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Chapter 4

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Escape from reality

「Become a hero and save the world!!」

Don’t be impatient, myself. This is a trap. I feel like I saw this in some movie… Yeah, it’s a trap or a dream.

I squint my eyes and confirm my surroundings veeee~ry carefuly.

There is a window. From the window a forest is visible. Wa~ So beautiful~

There is a fireplace. Firewood is burning.

………. Funny, Japan is currently in terrible heat, a new record was just recorded…

I look at the girl sitting in front of the table.

Her hair is gold and naturally long, the color of her eyes is red.

Her clothes are very thin. She has big boobs. What is it. Somewhere between C or D? Absolutely outrageous tits.

I look at myself.

I’m Japanese. My hair is long, up to the waist. Eye color is black. No strange hobbies, face and figure are good.
No boobs. No boyfriend. Why?

Considering such circumstances, the result is…

「This is a dream. It’s so hot, that I got a nightmare!!」


Ah? Why does Lilia looks like she is looking at a weirdo? Incomprehensible.

「Indeed. I’m hungry. I will have a breakfast now」

「Eh, a breakfast?」

Surprisingly, in this dream there is a food. Great.

Lilia prepares cheerfully, takes out the frying pan, heat it over the fireplace, cracks the egg and cooks it in the pan.


Meanwhile, she spreads strawberry jam on a bread.

It’s a sandwich.

Egg is done and it’s put on a plate.

Water is boiled, coffee powder is put in, it’s finished.

「Here you go!! Something like this is easy」

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「Thank you. Itadakimasu」

Before my eyes is a sandwich, tamagoyaki and coffee.

I pick up the sandwich and start eating.


I though it was a strawberry jam, but it’s not, it’s very sweet, very delicious.

While I eat *moku moku* sounds can be heard, after eating the sandwich I eat the tamagoyaki and drink the coffee.

I tasted everything for the first time, it was very tasty.

「Have you calmed down?」

「Un. Thank you for the meal」

It seems I have calmed down somehow.

Un. I’m calm.

Once again, the food was delicious.


I got to eat.

There is only one thing I have to do now…

「Hero. What is that?」

It’s a simple question, I hope she will explain.