Way of Choices - Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: Chapter 895 – The Breaker of the Array, an Ant

Chapter 895 – The Breaker of the Array, an Ant

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The plateau gradually fell silent, everyone turning to Bie Yanghong, wondering whether he would accept Chen Changsheng's offer .

Logically speaking, there was no reason for Bie Yanghong not to accept, because there were no disadvantages for him .

Bie Yanghong calmly asked Chen Changsheng, "You are so sure that I won't kill you on the spot?"

Chen Changsheng calmly replied, "If Senior does not want the true culprit to escape, Senior naturally won't kill me . "

Wuqiong Bi harshly said, "Cease your unnecessary complication! I certainly won't trust a villain like you! As long as you dare to come out of the sword array, I'll beat you to death!"

Chen Changsheng ignored her . He only calmly gazed at Bie Yanghong, waiting for his answer .

Bie Yanghong remained quiet for a very long time, apparently somewhat willing .

The plateau was extremely quiet . Truly no one had expected Chen Changsheng to use this method to break this apparently flawless trap .

This was a seemingly simple method, but it required an unimaginable frankness and fearlessness . It was a method that could not be used by someone who did not have both great intelligence and courage .

But some people were not willing to let this continue .

Like the instigator of this scheme, like the participants of this scheme .

The Prince of Xiang stood in the distance, by the edge of the plateau, his hands behind his back as he observed the activity at the platform . A wariness appeared in his eyes, and he took a light step forward .

To many people, this was just a tiny and unremarkable step, perhaps just a sign that the prince was anxious to hear Bie Yanghong's answer .

To some other people, this small step was a clear signal that the current situation needed to take a giant step forward .

Wind howled as it erupted from the cliffs below, breaking through the array and causing the trees to sway and dust to rise .

The White Tiger Divine General raised his right foot and walked forward . When the bottom of his boot struck the ground, the gray stone crumbled into a web of cracks .

He broke through the dust and landed several hundred zhang away .

This step was truly a giant one .

His pupils were as black as the abyss while a cold and violent Qi covered his entire body . He raised his metal spear and thrust it at South Stream Temple's sword array .

As the current second-ranked Divine General, although he was not up to Xue Xingchuan's level, he was still frightening enough .

The spear tore a straight path through the air, leaving countless white swirls in the air as it thundered towards the South Stream Temple disciples .

In the face of this peak Star Condensation expert, in the face of this fiercest of spear intents, the South Stream Temple disciples were somewhat disorderly as they adjusted positions .

It was not because the White Tiger Divine General was stronger than Wuqiong Bi, but because he had attacked too suddenly . Moreover, everyone knew that this attack symbolized the Imperial Court's will . This spear was thrust at the sword array, but was its target not the hearts of the South Stream Temple disciples?

Bie Yanghong remained undistracted . He continued to stare into Chen Changsheng's eyes as if wanting to see into his sea of consciousness .

The Prince of Xiang supported his somewhat plump waist as a hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes . He sternly yelled, "Sir, please think again!"

No one knew what he wanted Bie Yanghong to think again about . Was it not to kill Chen Changsheng, or was it not to accept Chen Changsheng's proposal?

But everyone on the plateau did hear his voice, because it was an incredibly loud voice, like the ringing of a bell .

The people near the platform were especially affected . A few disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect and scholars of Scholartree Manor with somewhat shallow cultivation instantly paled and felt like vomiting . The South Stream Temple disciples in the sword array felt like four claps of thunder had exploded next to their ears . Their Dao hearts were slightly unsettled, their hands trembling .

The Blazing Sun Style! Booming Voice!

The White Tiger Divine General's fierce spear was approaching and the Prince of Xiang had used the Imperial clan's secret technique to oppress them . The South Stream Temple sword array was placed under a terrifying pressure .

But if it was just these, the disciples of South Stream Temple would still be able to endure, still be able to keep Chen Changsheng safe behind them . The White Tiger Divine General and the Prince of Xiang had not truly acted, and the energy of this spear and a long-distance attack of the Blazing Sun Style were not enough to break through this renowned sword array .

But to the surprise of the South Stream Temple disciples, and to the surprise of Chen Changsheng, just when the sword array had restabilized, two things happened .

The Prince of Xiang's Booming Voice suddenly vanished, leaving not even an echo behind . He faintly smiled as if he had not even spoken .

The White Tiger Divine General's spear energy also suddenly vanished . The spear fell back to the ground as if the general had never struck .

The sword array was currently shifting its energy in the direction of the Zhen Star, an awe-inspiring sword energy rising . Just as it was prepared to attack, it realized that its opponents had suddenly vanished, resulting in the shifting of the sword array being a tiny bit sluggish .

It was in this instant that a wispy figure suddenly rushed out from the back of the sword array!

It was Huai Bi!

The world's most resilient and imposing cities were often broken from within .

No one could have expected that this martial grandaunt of highest seniority would suddenly ally herself with outsiders and break her own sect's sword array .

Even Huai Ren and Huai Shu appeared rather bewildered . Is Junior Sister doing this because she's not willing to see her disciples fight and kill for the Li Palace?

If an enemy were able to successfully break the sword away by forcing their way in, then the sword array of South Stream Temple would not have such a famous reputation around the world .

If someone were to attempt to break the sword array from within, they would actually encounter the sword array's most powerful killing technique . For instance, Huai Bi had borrowed the attacks of the Prince of Xiang and the White Tiger Divine General to infiltrate the sword array, but as long as the sword array activated, that awe-inspiring sword Qi enveloping the plateau would only need a few strikes to kill her .

But some of the disciples in the sword array were Huai Bi's martial nieces, and some of them were her personal disciples, and even more were her granddisciples . How could they possibly kill her? A great deal of disciples could only watch in shock, clueless as to what to do . If they were to attack with full force, would they not be killing their martial grandaunt or grandteacher?

The disciples of South Stream Temple did not know what to do, but Huai Bi did not hesitate . She struck like lightning, her finger descending like a mountain . In just a few seconds, she had wounded several disciples and snatched away the swords of ten-some others . These swords were then thrown off the mountain, drawing streams of light in the air as they were cast away .

With no sword in hand, how could one create a sword array?

The sword array of South Stream Temple, famed throughout the world, was suddenly thrown into chaos, a massive gap appearing in it .

Standing in the center of the plateau, Wuqiong Bi once more laid eyes on Chen Changsheng, no longer protected by the sword array, and her hate was renewed, her anger rekindled . She could not let such a good opportunity go, and she certainly did not care for Chen Changsheng's proposal . She flew through the air, her horsetail whisk stirring cold and horrifying waves of extinction as it slapped towards Chen Changsheng .

"Brigand, pay with your life!"



How could one block the full-force attack of an expert of the Divine Domain?

There was no good answer for this question .

Whether it was Wang Po in Xunyang City or Chen Changsheng on that night in the mountains, with their mortal bodies, they seemed able to resist one or two attacks from a Divine Domain expert, but those had been for special reasons . Zhu Luo had never attacked Wang Po with his full power while the Demon Lord was still heavily injured and was not even at one-tenth of his peak .

Today was different . Wuqiong Bi was not injured, and for the sake of revenge, her power was at its peak . This attack could even be said to be the strongest in her entire life .

Chen Changsheng was still hiding countless tricks, still had countless treasures, still had countless helpers .

But at this moment, none of them were of any use .

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