this palace maid, what he did know is that she was not being wronged at all .

After spending two days with her, even Sheng'An Huai had to admire Cui Zhu a little . This palace maid was truly loyal . Even though she fainted so many times her mind was completely muddled, she still only shouted she was being wronged .

Sheng'An Huai informed the Emperor he ended up empty-handed .

After Ji Heng heard him, he told him to keep looking after Cui Zhu, but there was no need to continue the torture, and then he turned and walked towards BaJiao Pavilion . Tian Qi wanted to watch the play so she secretly followed . Ji Heng finally noticed, but he just ignored him .

Because Cui Zhu has been gone for too long, in Imperial Concubine Wan's heart the north wind already swept up all the dried grass . There was no happiness when seeing the Emperor came over . What remained was a guilty conscience .

Obstinate and stupid, bold and weak . Ji Heng couldn't think of a character more tragic than this . Thinking this kind of person was carrying his child, suddenly Ji Heng felt disgusted in his heart .

Interrogation required skill . Generally, Emperors were very cunning, so they easily learnt without a teacher how they could worm facts out of people . Finally arrived at the BaJiao Pavilion, with a calm face, Ji Heng indignantly denounced Imperial Concubine Wan "Could it be that you ate safflower because the child in your belly is not Zhen's, so you wanted to abort this illegitimate child?!"

Once you shifted the focus to "Was this the Emperor's child or not", nothing seemed as grave as this . Imperial Concubine Wan was so terrified she was rooted on the spot . She didn't dare to shoulder this kind of accusation . Screwed up once and your whole family was finished . Her mind was completely chaotic, only coming up with one scenario . She suddenly thought Cui Zhu must have confessed so the Emperor misunderstood her . Thus Imperial Concubine Wan knelt at Ji Heng's feet as she wept and explained . Although fighting with an eunuch wasn't a good thing, it was still a hundred (100) times better than being misunderstood that you committed adultery .

Hearing Imperial Concubine Wan explaining what happened, Tian Qi looked calm, but in her mind she cursed her a few times .

"Your Majesty, this servant was afraid she'd be framed by him, only then was this plan put forth . This servant did this in order to protect the child in my belly,a!" Imperial Concubine Wan was crying and trying to win some sympathy on one side, whilst wanting to grab onto Ji Heng's calf on the other .

Unexpectedly Ji Heng took two steps back and stayed out of her reach, then looked at her with hatred . "You went as far as heartlessly harming your own child just to scheme against the person you have a grudge against . How are you fit to be a mother?"

Tian Qi thought the reason why the Emperor said that was probably because he already intended to wait for Imperial Concubine Wan to give birth, then he would have the child brought up by another Imperial Concubine .

. . . well done!

At last, Ji Heng didn't punish Imperial Concubine Wan on the surface since she was pregnant . Of course, others weren't so lucky . The first to bear the brunt was Cui Zhu . Even though she didn't confess all the way to the end, she was dragged back by her own master . Ji Heng ordered her execution on charge of "plotting against the Emperor's heir" . Additionally, all the palace maids and eunuchs in the BaJiao Pavilion were changed once through .

The matter was temporarily brought to an end . Clever people could naturally sniff out the meaning behind it and, even though the slow-witted ones couldn't make it out, they could at least look at the affair's conclusion: Tian Qi was left unscathed . The Emperor bestowed him heavy rewards on the grounds "achievement for investigating an incident" .  

Thus could clearly be seen this eunuch Tian's skills .

Actually, Ji Heng didn't heavily reward Tian Qi for his "achievements during an investigation", but also because there was still one thread of . . . guilt . His own woman tried to kill Tian Qi but he couldn't even right her wrong . In the end he couldn't touch one hair on that stupid woman,so he could only try to patch up things for the victim .

Tian Qi didn't dare to imagine this was Emperor's honest "apology" . Even though it seems that the breeze is still, the waves are quiet, her mind was full of thoughts of retaliation against Imperial Concubine Wan . Although it wouldn't be easy to find a way - she couldn't leave any traces and she mustn't injure the dragon seed - if Tian Qi relied on her intelligence and wisdom, she would definitely find a way .

breeze is still, the waves are quiet - idiom = tranquil environment


In the end, what eunuch Tian did to retaliate against Imperial Concubine Wan, we won't show for the moment . At the moment, eunuch Tian's mood didn't suffer in the slightest from the incident with Imperial Concubine Wan . On the contrary, she was very happy she was allowed to make RuYi wear a dress again .

Since the incident where Tian Qi was thrown in the pond, RuYi hadn't been on good terms with Ji Heng . He was convinced that Tian Qi was alive wasn't because of his father Emperor's "leniency", but because Dai SanShan was "loyal" to him and rescued him . . . Tian Qi was the one who taught him these two words .

Since Ji Heng wasn't able to change his mind, he was forced to ask Tian Qi to say many words of praise about him in front of RuYi . Only then did the relationship between the two people, father and son, finally simmer down .

The biggest beneficiary was Tian Qi . She made RuYi wear a dress to celebrate the Chinese New Year . Unexpectedly, the Emperor didn't say one word .

Even though she herself didn't realise it, the reason why Tian Qi liked to dress RuYi as a girl was because she longed to wear women's clothing and ornaments . People often lacked the things they cared about . Originally Tian Qi was a beautiful little girl, but she has been forced to wear eunuch clothes for so many years now . Their colours weren't vivid enough, they didn't have beautiful enough designs, they could barely wear any ornaments and the hairstyles weren't even anything to look forward to . . . Year in, year out, her longing for dresses and ornaments had accumulated and got thicker and thicker . She didn't dare wear dresses herself, so she could only take pleasure in dressing RuYi .

RuYi did not want to cooperate . He didn't know why Tian Qi always liked to make him wear dresses, but he . . . really didn't like wearing them, a!

Tian Qi had to keep on praising the great advantages of wearing dresses . How nice and cool, ya . They looked good, ya . It was easy to pee, ya . Dai SanShan likes wearing them, ya . . . nonsense .  A deluge of heavenly flowers .

a deluge pf heavenly flowers - idiom = extravagant embellishments
ya = exclamation, similar to a

It didn't take long for her to regret speaking too much . Even though RuYi was well-behaved and put on a dress, he still asked her "Tian Qi, why don't you wear a dress?"

"I . . . me?" Tian Qi laughed as she scratched her head "This servant doesn't dare wear one . "

"Why, ya? Dresses are so good . " As RuYi asked, he pulled at his dress to prove his point .

Today he was wearing a duck yellow dress . This colour looked just like a newborn duckling, light yellow, very fresh and clean and very cute . The dress was adorned with small muslin flowers . The neckline, belt and cuffs were a deeper colour, looking a little like apricots, embroidered with the same patterns .

Ji Heng was also present . Originally, his head was lowered, reading the day's memorials . However, his ears were raised, listening to these two people's completely noneducational conversation . As he heard RuYi asking why Tian Qi didn't wear a dress, he unconsciously raised his head and looked at Tian Qi .

Tian Qi was properly fixing the hems of RuYi's dress as she secretly whispered "If I wear a dress the Emperor will chop off my head . "

RuYi pitifully nodded his head . Indeed, Father Emperor was often this unreasonable .

Tian Qi thought her voice was low enough, but Ji Heng was a martial artist, his hearing excellent . He didn't miss a word from what Tian Qi said, thus he sighed once . He put down the memorial he was reading, and asked "Is Zhen this kind of incapable ruler, ma? You'd lose your head if you wore a dress?"

"Your Majesty, Your hearing is truly good . " Tian Qi genuinely praised, conveniently changing the topic .

However, Ji Heng turned to RuYi and said "Don't listen to his nonsense .  Zhen wouldn't blame him for that . "

Hence RuYi became very happy for Tian Qi "Tian Qi, you can also wear a dress, la"

la = exclamation, similar to a

" . . . " Tian Qi got up and pulled RuYi's hand "Your Highness, how about this servant takes you to Dai SanShan to play, ba? If we stay here it would disturb His Imperial Majesty from handling the affairs of the nation . "

Tian Qi's proposal got RuYi's approval . He excitedly asked  his Father Emperor to be excused and took Tian Qi's hand and started walking . But he still had to ask "Why don't you wear a dress, ne?" Dresses were so good .

Ji Heng suddenly called for them to stop . "Since RuYi wants to see you wearing a dress, then you have to put one on for him to see you, ba . "




YMPCD - Chapter 33: Request


  Ji Hengqiang pressed his heart and moved, and blinked to see Tian Qi as he escaped from the flood and beast . He felt lonely .

  Why are you still afraid of him?

  He touched his chest and recalled the urge to be a gentleman .  Almost, I almost went to Tianqi .

  It’s really inexplicable, how can there be such an idea .  It must be because of the strange dreams of the night, which leads to a daytime spirit .

  To be honest, this explanation is a bit far-fetched, but Ji Heng instinctively does not want to think deeply, it also indiscriminately suppress those strange thoughts, and then go find something else to divert attention .

  So he called Sheng Anhuai and asked him to bring the cuizhu around him .


  In the banana plantation, the cockroach has already retired, and is merging with Cuizhu .  She was upset and always felt that something was going wrong .  Cuizhu will comfort her voice . "Mothers please rest assured that the slaves can ensure that there are no omissions . Once the physical evidence has been dealt with, the emperor will not be able to give evidence if he wants to favor the Tianqi . "

  There were many different events in the palace, and many cases could not find out the truth . In the end, they could only be cannons, and it was also the idea of ​​Cui and Cuizhu .  Anyway, things are what they do, knowing what others don’t know, and what can they find out?


  The thing that makes them most fearful is that Tian Qi is just a small eunuch .  Although the masters will be able to check the power of the dead, they will be able to return to the field seven innocent, but who will be so hard for a small eunuch? If you can't find the real murderer, you won't continue to get entangled . Even if Tian Qi is innocent, he is still escaping .

  However, what is unexpected is how the emperor will personally intervene in this matter . Isn’t it necessary for such things to be handled by the latter?

  A long time later, Sheng Anhuai contacted and clarified the truth of the matter . He believed that the biggest mistake of this crime was to underestimate the weight of Tian Qi in the heart of the Holy Spirit .  In fact, everyone underestimated this, because no one can think of the emperor will remember a eunuch .

  However, Tian Qi believes that the most troublesome thing about doing this thing is that she did not find a doctor to consult .

  And when he said that he wanted to personally ask the emperor, he was upset and asked Cui Zhudao . "You said, will the emperor discover something?"

  "Mother, please rest assured, as long as you and I do not confess, the emperor found nothing to help . His old man personally asked, but it is because of the dragon species, can not care . Mothers do not think too much, as long as we do not say, we must Nothing . Retreat 10,000 steps, you are now with a dragon, no matter what is wrong, no one will treat you . "

  Just saying, someone knocked at the door and said that the emperor uploaded Cuizhu to go to the Qing Palace to ask questions .  The face was changed, and the hand holding Cuizhu was not willing to let her go .

  Cuizhu also comforted a few words, and repeated three times, "Don't say if you kill," and then went to the Qing Dynasty with Shengan .  In the dry house, she fully practiced this principle, no matter how to fight, she gnawed her teeth .

  Ji Heng is not present, and the commander’s torture is Sheng Anhuai .  Sheng'an thought to himself that the emperor was really angry this time, and it was directly sent to the execution of the Qing Palace .  Although he did not know what the emperor wanted to ask from the palace, he knew that it was definitely not "deaf . "


  After playing for two days, even Sheng Anhuai admired Cuizhu . The palace girl really had a few bones and fainted several times . Later, her consciousness was not clear, and she still shouted .

  Sheng Anhuai told the emperor the result of nothing .

  Ji Heng listened, let them watch Cuizhu, no need to fight again, and went to the banana plant .  Tian Qitai wants to watch the fun, secretly keep up, Ji Heng saw it, but ignored him .

  Because of the fact that Cuizhu was taken for too long, the heart of the north wind had already been folded and the grass was broken . When I saw the emperor coming, there was no more joy, only the guilty conscience .

  Stupid and stubborn, daring and weak, combining these points, Ji Heng can not think of a more tragic character than this .  When I think of such a person with his own children, Ji Heng’s heart suddenly has such a disgust .

  Interrogation requires skill, and the emperors are generally very embarrassed . In the aspect of interrogation, they can always be self-taught .  In front of the eyes, I went to the banana plant and sullenly screamed . "Do you eat safflower yourself, is it because the children in your stomach are not jealous, so you want to destroy this wild species?!"

  On the other hand, I shifted the focus to the serious problem of whether the child is the emperor . I was scared on the spot . She couldn’t take it for granted .  There was chaos in the brain, and she naturally thought that Cuizhu had been recruited, so the emperor would misunderstand, so he cried and explained at the foot of Ji Heng .  Although fighting with eunuchs is not a good thing, it is always a hundred times stronger than being misunderstood as a private one .

  Hearing that he was not, Tian Tian was calm and calm, only a few words in his heart .

  "The emperor, the slaves are also afraid of being framed by him . Only then will the slaves do this for the sake of the abdomen!" He cried and sympathized while trying to hug Ji Heng's calf .


  Ji Heng suddenly stepped back two steps to avoid her, and then looked at her disgustingly . "In order to fight with others, I even hurt my child . How do you make a mother?"

  Tian Qi feels that the reason why the emperor said this is that he is about to wait until he gives birth to a child and then take the child to another donkey .

  ……Well done!

  In the end, Ji Heng did not punish him on the bright side . After all, he was a pregnant person .  Of course, others are not so lucky .  The first one was Cuizhu . Although the palace girl did not confess at the end, she was dragged by her master . Ji Heng killed her with the crime of "murdering the emperor . " Again .

  The matter has come to an end for a while, and smart people can naturally smell what it means .  Stupid, though not guessing, but also saw the final result: Tianqi is nothing .  The emperor also rewarded him with the reason that "the investigation is successful . "

  This shows the way of Tian Gonggong .

  In fact, the reason why Ji Heng reappeared Tian Qi was not just because of "investigating the case," but also a little apology .  His own woman almost killed Tianqi, but he could not give him "just justice . " In the end, the stupid woman couldn't move, and she had to make up for the victim .

  Tian Qi really can't imagine the "apology" of the emperor .  She is now calm and calm, but she secretly wants to retaliate .  Although the way is not very easy to find - can not leave traces and can not hurt the dragon species, but with her talented intelligence, I can certainly find .



  Tian Gonggong thought about what tactics to retaliate, we will not show .  And now, Tian Gonggong's mood has not been affected by the embarrassing incident, but it is very good - she can give a wishful dress .

  Since the last Tianqi fall into the water incident, he has been angry with Ji Heng for several days . He always believes that the reason why Tian Qi is still alive is not because the father is "staying under his enthusiasm", but because Dai Sanshan "really saves himself" . . . . . . the two words are given to him by Tian Qijiao .

  Ji Heng couldn't, and had to order Tian Qi to tell him a lot of good words in front of Ruyi . The relationship between father and son was eased .

  The biggest beneficiary is Tian Qi, but the annual festival, she gave the wishful dress, the emperor did not put a word .

  Tian Qi did not realize that she liked to dress up as a girl, completely derived from her own yearning for women's clothing .  People often lack what they care about . Tian Qi was originally a pretty little girl . She has been wearing eunuch clothes for so many years . The color is not bright enough, the pattern is not beautiful enough, the decoration is almost no, the hairstyle is even less expensive . . . for many years, she The desire for the skirt is getting thicker and thicker . If you dare not wear it, you have to be small .

  If the intention is not very cooperative, he does not know why Tian Qi always wears a skirt for him, but he . . . really does not want to wear it .

  Tian Qi had to praise the benefits of the skirt a lot . What cool, good-looking, easy to pee, Dai Sanshan likes it . . . Some don't, the sky is falling .

  Soon she regretted that she had said too much .  Because Ruyi had dressed her skirt, she asked her, "Tian Qi, why don't you wear a skirt?"

  "I . . . I?" Tian Qi smiled and scratched his head . "The slaves can't wear it . "


  "Why? The skirt is so good . " Ruyi said, and pulled his skirt in cooperation .

  The dress he wore today is duck yellow . This color is like a newborn duckling . It is light yellow, very fresh and very cute .  The skirt is adorned with small flowers entangled with palace yarn . The neckline, belt and cuffs are darker in color . They are apricot-colored and embroidered with the same color .

  At this time, Ji Heng was also present .  He had been playing the bow at the bow, but his ears had been listening to the unnutritious conversation between the two .  Hearing the wish to ask Tian Qi why not wear a skirt, he unconsciously looked up at Tian Qi .

  Tian Qi had to get together and sneaked out, "If I wear a skirt, the emperor will cut my head . "

  Ruthlessly sympathetically nodded, the father is often so unreasonable .

  Tian Qi thought that his voice was small enough . However, Ji Heng had a kung fu and his ears were very good . When Tian Qi’s words were not heard, he coughed and put down the chapter and said, “Is that kind of faint? You Wearing a skirt is going to be your head?"

  "The emperor, your ears are very good . " Tian Qi sincerely admire, by the way, shift the topic .

  Ji Heng turned to Ruyi and said, "Don't listen to him and say, you will not sin . "

  I wish I was very happy for Tian Qi . "Tian Qi, you can also wear a skirt!"

  " . . . " Tian Qi took up his wishful hand . "His Royal Highness, if you want to be a slave, you will be taken to Dai Sanshan to play, and stay here to influence the emperor to handle the state affairs . "

  Tian Qi’s suggestion would generally agree, so he was happy to retire with his father . Tian Qi took the lead and went out, but still questioned, “Why don’t you wear a skirt?” The skirt is so good .

  Ji Heng suddenly stopped them . "If you want to see you wearing a skirt, you will wear it to him . "

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