Way of Choices - Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 – A Chat Between Lovers in the Clouds


Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


In extremely dangerous moments, one should ask what to do next or where one should go . Even if one thought that death was certain and wanted to leave behind some powerful last words, they would often think back to the start of their lives—just like Chen Changsheng did when he was imprisoned by Mo Yu in the Tong Palace and then encountered the Black Dragon .

So Xu Yourong did not understand what Chen Changsheng was doing .

A normal girl might have been angry or annoyed, coldly snorting and proceeding to ignore the question .

But she was not an ordinary girl . She was a girl who could act as the successor to the seat of Holy Maiden while still going every ten-some days to the village to play mahjong, a girl who did not even mind using her sword to kill a lustful gambling den owner . And besides, there was nothing to do in the clouds, and though the Angel of Sacred Light was terrifying, it still had not caught up .

"I brought you flying before . "

"You didn't try it with Shuang'er on your last visit to the capital?"

"I'm not a Red Goose, nor am I a flying carriage . "

Xu Yourong's tone was still very calm, but Chen Changsheng could tell that she was beginning to lose her patience .

He explained, "I just feel like you're very practiced . "

Xu Yourong said, "As I said, I brought you flying before . "

Chen Changsheng naturally would not forget .

Back in the Garden of Zhou, when he was being pursued by Nanke's two wings, he fell into the bottom of the lake and emerged in a pool on the outskirts of the Plains of the Unsetting Sun . By the time he emerged from the water, he was already unconscious .

He had only learned what had happened from her later on .

At that time, she had leapt from Sunset Valley to escape . Her soul had awakened again and two Phoenix wings had emerged behind her back .

Was this how she had held him as she flew?


Chen Changsheng still felt a little uncomfortable .

Any man who was carried in the hands of his fiancée would probably feel the same .

And if it was just one time, why were her movements so adept? Did she routinely practice? For what?

Xu Yourong saw his expression and knew what he was thinking . She faintly smiled . "Later on, when you were unconscious, I carried you quite a few times . "

This referred to the events after they entered the Plains of the Unsetting Sun .

At the time, she had been heavily injured and Chen Changsheng was unconscious . If she wanted to leave with him, what other method did she have besides carrying him?

Although she had carried him while walking, not carried him while flying, it was carrying all the same .

Chen Changsheng also understood and regretfully said, "Back then, I always put you on my back . "

Xu Yourong said, "You're taller than me . How could I put you on my back?"

Chen Changsheng thought this was reasonable, but then found it very unreasonable .

I'm taller than you, so it's not easy for you to put me on your back, but does that mean it's somehow easier to carry me?

After thinking about this problem for a long time, he finally felt that she could only have been carrying him by the belt .

He found such a sight somewhat difficult to think about, so he fell quiet .

Xu Yourong asked, "Your final method was the Heavenly Tome Monoliths?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "No, it was you . "

There was no hesitation when he gave this answer . It did not take even a moment of thought .

These were the most awkward of romantic words, so his performance truly made him seem like a flirting master .

Xu Yourong knew that he was not .

His answer was not a remark of love, but the truth .

But she still blushed .

Because her final method was also him .

This feeling that they were not flirting, but speaking the truth, this feeling that they were a perfect couple, truly made one feel a little shy .

She suddenly thought of a problem and asked, "You knew that I came?"

There were many details in that battle within the courtyard .

From Chen Changsheng's response, he was probably waiting for her to strike .

"On the day that Chusu was driven away, I was in a bit of a mess due to various matters, so it didn't occur to me . "

Chen Changsheng continued, "Later, when I was burying Senior Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi, I saw the burns on the stones and guessed that you had come . "

Xu Yourong asked, "So you've been waiting for me to appear the entire time?"

Chen Changsheng explained, "Since you were in White Emperor City, you would definitely appear when I couldn't hold on anymore . "

This was still the truth, not a romantic remark .

Xu Yourong's blush deepened .

To hide her shyness and her hot cheeks that the cold winds could not cool, she decided to give him a few words of criticism .

"You should have told me this plan . There was no need to put yourself in so much danger . "

Chen Changsheng knew that his calculation abilities were far inferior to hers . If he had told her his plans, the result might have been even better .

At the very least, they would not have been forced into these high altitudes where they were being pursued by that terrifying Angel .

The problem was that she had not wanted to reveal herself for various reasons, so how could he tell her his plan?

Would it have to be like the time he was standing on the banyan tree while Tang Thirty-Six was standing under it and the two of them were shouting so that the entire capital could hear?

Xu Yourong added, "It didn't matter if I didn't know, but there is a person that should have been informed beforehand . "

Chen Changsheng did not understand who she was referring to .

In this complicated and extremely dangerous plan, just who would be more important than her, worthier of his trust?

Just when he was prepared to ask, the surrounding environment suddenly changed .

The clouds in front of them suddenly became extremely sticky, almost like flowing sand .

Their speed greatly decreased .

A hint of wariness appeared in Xu Yourong's eyes .

Chen Changsheng immediately waved his left hand . Countless swords flew through the air, slashing at the increasingly thick clouds .

Sword intents continuously hacked at the clouds, cutting out a rather tenuous path .

Xu Yourong also acted, the true flames of the Heavenly Phoenix blazing out from her wings, burning away at the clouds .

With a whoosh, they charged through the thick layer of clouds .

The clouds burst .

They saw the sun .

The sun in the sky did not appear to have the color it seemed to have when viewed from the ground . It was pure white, exuding infinite light .

The clouds were also white, and as they reflected the white rays of light, even the blue sky was painted white .

All the two could see was a world of white .

The blazing light was very dazzling .

Several dozen li to the west was a small black dot .

In their eyes, this black dot rapidly expanded, becoming a figure .

Dressed in a deep blue robe, Madam Mu stood at the end of the clouds, her hands held behind her .

Seeing this graceful Saint, Xu Yourong fell into silent thought .

She had not expected that while the White Emperor had returned from the Starfall Mountains, Madam Mu had appeared here .

Moreover, Madam Mu made her recall the woman she had most revered in her entire life .

She clearly knew that the situation was in her control, but she felt an intense unease .

Chen Changsheng did not know everything, but his reaction was actually calmer .

"She is not her . "

Only Xu Yourong understood what he meant .

Chen Changsheng was not intimidated by Madam Mu's demeanor .

He did not feel Madam Mu to be very similar to the Tianhai Divine Empress .

The current evaluation of the Tianhai Divine Empress could be described as very mixed, and this would probably also be the case in the history books .

But there was one point that no one would dare to deny, not even his teacher, Shang Xingzhou .

She had a broad mind .

This did not mean that she was lenient or compassionate, but referred to the state of affairs .

The Tianhai Divine Empress's heart embraced the world .

Whether she wanted the world to flourish or die, her gaze was always on the world .

Madam Mu was of noble background and extremely high status . She dared to ally with the demons, collude with the other continent, but her eyes were always fixed on the present .

But this did not mean that she was not powerful enough .

At the very least, Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong were no match for her .

Not even if they combined their swords in harmony .

The clouds roiled again, then bulged, then burst apart like a flower blooming .

The Angel of Sacred Light broke through the clouds .