Way of Choices - Chapter 939

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Chapter 939: Chapter 939 – The First Chapter of the Battle Betw

Chapter 939 – The First Chapter of the Battle Between the Divine

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bie Yanghong could understand what the Angel was saying, but not what it meant .

He did not know what a stealer of fire was or what sort of 'God' these experts from the other continent believed in .

He knew that he was facing the most dangerous situation in his entire life, even more dangerous than his confrontation with the Tianhai Divine Empress in the Mausoleum of Books .

The Angel could have the chilly wind blowing between the mountains translate his words into the language of the Sacred Light Continent, proving that his conjecture was correct .

These monsters from the Sacred Light Continent had an innate ability to understand and use the laws and principles of the world .


It was even possible that their existences were the very basis of these laws and principles .

But at this moment, Bie Yanghong was extremely calm, his expression turning even more indifferent .

As an expert of the continent, he naturally could not panic when confronting a truly major event . On the contrary, he needed to be even more calm .

After their first exchange, he had already gained a grasp of the methods by which these Angels fought and used the laws of the world .

If he were alone, he was confident that he would at least not lose .

The problem was that his wife was heavily injured, her arm severed . Moreover, the unfathomable experts that were Madam Mu and Black Robe had been standing on the side this entire time .

The ruthless Angel suddenly descended, the sword of light in his hand slashing at Bie Yanghong .

Although it had only been awakened for a short while, its battle knowledge had been perfectly preserved, and it felt that this human expert was a threat to it .

So it had decided to get rid of this person first .

Bie Yanghong's sleeve fluttered as he struck out with his sword, seeming extremely graceful as the hand wielding the illusory sword silently exploded out of his sleeve!

A fist appeared in the air, shattering the Angel's sword of light .

Simultaneously, the little red flower that had been orbiting at high speeds suddenly left Bie Yanghong's side and assaulted the other Angel's face .

The red flower suddenly burst into countless razor-sharp petals .

The air howled and light exploded .

And then it all faded .

When the world exploded with light again, it was in the sky ten-some li away .

The faces of the two Angels had several extremely fine wounds from which golden blood, packed with divine energy, dripped down like dew .

They gazed at the sword-wielding Bie Yanghong, their eyes bereft of emotion . There was no anger, no wariness, only apathy .

The more it was like this, the more terrifying it was .



The skies boomed with thunder and raged with waves of Qi . The last remnants of the white cloud were finally torn to shreds .

After a while, countless streams of light descended from the heavens, ultimately transforming into visible streaks of fire, like a meteorite shower .

The people of White Emperor City gasped in surprise and ran about in disorder . A few of the more cowardly ones even believed this to be heavenly punishment and kowtowed to the sky .

A few great tribes and wealthy clans activated their arrays at the earliest moment, preparing to endure the streaks of fire and their seemingly boundless heat . Meanwhile the guards in the palace, the soldiers in White Emperor City, and the great number of experts under control of the Council of Elders were already prepared to quickly put out the flames .

But reality was not as frightening as imagined . The streaks of fire vanished before they hit the ground, and the remnants of Celestial Fire only caused the temperature in White Emperor City to suddenly rise as if summer had burst onto the scene . A scant few of the streaks of fire fell in the Red River .

The air over all of White Emperor City was sealed and locked down at this time, letting not a single sound or ray of light seep out . Those experts of the continent that could understand what those streaks of light were could not see them, and those demi-human commoners and ministers who could see them had no idea what they were .

It was blood that was falling from the sky .

Every streak of light was a drop of blood .

This blood came from both the experts of the other continent and an expert of this continent .

All of them were supreme existences of the Divine Domain and their blood was also suffused with divine energy . It glowed with a holy and golden aura and was hotter than lava .

When those few drops of divine blood fell into the Red River, the massive monsters silently swam to even deeper depths . The less intelligent monsters were utterly incapable of resisting their instinct, swimming for all they were worth to the blood to fiercely struggle and attempt to eat it .

The monsters that finally succeeded in consuming those drops of blood were soon devoured by even more vicious monsters, a process that continued to cruelly and monotonously repeat itself many times .

It was only late in the night that the ownership of these few drops of divine blood was finally decided . They were all snatched away by a fire serpent that came from the depths of the Celestial Tree .

But this fire serpent was not at all lucky . It had only the strength of a Star Condensation expert, so it simply could not hold the divine energies contained in that sacred blood .

The fire serpent struggled in the turbulent and dangerous bottom of the river for the entire night and ultimately burned to death . On that night, the Red River was so bright that it seemed ablaze .



Many demi-human commoners noticed the phenomena in the Red River that night . They kneeled on its banks and incessantly prayed, imploring the White Emperor to come out of seclusion early, begging for God to descend and bestow its favor, and praying that the nine Celestial Trees hidden in the mists could help the demi-humans block all disasters .

Although those streaks of light did not strike the ground or scourge the land with Celestial Fire, White Emperor City was still in absolute chaos . The waves of Qi from high up in the sky were still damaging many buildings . The zoos and pastures near the easternmost Celestial Tree had their fences pushed over, allowing countless packs of beasts to escape .

In order to maintain order and stabilize the situation as quickly as possible, martial law was instituted in White Emperor City . Nobody cared about the commoners prostrating on the banks of the Red River, but the streets of the majority of districts in the city had already been cleared with soldiers patrolling . The areas near the forbidden grounds that were the Imperial Palace and Whitestone Mountain were even guarded by the elite troops, the Red River Beast Guard .

The outer city's riverside district was under somewhat lighter supervision, but it was much more deserted than usual . No one dared to leave their houses, and if they did, they would prostrate to the burning Red River . They were certainly in no mood to get drunk, so the small taverns did extremely poor business and closed early .

Xuanyuan Po left the small tavern and headed to the shore . He gazed at the light and flames rising from the depths of the river, sensing the divine Qi contained within . He subconsciously gazed up at the sky and thought to himself, just what happened during the day? Could it really be that experts of the Divine Domain were fighting?

From Star Seizer Academy to the Orthodox Academy, from the capital back to White Emperor City, this bear youth had always cultivated with extreme diligence . Other people thought that his arm was crippled, but he was still extremely confident in himself, just like the other fellows of the Orthodox Academy . However, he was well aware of his own level and knew that the Divine Domain was still unimaginably far away . No matter how long he looked, he would not be able to discover anything in those divine flames within the river . Thus, he quickly left the riverbank and returned to his home .

His home was also in the riverside district, in a place called the Pine Paths . Many of White Emperor City's poor lived here and the vast majority of buildings were built using the most common and inexpensive pine wood . They barely managed to keep out the heat and cold, and the drainage was poor, so awful stenches were a common occurrence .

Xuanyuan Po seemed unaware of all this as he silently walked along the sloping paths . Whether by the cursing from the houses, the distant stamping of heavy cavalry, or the flying carriages streaking through the air, he remained completely unaffected .