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Chapter 54

It was noisy outside for some reason .

Leo woke up from a great sleep to annoying noises .


He subconsciously lifted his head and whined when he bumped into something . Leo was currently trapped in a cage and being moved somewhere .

“What, it’s up already?”

“Hurry up . F*ck, an intruder today of all days . It’s not a good day . ”

A thick cloth was draped over the cage so he couldn’t see anything outside . Leo tilted his head in puzzlement . He was definitely playing at home just now, so he couldn’t figure out why he was here all of a sudden .

Leo’s ears and nose pricked up at the same time .

The alarm that filled the hallway was loud enough to hurt his sensitive ears . But at the same time, it smelled very delicious all around him . It was definitely the smell of fresh liver .


Drool leaked from Leo’s mouth . But he shook his head hard and covered his nose with both hands . He promised Arachne not to cause trouble . So he had to endure…

But soon, Leo’s hands fell from his nose and he began to drool again . Leo had been too starved lately, and there was a well-dressed meal in front of his eyes . His endurance wasn’t strong enough to withstand such intense temptation .


In the end, Leo was overwhelmed .
His body began to swell rapidly in the cage .

Craack! Snap! Twang…!


“What the!”

The cage was wrecked in the blink of an eye and burst open in all directions . The men moving the cage were recoiled to the floor .


An enormous beast appeared before anyone knew it and roared where it stood, its body filling up the hallway .


The brown-furred beast swung its paw and crushed a man collapsed on the floor . Its golden vertical pupils glowed with a sharp chill . The sharp fangs protruding from its mouth gave off a terrifying luster .


Leo finally lost all reason, becoming a ferocious beast and began to sweep through the hallway .

* * *

Lakis simply knocked down the people guarding the door and waltzed into the slave market .


As soon as he entered, a loud alarm went off .


The doors around the building began to lock automatically . It was a means of making an intruder a sitting duck in order to clean them up, but it actually worked in Lakis’ favor . With this, he’d be able to erase all the pests inside without anyone escaping .

“Who are you! Identify yourse…gah!”

He ruthlessly killed all who came in search of the intruder . The blood oozing from his hand decimated the enemies in front of him, leaving behind an afterimage of a thin red line .

Lakis only came to look for Yuri anyways, he didn’t care about saving anyone else . He used his obedience power on some of them and learnt that the mutant was locked up in the deeper part of the building .

As for the crow Odin who he met in Yuri’s house earlier, Lakis kept him in the corner of an empty warehouse he had found while roaming the east . If this had been any other time, he would have made the crow open its mouth with whatever means necessary but right now, the thing with Yuri came first .

—Lakis, there’s a lot of noise up ahead, from over there .

Then he abruptly noticed that like the bug said, he could hear the sound of things breaking and people screaming not too far away . At first, he simply ignored it but unfortunately, it was coming from the direction Lakis was heading in .



And soon enough, Lakis found a monster that was wreaking havoc in the hallways .

“The hell is that thing . ”

Lakis’ face crumpled .
But he was currently wearing a mask just in case, so his expression wasn’t revealed on the outside .

The monster was repeating quite the unusual behavior . It would snatch up people in front of it with its large paw and bring them to its nose . Then it would frown and throw them to the ground then act like it was digging .

‘Wait, this smell…’

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Lakis’ eyes suddenly sharped as he took in the smell lingering under his nose . The smell from the monster rampaging in front of him was similar to the beast smell he found lingering on Yuri .


Right then, Leo also smelled Lakis .
The new person that appeared smelled the most delicious among anything he had ever eaten .


With his reason gone, Leo drooled and ran over .

Lakis’ eyes were filled with ridicule when he saw that it dared to see him as prey, then he moved .

“F*ck, who does this rabies infected sonuvabitch think it’s drooling over?”


The monster was ten times larger than Lakis, but he grabbed Leo’s tail and easily threw his huge body .


The wall Leo crashed into crumbled and fell . Leo couldn’t understand why he failed to get his prey and looked at Lakis with bewilderment then he began drooling again and sprang to his feet .

Lakis leveled a gaze at Leo and coldly ordered .

“Keep your eyes to the floor . ”


Once the strangely powered voice spread like a wave, Leo’s eyes lodged themselves to the floor .


Leo yelped, confused by his body’s refusal to move as he wished .

Then suddenly, another smell coming from Lakis wafted past his nose .

“Y-Yuri’s smell…”

Leo regained his senses for a moment and sniffed while mumbling to himself .

Hearing that, Lakis raised a brow .

Like he thought, the smell he was getting from this beast was the same smell that Yuri was covered in last time . In truth, he wanted to chop this thing to pieces the moment it ran at him drooling, but that was why he didn’t .

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“Hey, sonuvabitch . The Yuri you’re talking about, it’s a woman with black hair and red eyes, right?”


Leo’s eyes shone and he panted like he was happy to hear the name from Lakis . [1] Then he crinkled his nose and lifted his head slightly before sniffing again .

“Two Yuri’s smell…?”

Upon hearing that, Lakis narrowed his eyes .

Two Yuri’s smell . Did that mean this monster knew where Yuri was right now?

Lakis quickly grasped the situation and ordered Leo .

“Sonuvabitch . Where’s that smell coming from?”

* * *

“…What happened?”

On the other hand, the man who had snuck into the slave ring first was suspicious about the sudden situation .

“Were we noticed?”

His subordinate behind him also tensed up at the sudden situation . The man heightened his senses and examined his surroundings . However, the hurrying footsteps were only getting farther away; they weren’t approaching where they stood .

“No . I think there’s another intruder . ”

“Should we move then?”

His clever subordinate promptly asked . The man nodded .

“It doesn’t hurt if they draw attention over there . We’ll move as planned . ”

“Yes, Lord Crawford . ”

The leader of the search party, Kalian Crawford, boldly moved forward . The search party with him moved quickly to find the missing people . To public knowledge, only the children at the orphanage had gone missing but there were also noble children among the list of missing persons .

If it was just the orphanage’s children that were involved in this incident, there was no way the higher ups would have dispatched Kalian personally .

Honestly, Kalian was unhappy with that idea . But now wasn’t the time for his mind to wander, so he focused his attention on the rescue of the kidnapped people .

* * *

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As I raced to find Leo, I ran into a group of people who were hurrying somewhere . Judging from the shackles on their wrist and ankles, they were likely people who were sold as slaves .

“W-Who are you?!”

The person who seemed to be their supervisor screamed when they saw me and Siren . I simply ignored it and leapt past them with a kick . And I kept going on my way .

“We’re just gonna go?”

“What else?”

“No, I thought you’d help them, so I’m surprised . ”

Siren muttered like it was unexpected, but it was a matter of course . The people who were caught were a bit pitiful, but it’s not like I had any heroic feelings in me and my purpose here was just to get Leo out of here .


But that very moment, a huge explosion burst in front of my eyes . A while later, a man appeared in the midst of the fluttering dust .

The first thing I noticed in the dust-filled view was a familiar uniform . And once I checked the man’s face next, I couldn’t help but stop .

“What? Someone you know?”

Siren scarily noticed my tiny reaction and asked .

If we go by the literal definition of someone you know, then it was someone I knew . Since it was Kalian Crawford, the same guy I saw just yesterday .

“You people…”

Once he noticed me and Siren, the man frowned .



Translator’s Corner:

[1] ‘Panting’ as in, the dog kind of panting .