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Zombie Princess - Chapter 3

Published at 16th of February 2020 01:11:38 PM

Chapter 3

In the end, she was woken up by Doughnut, who was raised by the original owner .

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Doughnut was a snow-white poodle, with a petite figure . His hair was soft and shiny, like a fluffy cloud . It felt very good to touch .
Luo Fu hugged the little guy directly into the quilt and nestled with him .
Doughnut cried milkily, arching into her arms, the tip of her cold nose tickled his neck .
A’wei came to call her, “Wang fei, it’s time for lunch . You haven’t had any meal in the morning, aren’t you hungry now?”

How could she miss her lunch? Luo Fu did not let A’wei serve her . She wore a thin outer shirt and walked outside with her shoes on .
She opened her eyes in this world and tossed till the morning was bright . Then she went to the palace without breakfast . Although she had eaten some cakes to fill her belly, the little things were just like stuff stuck in her teeth . How could they satisfy her empty stomach?
As soon as she got out of the inner room, she smelled the good scent .
She quickened her pace and saw the Eight Immortals table full of food .
Most of them were delicacies she couldn’t name, but each one looked so tempting .

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After she sat down, A’wei thoughtfully gave her dishes, despite her orders .
“Wang fei, drink a bowl of soup and warm your stomach first . ” A’wei filled her with a small bowl of soup .
The soup was light red and white, like a snowy scent of snow . She could recognize the tofu inside it, but the rest of the material was indistinguishable .
The soup was served in a white porcelain bowl with blue flowers on the white background .
It smelled of faint sweetness, like the scent of freshwater hibiscus and wind sent in the morning .
“Scent” was enough for her .
Luo Fu took a spoonful and poured it in her mouth . A moment’s flick, it melted on her tongue . It was so delicious that she had a barbell-like laugh in her heart!
In the last few days, she could only drink blood to maintain her body needs . As for eating people? She couldn’t accept it .
Now it was time to enjoy real food .
Later, she learned that the soup was called Xuexiayu . It was not only delicious but also famous .

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Luo Fu drank the bowl of soup in a few sips .
A’wei was a little surprised . Usually, Wang fei would put down the soup after a couple of sips . What happened this time—
However, she thought Wang fei was a little bit hungry . She accelerated the speed of serving the dishes .
Luo Fu was only half full, and a voice suddenly sounded in her mind, “Your food experience time is over, and you will resume your zombie state . I Ask the host to work hard to pull hatred and get the hatred value of the male and female leads of the novel . Every 1 point of hate value can be exchanged for 1 minute of delicious food, work hard host! “
Luo Fu instantly felt that the meatballs in her mouth tasted like mud . She even lost her desire to eat the food on the table in front of her .

Instead, a sweet smell came from the maids around her, which made her want to attack them .
Luo Fu held the chopsticks tightly and controlled herself . In the last few days, she adhered to her own bottom line and did not deal with her former human companions . It was even more impossible now that she was a human herself .
But the instinct that ran deep in her bones really tested her . Not, the willpower of zombies!
“Heck! System, quickly explain to me what is going on!”
After a quarter of an hour of the system’s explanation, Luo Fu finally figured it out .

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In short, after she transferred to the novel, she inexplicably bound to the female partner system .
She was still a zombie in nature . But the system let her experience the feeling of being a human for free for some time .
However, the system was not a philanthropist . If she wished to continue to be a human and taste all kinds of delicious food, she had to exchange things .
This thing was the hatred points of the male and female leads towards her .
The higher the hatred value obtained, the longer the time she could redeem, the more delicious food she could eat .
Otherwise, not only would she not be able to eat good food, but she would also be unable to control the wrongdoings that could happen because of her instinct .
Heck! She thought that when she came to this world, she could live the coveted life of a moocher . How long had it been since she wanted to eat! How long had it been since she wanted to sleep! Now, she was given a system!
Could she return the system?
“No, I gave you a chance to choose before the system was loaded, but you didn’t make a choice . So I assumed that you chose to bind with me . ”
Luo Fu narrowed her eyes, her tone was dangerous, “So the thing who kept ringing in my ear last night was you?”
“I’m not a thing . ”
“Haha . ”
Luo Fu asked people to withdraw all the food without giving it a second glance . She was upset . Then she sent out all the maids in the house, leaving only A’wei .
Now they are all fragrant meat to her . She was afraid that she couldn’t help but jump on them .
Luo Fu went in and saw A’wei following her . She stopped her, “You just stand there . Don’t follow me . I want to stay alone for a while . ”
A’wei felt a little bit strange, but she did not disobey her order .
In the room, Luo Fu’s expression was stingy and evil .
Grabbing hatred, right? She shouldn’t go too far in this matter .
She just hoped that the male and female leads were not so vulnerable .
Otherwise, don’t blame her if their lives would be ruined .

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