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Chapter 18

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Star went to her room after taking a bath . She blow-dried her hair and wore her pajamas . After laying down to her bed, she searched for her phone . She turned it on and just after a few seconds she received a message from EL .

She read the message in her head after opening it . "I had a great time with you today . If possible, I want to go out with you again sometimes . You know, girl stuffs . Shopping or going to different cafes together"

She then replied to EL saying, "I'll be delighted to . I also had a really great time today"

After replying to her she closed her phone and covered her body with the comforter and slept .

The next day, she felt a hand slightly tapping her cheeks which caused for her to wake up . She doesn't usually wake up no matter what the other members do to her but this time she woke up feeling nervous about her day . She can feel her heart beat fast . She doesn't know why but she can feel it so she tried her best to calm herself thinking that it was only because of drinking too much coffee .

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"I'm awake already" the other members were shocked to see that Star woke up just from the light tapping of her Nepheria .

"Is this the end of the world?" Iana said, overacting because of Star .

Aluna looked at her teasingly before saying "maybe something happened yesterday with Mr . Easton"

"Nothing happened yesterday"

"Oh really?" Aluna continues to tease the blushing Star .

While Aluna continues to tease her the doorbell suddenly rang . Star, trying to escape from Aluna's teasing, ran towards the door to open it . When she opened it a guy who was holding a huge bouquet of buttercups greeted her with a polite smile .

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"Hello . Are you Ms . Star?"

Star's eyebrows furrowed slightly from the confusion of what the man is doing in front of their apartment .


The guy hands her the bouquet and gave her a polite smile . "This is for you . Mr . Easton wanted me to deliver it to you"

"What? He did?" Star said, confusion in her voice .

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"Yes ma'am . I will be leaving now" the delivery guy said and left .

Star noticed the note attached to it and read it .

"My Star, I'm sorry that I can't deliver the flowers to you personally . I'm in China right now for a business trip therefore, I can't see you for a whole week . I hope you don't miss me too much because I know I will . I will be waiting for your answer after I return . -Axel"

The other members started to surround her noticing the bouquet of buttercups she's holding .

"What's that?" Odyssey asks .

She quickly hid the letter in her pocket thinking that if ever they saw it they would continue to tease her .

"Nothing, Axel sent me some flowers"

"Ohh . Are you bragging about your boyfriend now?" Etilia said with her hands crossed .

"He's not my boyfriend" Star said, rolling her eyes .

"Not YET but soon he will be" Aluna, emphasizing the word 'yet' .

"Let's eat now . What do you want to eat?" Star tries to change the topic .