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Chapter 5


「What is a hero?」

I asked because I don’t know . However, Lilia has frozen again .


「Hero is a hero!!」

「So what is a hero!?」

Lilia who couldn’t withstand the silence, said with red face .

「Let’s calm down first… What should I do?」

「Right . Where should I start…」

Lilia says so with a troubled face .

「This world is different from the one you have lived in . Lower your right hand, and say “menu”」


When I lower my right hand, a transparent frame has appeared .

This is…

「It’s like a game」

「Game? How does this looks like a game?」

Well, even if you ask me that…

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When I look at the menu,

◯Item box

Four things were written . It’s like an RPG as expected .

「As you can see, this world is different from the world you come from」

Well, this isn’t my world .

「I was trained by God in order to help the hero . It’s my duty to assist the hero, and to become his first companion!! I beg you!! Please make me your companion!!」

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Lilia begs me while bowing her head .

「I understand . But, am I able to become a hero? Also what should a hero do?」

Defeating the Demon king? World war? It it’s the latter I refuse . Defeating the Demon king is also…

「It’s simple . Capture a dungeons and be loved by everyone」

「Loved by everyone? Is that related to being a hero?」

「Of course!! When I say loved by everyone, it means to make people feel safe, then you can get heaps of money *gappo gappo* 」

「So evil!!You are such a character!?」

When I think about what should I say…
Well, it’s good to have money, but…

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「You said about capturing a dungeon, what is in there?」

「There are monsters . However, when you become strong, it’s a cakewalk」

「Monsters… Can they defeat me?」

「It’s okay!! You are a person who will become a hero . It’s okay!!」

What’s with this child? She’s weirdo .

「But, what are monsters…」

When I want to ask what the monsters are,


「Wha!! Monster!? Evil!!」

A big grasshopper destroyed the window and came into the room .