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Published at 2nd of August 2019 09:25:09 AM

Chapter 31

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They arrived at the hospital . Axel opened the door and carried Star towards the hospital's entrance . Nurses and doctor immediately rushed gave them assistance .

"What happened to her?" A female doctor asked .

"A light fell on her . Luckily, it didn't fall on her head" Axel explained, slightly panicking .

"I see, you might need to wait for a bit"

After hearing it, Axel sat at the waiting area beside the operating room . He took out his phone and called her parents . Of course, they were shocked to hear what happened but since they are in another country, they can't go so instead, they entrusted their daughter to him .

After almost an hour, the door of the operating room opened and they came out . Star was sitting on a wheelchair and a bandage was wrapped around her right leg .

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"Axel" she called out to her .

Axel stood up and walked three steps towards her . "Yes?"

"Are you the patient's husband?" The doctor exclaimed .

Axel turned his head to the doctor before saying, "I am"

"Please follow me"

Axel bent down to match Star's height . He looked into her eyes and said, "Wait for me, ok?" He then kissed her forehead without hearing her reply .

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Blushing, Star subconsciously touched her forehead while slightly nodding her head .

"Your husband is very sweet" The nurse commented .

'Husband' . That word can't leave Star's mind .

Axel was about to head back to Star when he decided to call his secretary . The secretary answered after one ring and asked what he wants .

"Find out the cause of Star's accident" he firmly ordered in a cold voice .

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"Report to me after" He placed the phone back in his pocket and continued to walk back to where Star is .

"The doctor said you need to be hospitalized for 2-3 days," Axel said, the moment he saw her . Just after he said that the doctor who was in charge of her came . "I'll escort you to your room"

They arrived at the VIP room of the hospital . It has a living area and a large bed . Star looks at Axel with a strange expression . "Isn't this room too big for me?"

"No, it's not . It's average" Axel replied casually as if it was half the size of his room .

"This damn rich guy" Star quietly murmured .

"Then, I'll leave you two . Press that button right there if you need assistance" the doctor said and pointed at the button right at the top of the bed .

After the two exited the room, Axel pushed Star towards the bed and gently carried her and placed her on the bed .

"Thank you but aren't you wasting too much money for this small injury?" Star said .

"You're welcome . But this injury is not small and besides, the money I spent didn't even affect the money I have" and once again, because of his reply Star felt annoyed to all the rich kids around the world .

"Oh is that so?" Star said, sounding annoyed .

Just when Axel was about to say something, Star's friends slash members opened the door, looking very worried .