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Chapter 9

Outside the hut

After interacting with Navi, I decided to store the Holy sword .

I don’t want to use the sword that will get destroyed after using 10 times by a mistake .

By the way, to store items

①Open the window
②Throw it in the window
③The item will disappear
④The item enters the Item box

Just like that .

It’s easy, but it’s a strange feeling I can’t get accustomed to it after all .

There was a set of clothes for Lilia too .

It was the same set of clothes that I’m currently wearing .
「Anyway, this is good right?」

「Yes . There is no longer a need to stay in this hut」

「Then, what will we do?」

「There is a village about half day away from here . The sun has already gone up, let’s go tomorrow?」

「Understood . That’s fine . But, there is a lot of time . I’ll go outside for a bit?」

「I understand . I will accompany you!!」

After saying so, we leave the room and go outside .

Well, I thought that when I go outside, I will see a radio tower, buildings or a plane in the air but… .

I saw a beautiful forest and a road .

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There’s nothing other than that .

「Haa, it’s a different world after all…」

「Are you upset?」

I was asked by Lilia and noticed that I strangely wasn’t upset .

Well, living in the Japan wasn’t bad, but I was bored, this is not so displeasing~

When I look towards Lilia,

(´;ω;`)← she was looking at me with such a face .

So cute~


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… Doesn’t that sound like I’m becoming a weird person!!

Wordly desires? Shake off .

「I’m not upset . I just panicked a little」

「That is good!! Let’s do our best together!!」

She said .

Then, Lilia looks at me with a very serious face,

Un . Cute .

Not good, at this rate I will really advance towards the naughty road…
Well let’s leave it at that and look around first .

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When the door is opened, to the right is a forest… . . The forest is in a good condition .

There’s nothing else .

No, let’s walk a little .

Aside from trees and a hill once in a while, there is nooo~thing else .

「Is there really a town nearby?」

「It is far, but there is」

「Well, let’s depart tomorrow . Let’s look around the hut and see if there is something useful for the time being」

「Yes desu!!」

After saying that, we went back to the hut .