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Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 346

Published at 20th of May 2019 11:55:05 AM

Chapter 346

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With the help of her keen sensations and nimble, quiet movements, Shen Yujen managed to get rid of the few level three or four superpowered men who were following behind her under the cloak of the darkness .

She quietly hid on top of a tree, trying her best to restrain her vibe .

"She's gone?"

"Maybe she ran that way . Let's split up and keep looking . "

"Alright . "

Those people quickly left separately . As they went far away, Shen Yujen leaped off the tree and sniffed at the air to find Piao Gecang's scent . After that, she quietly moved toward where Piao Gecang was .

Not long after those soldiers left, Shen Yujen showed up near that destroyed laboratory . She walked to the broken laboratory, looking at the two dead bodies who hadn't been taken away yet .

She made her way to Piao Gecang whose face was destroyed in the explosion, eyes fixed on the metal thorn stuck in his head . Then, she squatted, gripped the metal thorn and pressed it hard down .


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Piao Gecang's skull was cracked open, exposing the red blood and white brain matter . The scent of his brain which had been infected by the zombie virus wasn't good to Shen Yujen, but not bad either . It just wasn't tempting to her .

What attracted her was Liang Dashu's brain . However, she didn't prepare to do anything to Liang Dashu's body, but stirred Piao Gecang's brain with the strangely-shaped metal thorn .

Soon, an energy nucleus fell out; the level-six nucleus was glowing brightly .

Holding the nucleus, Shen Yujen quickly stood up, then turned and left .

On the other side, Tang He had no idea that someone had followed him to Special Region B . He avoided all the others and sneakily found Yang Chao's fancy apartment building, quietly entering as no other people were around .

At that time, Yang Chao was at home, and his brother Yang Hui was sitting on his couch .

"Brother, have you really sent someone powerful to get those girls?" Yang Hui looked at Yang Chao, who was standing in front of the French window, and asked .

Yang Chao looked outside and responded without turning back his head, "I have . Just wait . If you want to play with that girl, you can go and find him after he has taken those girls away . "

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Yang Hui took a deep breath as he nodded excitedly and said, "Okay, I'll wait . "

At that moment, someone knocked on the door . Soon, a guard opened the door and said to Yang Chao, "Chief, Mr . Tang is here . "

Yang Chao turned to look at him with surprise while saying, "So soon?" Then, he saw Tang He come in from the outside .

No one in or outside the apartment noticed that when the guard opened the door to talk to Yang Chao, an invisible figure had quietly sneaked in . Lin Qiao walked to a corner with gentle steps and stood there, her arms crossed before her chest . She was waiting to hear the rest of their conversation .

As the guard closed the door, Yang Chao looked at Tang He and asked curiously, "How's it going? Do you have the girls?"

Tang He walked to an empty couch and sat down, then took a glance at Yang Hui and turned back to Yang Chao as he answered his question, "No… One of your useless subordinates acted rashly and alerted the targets . "

Once he said that, Yang Chao and his brother both gave a start, then looked at him with confusion . Yang Chao walked over and sat on the couch as well . "Who alerted the targets?" he asked .

Tang He responded with discontentment, "Your Deputy Chief… the one named Piao Gecang or something… What a crappy name! He went near that residential area and ran into some of Zou Shihui's people . They had some argument . In the end, a female zombie suddenly showed up . Piao Gecang was bitten by the zombie . After that, he went to your research institute and blew a laboratory up . I guess someone will soon come here to tell you about that . "

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Yang Chao and Yang Hui glanced at each other . "Piao Gecang? Why did he go to that area? People will surely suspect him if he went to that place late at night . What a fool!" Yang Chao said while his face turned dark .

At that moment, Yang Hui said, "Earlier on, he had his eyes on the woman who often showed around Lin Wenwen . I didn't think that he'd be so impatient that he'd go there himself . Did those Hades Base people see him?"

Tang He shook his head and said, "He didn't enter that residential area, so I guess those Hades Base people didn't know what happened yet . However, Zou Shihui's people went in, and I don't know what they were up to . "

"You just mentioned that a laboratory was blown up," said Yang Chao with a grim look, "What happened there? Tell me about that first . Is Piao Gecang dead?"

Tang He's face was a little pale as well . He nodded and replied, "Yes, he's dead . He almost turned into a zombie . He went to that bearded man for a cure, and then the bearded man killed himself with a grenade . "

"What did you say? Liang Dashu died too?" Tang He's last sentence made the look on Yang Chao's face change .

"Yeah, he died . What's wrong?" Tang He looked at him confusedly .

Yang Chao suddenly stood up from the couch and asked anxiously, "He's dead? Did he say anything, or did he hide anything before he died?"

Tang He was a little bewildered because of Yang Chao's reaction . Suddenly, he recalled why Piao Gecang went to the laboratory, and then had his expression changed slightly as well, staring at Yang Chao with both surprise and doubts .

"Do you mean that… had he truly developed a cure for the zombie virus?" he asked .

"We'll talk about that later," said Yang Chao, "Did you see him hide something, or did you hear him say anything?"

Tang He blinked, then said, "No, but the woman who was with him didn't die . If you believe that he needed to hide something, I think he should have given that to the woman . "

Yang Chao immediately turned around and quickly walked to the door before opening it . He said a few words to the guards outside, then watched them leave swiftly before closing the door and walking back .

He glanced at Yang Hui, then said to him and Tang He, "You're right! According to the information I collected, Liang Dashu has indeed achieved amazing progress with his experiments . I guess it's about the zombie virus . He had been focused on this area . So, I believe that his research must contain some discoveries about how to control or weaken the zombie virus . "

Then, he turned to Tang He and continued, "But he's dead now . His research results are either hidden somewhere by him, or with that woman . "

Yang Hui and Tang He both gazed at him in shock and disbelief . Tang He quickly processed what he had heard and said, "What are you waiting for then? Send your people to catch that woman!"

Yang Chao replied, "Didn't you see that I've already done it just now?"

"So… Are we still gonna get Lin Wenwen or not?" Yang Hui asked abruptly and unsurely .

"We will… Why not?" said Yang Chao blandly, "This time, the targets have been alerted, so we'll wait until the next opportunity . They won't leave the base so soon anyway . Even if they decide to leave, I'll figure out a way to make them stay . I'll also turn them into zombies to create trouble for Wu Chengyue . "

While speaking, his mature and charming face wore a wicked and cunning look .

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