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Yu Ren - Chapter 20

Published at 21st of September 2019 09:35:40 AM

Chapter 20

“I … I mean it!”  Bai Ping Zi’s inability to insist caused even crazier laughter .

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Bai Fu Ling waved her hand and smiled, “all right, all right… Take this tortoise to the green-eyed tortoise cart and let them be companions, just like a pair . ”

Bai Shi San whipped his horse to get near Bai Ping Zi even more and said: “Great Spirit Bai, read me . I should at least be an Emperor . Hahaha, when I become Emperor, I will make you a Buddha!”

Bai Family is situated in a border town . The local tyrant is used to bad jokes coming out of his mouth . A group of guards are laughing happily . No one thinks it’s wrong .

Bai Ping Zi pounded Bai Shi San on the shoulder and scolded, “F**k you! After you become a pig head then you can be an emperor too! After ten reincarnations it still won’t be your turn . ”

(after becoming a pig then you can become an emperor after 10 reincarnations = this is a play on an old legend where “Zhu Bajie” or “Monk Pig” in “Journey to the West” said he only became a Pig by luck, where all his past reincarnations were human . Highly-Unlikely . Because it was actually an accident . )

Between laughter and jokes, Fang Hai had handled the man-in-blue’s injuries . Bai Fu Ling looked curiously at the so-called monarch . Then she got up and concluded, “I see, the second-housekeeper in my family is saying that whoever looks handsomer than him has to be a monarch!”

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“How can that be?! How is he more handsome than me?!” Bai Ping Zi isn’t happy . It doesn’t matter if someone questions his physiognomy . It’s unbearable if someone questions his own features . As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and brushed the sleeves of his robe . He raised his head and puffed out his chest to display the best form of a handsome nobleman .

It has to be said that Bai Ping Zi is really very good-looking . And with a special emphasis on attire, at first glance, he is unexpectedly a handsome young sir .

Unfortunately, the audience was too familiar with him . Nobody would take the time to appreciate his beauty . They carried the injured man in blue to put him on the cart where the green-eyed slave lay . They all set off again, without giving him even one look .

Bai Ping Zi posed for a long time but nobody paid any attention to him . He felt that he must have had bad luck today . Everything was not going well . Maybe there was something wrong with his eyes . Why did he happen to meet some ‘strange’ people like that?!

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Until he returned to Bai Family village, Bai Ping Zi was still immersed in serious self-doubt .

Because of Bai Fu Ling’s ‘hobby’, Bai Family Village is very experienced in receiving and dealing with the slaves bought back . When the vast convoy enters the Bai Family Village, some people will pick up the slaves, wash, dress, then feed and wait for the next day; where they will be arranged by the relevant stewards . Those with minor injuries will stay in the village . Ordinary doctors took over, and the two seriously injured people moved to the awaiting hospital, to be cared for by Fang Hai .

Bai Fu Ling goes to see her parents first . It has been a habit for many years . Although the Bai’s couple never restrict their daughter’s actions, they can’t rest assure until they see her every time she comes home .

She had suspected more than once that her parents were upset because they knew her secret, but she never mentioned it to anyone . How could they know?

When Bai Fu Ling came to her parents’ yard, her father; Bai Chou was reading a lot of news letters from all over the country, while her mother Mu Pei Lan was sitting, sewing new clothes for her . Even though the Bai Family has an embroidery house, Mu Pei Lan still insists on making clothes for her daughter . The two are ugly and horrible in appearance, but sitting in a cluster of flowers did not give people a bad impression, at least in Bai Fu Ling’s eyes, this scene is the most nostalgic in her life .

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Bai Chou has a good sense of hearing . First, he raises his head and smiles, then beckons his baby daughter to come . Bai Fu Ling came to him, poured tea for her parents and asked with a smile, “what is dad looking at? So entranced…”

“It’s not these things… I’m afraid there will soon be a big mess in Qi State…” Bai Chou put down his newsletter and sighed .

Although he ignored Bai Family’s business, he still managed all kinds of news channels for the Bai Family .

Bai Family’s business on the surface is mainly in Beiguan City, which began to develop along the coast this year . But the underground business and related industries are widely distributed, there are people in the capital and many other cities and towns .

One is the foundation of Bai Chou and his wife; Mu Pei Lan before they retired from the Jianghu . Another important one is the network gradually developed from 12 years ago on the advice of Bai Fu Ling .

(江湖 [Jianghu] = the martial arts society . )

Over the years, Bai Fu Ling’s ‘purchases’ have been trained to redeem themselves . Some have embarked on the imperial examination, some have become local officials through Bai Family’s relations, and more have become small businessmen, craftsmen, warriors, or household stewards and maids . Basically, there are all kinds of them . Some people stayed in the Bai Family and became the core of Bai Family’s business .

These people may not have high statuses, but they are widely distributed . Bai Fu Ling is well aware of the importance of unobstructed information to her business, and under her intention to run it, people who went out of the Bai Family regularly gather some of the information collected into the hands of Bai Family in various forms . Bai Chou, on the other hand, is responsible for sorting out the collection with a group of trusted people .

There are all kinds of news, ranging from rural anecdotes, strange craftsmen, food and vegetable prices to the appointment and removal of government decrees, even the direction of the wind . Bai Chou combines them with the news from his team and often finds many things that insiders do not necessarily know .

Bai Fu Ling heard her father say so, knowing that something must have happened for some reason, she asked, “Dad, is someone going to rebel?”

Bai Chou smiled and laughed: “Some people rebel every year, but this year there will be more and more rebellions . I see these news items . In recent years, because of natural disasters, many places in Qi State are short of food and money, the national treasury can allocate enough money and food for disaster relief . Local officials are corrupt and the victims cannot get relief . Small groups of peasants have been rebelling and rebelling all over the country . When the civil rebellion becomes a climate, there will be real drama to see . Beiguan City has not received any reimbursement from the court for two years . Even the government officials in the capital owe reimbursement from time to time . Today, His Majesty only likes to linger . The Prince’s position is still uncertain . The Eldest Prince and the Second Prince are fighting with each other in court for the position of Crown Prince . Any of these troubles can lead to the destruction of the country and the family . Besides, aren’t they all happening at the same time?”

He spoke with a relaxed air, and though he looked worried, he spoke entirely in an outsider’s tone of voice . But it’s not unexpected, Beiguan City is far from the Emperor . Even if the Qi State had a real mess on their hands, it would not mess things up here . Beiguan City is still Beiguan City, where barbarians are everywhere . People here still need to dress and eat .

“Don’t mention that anymore . Ling’er, here are some skilled craftsmen they have found recently . The details are here . Take your time . If you like someone, Dad will find a way to get them for you . ”

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