Published at 4th of January 2019 07:12:35 PM

Chapter 10

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"It really is you Axel?" Star's dad's eyes widened . He was not expecting to see Axel together with Star .

"My, I didn't recognize you . You have grown so much, Axel" Star's mother smiled gently at Axel and hugged him . Surprised, Axel also hugged the gentle woman .

"We are not expecting to see you here . Tell me, why are you with our daughter? This daughter of mine didn't even told us that you met each other" Star's mother said nosily and slapped Axel's back 3 times while laughing and Axel just stood there awkwardly .

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"Mom you're hurting him" Star said to her mom and her mother just smiled teasingly .

"Oh? Why are you so worried Star?" her mother said, teasing her and Star just blushed .

"Why are you together anyway?" her mother asked and suddenly she looked like she realized something . "So, when is the wedding?" her mother asked smiling mischievously which caused for Star to blush even more .

"What? You're getting married?" Star's father is even more surprised . He looked like his soul left his body . He can't believe his daughter is getting married .

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"I-It's not like that!" Star said defensively which made her mother want to tease her even more .

"Then, don't tell me . . . Are you pregnant?" her mother asked pretending to be surprised while his father got out of the bed and grabbed Axel by the collar . "You bastard . Even if you're like my own son I won't forgive you for impregnating my child before you married her" he was prepared to punch Axel when Star suddenly shouted .

"It's not like that!" Star can't take anymore of their nonsense .

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"She's right uncle and auntie . We are not planning to get married yet . And she is not yet pregnant" Axel said, emphasizing the 'yet' .

Star's mother pouted, feeling defeated and Star's father has calmed down and had let go of Axel's collar . While they were busy talking they didn't noticed a boy in a uniform came in .

"Mom, I got the stuff you asked me to buy-SIS?!" Kade Merwyn Halston, Star's brother, entered the room, surprised to see his sister . "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?" his brother asked . His gaze turned to Axel who was surprised to see Kade . 'She has a brother? Come to think of it, her mother was pregnant when I moved' Axel thought in his head .

"What? You're with a boy? Who are you? Are you my sister's boyfriend? Sorry, but my sister's not allowed to date until she's 80 yrs old" Kade said bitterly . He had always been protective of his sister ever since he learned how to talk .

"Don't be so rude, Kade . And I'm not dating him" Star said and slapped him at the back of his head .

"Ouch, that hurts sis!" Kade said and pouted . 'He has uncle's rough features but the attitude of auntie' Axel said in his head .

"What? Why are you staring at me?" Kade said to Axel . He looked like a mad dog which made Axel pet him . 'How cute' Axel said to himself . Axel was reminded of how Star gets mad and Kade looks just like her when he gets mad . 'They are definitely siblings'