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Chapter 33

Voice in the Sky


We left the cabin and walked straight to the road… . Well at least I wanted to


[ There is no road ]


[ That’s inevitable; after all this place is rarely visited by anyone . ]


We walk through the field


There is neither road nor landmark, so we should use the sun to head towards the town .




<<Explorer skill acquired . Skill points acquired: 4>>


Suddenly I heard a voice


[Eh!? Who are you?]


[Is something wrong?]


Could it be, Lilia is unable to hear it?


<<I am a navigation system . Lilia is unable to hear me . >>


[I see, is that so . ]


<<If possible, could you do as I say? It would be convenient for you if you do . >>


[I understand . What do you want me to do?


<<First; open the window . Then select skill . >>


I open the window and select skill just as I’m told .


… . . I touch the button where it is written “Blocked(´・ω・`)”


<<Thank you . Next try using the skill which you recently acquired . >>


There was nothing there a little while ago


The place that was written “Blocked(´・ω・`)” was changed into… . . <<Explorer>>


<< New skill acquired: Map . >>


[ This time it’s a map?]


<< Yes . Please return to the main window . >>


There was no back button until she mentioned it just a moment ago .




The said item was available


When I touch it obediently,



It’s blank .


<< That’s obvious . >>


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[It is normal… . ]


<<The effect of the map is to show the places you’ve went through; you see, that part in the map where you are at right now is cleared up . >>


[What? You mean that dot?]


The center of the map turned into a green point .


<< It’s a map . >>


[So small!!]


The point at the center seems to be the map .


<< Please do not misunderstand!! It’s like that because only places you’ve explored are revealed on the map . >>


[So in short?]


<< To complete the map just simply walk . ♪>>


[Isn’t this just a plan to gain muscle?]


<<It’s the basis of the game . Please persevere . >>


In other words, only the places you’ve gone through are covered by the map, only those places are affected by the map skill .


In short, right now it’s useless


Quite insignificant……


<<What’s with that face? You seem so dissatisfied with it?>>

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[Frustrated, but not particularly dissatisfied . ]


<<Is that so; I’ll be on my way then, do your best . >>


[ Just because it’s someone else’s problem it’s vanity isn’t light?


<<It’s not my problem . >>


Uuu so cruel…


<<Oh dear, do your best, I’ll be cheering for you . {smirk}>>


[It’s improper how you are using parentheses inside another one . Hehe . ]


<<Please leave me be . >>


I’m beginning to enjoy this


[Um . . Haruna chan?]


[ Oh I’m sorry, Lilia . ]


That reminds me Lilia can’t hear it .


<<Lilia seems to be doing fine . >>


[Oh? Are you an acquaintance?]


<<We used to be classmate from the same school . >>


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[Heeee… . . So you were a classmate . ]


[Haruna . Please get a grip!! Come back!!]


Lilia has been worried about me


[I’m sorry Lilia . Now…… Hm? What was your name again?]


<< I believe I haven’t told you . My name is Helena . Nice to meet you . >>


[Yes . Nice to meet you . I am Haruna . ]


<<I know . Afterall I was watching . >>




<<Yes . Ever since you woke up and was lovey-dovey with Lilia and…… . . >>


[Eh!!! Really!?]


<<Yes . You were… . uuhhmm how do I put it… . . >>


[Don’t say it!! Don’t say it!!]


Having been watched… . It is so embarrassing……


<< Well, although I will be peeping in the future, please don’t mind me . >>


[So you say it is okay . I must say…
I am ashamed, I declared so as I sat on the ground .