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Yu Ren - Chapter 19

Published at 18th of August 2019 09:03:11 PM

Chapter 19

Bai Ping Zi hesitated for a while, and when Bai Fu Ling almost started to pull, he finally whispered, “The young lady’s face is very good, with both luck and wealth, with the help of noble people, leisure and prosperity, smart and beautiful, but…”

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“But what?” Bai Fu Ling questioned, threatening to tug at the tassels in her hands .

Bai Ping Zi mutter and mumble, “It’s just clear Qi exposed, three portions are uneven… Yes, it’s an early death…”

(气  [ qi] = lit . gas; what is meant here is something like an aura . )

Bai Fu Ling was stunned, but it didn’t surprise her and she wasn’t angry . She asked, “In your opinion, when is it?”

Bai Ping Zi closed his eyes forcefully and said quickly, “There are still three years, maybe five years… It must be that I am not good at learning this art and have misread it . Miss, don’t take it seriously…” As for Bai Fu Ling’s ‘short-lived destiny’, he had noticed it many years ago when he first came into contact with the Art of Face Reading, but for some reason it was not clear . Over the years, he has made great progress in his ability to see someone’s destiny by their faces, but he has always subconsciously avoided looking closely at Bai Fu Ling’s face . Today, he can’t help but be horrified .

Bai Fu Ling felt a tremor in her heart and loosened the tassels in her hands, but she soon recovered and smiled, “You also know you’re not good at learning it, huh! Don’t go to my parents and say these words, or there will be a bloody disaster waiting for you!”

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Bai Ping Zi saw that she really didn’t take his words to heart . Ha-ha, he gave a hollow laugh and said, “How would I dare, the Lord would chop me into minced meat and feed me to those green-eyes you raised . ”

“It’s good that you know! I’m tired and I’m going to sleep . You can continue to look at your tortoise . ” Bai Fu Ling Road, laid down on the soft mattress in the carriage while lowering the curtain .

Bai Ping Zi gawked at the shaking curtain of the carriage window and mumbled in a low voice: “I wish I was wrong … is the ancestral book a fake?”  His Face Reading art was learned from a physiognomy book left by his ancestors . The book also didn’t explain who the author was . Bai Ping Zi thought that his parents had passed the book to him as a treasure before he died, so he often looked through it at leisure and remembered the physiognomy mentioned above thoroughly . He watched people’s faces playfully almost every day, according to the description in the book . He found that it was almost similar, so he studied it more and more seriously .

Bai Fu Ling always takes him out to buy people . She also had the intention of picking people with his physiognomy . Although she doesn’t believe in it very much; if there was such a person around her, it’s a waste not to use him . It’s also good to have more points of views .

Now Bai Fu Ling; who was lying on a soft mattress, is beginning to believe that Bai Ping Zi’s physiognomy may really have some insight…

“What you’re trying to say is that I only have three years left to live… Is that green-eyed man outside really a monarch?” Bai Fu Ling began to plan to save the tortoise . No!  It was getting a monarch for cheap .

It’s not that she doesn’t care about her life, but that she knows the result, or that she has been preparing for it since she was three years old . The only thing that she couldn’t let go now is her parents . If anything happens to her, if her parents ‘sends her off to the afterlife in mourning’ first, it will be strange if they didn’t die of grief … Ah, it’s really a headache … She wants to be honest with them, but She’s afraid they will start to worry and feel sad .

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The more Bai Fu Ling thinks about it, the more complicated it becomes . She simply puts it aside for the time being and considers another big event instead .

Today, she bought 30 barbarian slaves . That is to say, she saved 30 people . In addition, she has rescued 8735 people; one after another, in the past few years . There are still 1065 people missing . At this rate, she can accomplish the task of rescuing 10,000 people in the next one to two years . But, she still has to save a little more for insurance so that she won’t suffer bad luck because of several failures . In the past, she couldn’t believe that she could do such a thing, almost like a Goddess . Indeed, the potential of human beings are infinite .

Bai Fu Ling was thinking in a daze and soon fell asleep in the swaying carriage .

Suddenly the carriage stopped . Bai Fu Ling got up and heard the voice of Bai Ah Liu, the guard outside, saying, “Miss, someone was seriously injured on the road ahead . ”

“Oh?”  Bai Fu Ling patted her little face, pulled her clothes together, pushed open the carriage door and jumped out . She saw two or three zhang’s ahead . Fang Hai and Bai Ah Wu were squatting on the roadside grass to give simple treatment to an injured person .

 (量 [ zhang] = length equal to 3 . 58 meters or 11 feet 9 inches))

Fang Hai is a delicate 20-year-old young man . But he has done his best to study the true teachings of the Divine Doctor Xinyi, and he isn’t as cunning as his master . With both a benevolent mind and heart, he rushes to rescue someone as soon as he hears that someone is injured .

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Bai Fu Ling walks over to see a man in grey-blue clothing in a sea of waist-tall grass . He has two iron darts on his shoulders and arms . The darts may be poisonous and are seeping black blood . There are also several knife wounds on his body, which aren’t too deep .

“How did you find him?”  With such tall grass covering him, a person shouldn’t be able to notice someone in the grass .

“He made some noise himself . I thought there were some beasts or idiotic bandits . ” Bai Ah Wu was responsible for clearing the road ahead . He was the one who found the man .

“Save first, then talk! When it’s done move him to the green-eyed tortoise’s cart . ” After Bai Fu Ling told him that, she turned around and saw Bai Ping Zi coming over .

Fang Hai skillfully pierced needles into the blue clothe man to stop the bleeding, turned him over, and stuffed a detoxifying pill into his mouth . Bai Ah Wu took a water bag and filled the man with two mouthfuls of water, allowing him to swallow the pill .

These antidote pills are made by Fang Hai . They are many times more effective than those used by ordinary Jianghu people . As long it isn’t the Blood Seal Throat poison he can suppress it a little, but if it really is the Blood Seal Throat poison, it’s too late to take any medicine .

(江湖 [jiāng hú] = the martial arts society . ) 

When Bai Ping Zi saw the blue clothed man’s face, he couldn’t help but give out a surprised cry and leaned over to look at it again . Bai Fu Ling; who now somewhat believed in his physiognomy, asked, “What? Is the man’s face strange?”

Bai Ping Zi; with a constipated expression, choked for a long time: “If I said it, you wouldn’t believe me…”

“Let’s talk about it first…” Bai Fu Ling became even more curious .

“This man… also has the face of a monarch…” When Bai Ping Zi said this, he found it hard to believe himself; believing that there were so many monarchs and he happened to meet two of them in one day .

The Bai Family guards who had just heard the strange story of ‘Green Eye Tortoise’ burst out laughing .

Even Bai Fu Ling couldn’t help but laugh out wildly . The little reverence she had just had for his physiognomy vanished . She wiped away her tears and said, “Oh Great White Spirit, what do you think this place is? A tortoise in every corner!? We don’t have to make such jokes to entertain ourselves!” This is not a capital city where there are as many powerful people as there are dogs on the streets . Even if it was, there are very few powerful people who can be called a monarch .

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