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Chapter 27

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It is time for their concert . Star and the others are waiting at the backstage, preparing for their first performance . The backstage was silent, not one of them are saying anything . After a few minutes, it was finally starting . They were excited, but a the same time, they were nervous . The concerts start and the first one to show up was Star . When she popped out, the fans screamed . Star smiled at them and waved .

Axel smiled at the sight of Star . He's watching at a private room inside the concert hall . After Star went to Japan, he followed her immediately to support her .

-After the concert-

Star sighs, she's tired and her whole body hurts . It was only the first day of their concert but she was about to pass out from tiredness . She was wiping her sweat at the backstage . She grabbed the water in front of her and drank it . She didn't notice Axel who was walking towards her, holding a bouquet of buttercup .

Axel stops in front of her and handed her the bouquet .

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"You've done a good job today, babe"

Star recognizes the voice and turns her head quickly .

"What are you doing here?" she remembers clearly how she rejected him so what is he doing here?

Axel furrows his eyebrows slightly as if she asked something strange . "Isn't it normal to support my girlfriend?"

'What?' Star was confused . Didn't she reject him? What is he saying?

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"Girlfriend?" she asks him .

"I asked you yesterday and you said yes . Remember?"

Axel shows them their conversation to her . Star's eyes were about to pop out . She was surprised to see that what she replied to him wasn't no but yes .

'Oh no,' she said in her mind . She doesn't know how to deal with this kind of situation . She almost slapped herself in the face because of frustration .

She sighs . "Look-" she tries to explain but Axel stops her .

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"I know you're tired so don't say anything anymore . I'll take you to the hotel" he said and pulls her hand .

Star was too surprised to say anything . They went to the parking lot . Axel was about to open the door of his car when Star stopped him .


Axel turns around and saw her guilty look . "What's wrong?"

"It was a mistake . What I replied to you was no . But it looks like my phone auto-corrected it and so it said yes . I'm sorry" Star looks down . She doesn't want to hurt him but she has no choice .

Axel's eyes widened . He didn't expect this . He smiled and gently grabbed her chin and made her face him . He slowly leans forward to kiss her . The kiss was short and gentle . Axel broke the kiss and looked into her eyes . Star felt hypnotized as Axel stares at her with his honey-colored eyes .

"I don't care if it was a mistake . You said yes and I won't let you take back what you said" Axel's voice was calm but Star can sense that he was mad and she can't blame him . He had every right to be mad at her .

"I'm sorry" Star looks down .

Axel sighs and held her hand even more tightly . He hugged her tightly and kissed her head . "Don't say sorry . It's not your fault"

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"Get inside the car . I'll take you home"