Zombie Sister Strategy - Chapter 492

Published at 1st of August 2019 11:25:12 AM

Chapter 492

“You can decide whether you want to play that game after I kill those snipers on the wall and open the gate . ” After saying that, Lin Qiao suddenly ran to the edge of the building and turned around, facing Duan Juan and the others while falling off the building .

Being startled by her move, Duan Juan and her people automatically ran over and looked down . However, she had already disappeared .

An invisible figure swiftly flashed to the isolation area and leaped across the zombie wall which was over ten-meters-thick, then fleetingly ran toward the fence wall .

Before the gate, she waved a hand and sent a stream of dark mist to the metallic gate, which quickly covered it . The alarm on the gate immediately went off, followed by a series of shrill whistles .

The security people immediately checked the surveillance cameras and saw the dark mist on the gate .

“Come over here and look! What’s on the gate?”

They were frightened by what they saw from the surveillance camera . That dark mist looked scary, and none of them knew what it was .

The soldiers in that area who were already nervous because those zombies out there all rushed in to see what happened .

So before long, through the surveillance camera, they found that the dark mist had started to devour the metallic gate . The mist sank into the gate, and the gate disappeared bit by bit .

“The gate is broken! Hurry up! Report to Chief about this! Get ready to fight!”

“Yes, sir!”

The mist created a hole on the wall which was large enough for a person to get through . Through the hole, Lin Qiao saw countless muzzles pointing at her .

The soldiers who were guarding the gate were panicking when they found nothing behind the gate . They couldn’t see anything through the surveillance camera either .

When those soldiers with guns were still a meter away from the gate, Lin Qiao quietly sneaked in and leaped high, then flipped in the air and easily jumped across their line of defense .

Those soldiers spent a short while gazing at the hole on the gate, but found nothing . After that, a squad-leader-like man suddenly gave a shout .

“Block the hole with steel board! Have you found a metal-powered man yet?”

Following his order, some soldiers came over with a lot of steel pieces which were torn off from other things and carefully blocked the hole .

The running alarm from the base gate immediately caught the attention of Duan Juan and her people . They quickly raised their telescopes to observe the area around the base entrance .

“What’s going on? Did that woman do this?” Some people were running around the gate, seeming to be in a flurry .

“I don’t know . I didn’t see her,” said Duan Juan .

After leaping across those soldiers, Lin Qiao hopped onto a slanting but firmly standing utility pole and sniffed toward the base center .

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Good! Liu Yu didn’t venture to run, but had been defusing the bombs with some other people quite attentively .

Lin Qiao confirmed that Liu Yu didn’t run, then moved in another direction .

Not far away from the base, a school was strictly guarded by soldiers who were heavily armed . All the teaching buildings and dormitory buildings were closely guarded . Not even one corner was missed .

Lin Qiao sensed the scents of many people from those buildings, mixed with a strong odor .

Many of the doors and windows in those buildings were sealed by steel webs or bars . Only one iron gate of the school was left functional, but there were giant locks and latches on it .

Lin Qiao stood before a teaching building, sensing all sorts of scents from it . All kinds of human scents had been coming from that building . Judging by those scents, Lin Qiao figured that apart from the dormitory building nearby, those classrooms had quite some people locked in as well .

She flashed into her space and stood before the small building before roaring at the surrounding area .

“Roar!” ‘All, come over here!’

Qiu Lili stuck her head out of the roof and let her long twin tails hang down . “Are you done on the outside?” she asked .

Lin Qiao turned and said to her, “Not yet . I’m planning to let these guys go out and have some fun . ”

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Hearing that, Qiu Lili immediately leaped off the building, nimbly and airily landing by Lin Qiao’s side .

“I want to go out as well!”

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “Sure! But, it’s gonna be pretty chaotic outside later on . ”

Qiu Lili looked at her excitedly, her eyes glowing . “So, it’ll be fun!”

At that moment, some zombies walked over from behind the building, toward Lin Qiao . They gathered before the stairs, gazing straight at Lin Qiao . They didn’t know why she had summoned them .

The few zombie leaders walked over as well . They didn’t blend into the crowd of level-four, but stood on the clearing nearby .

“I’ll bring you guys out later . You can have some fun out there, but you can’t kill or eat people! Do you understand?” Lin Qiao looked at them and said .

“Roar?” ‘Can’t kill or eat people? What you want us to do out there then? Scare people?’

The group of zombies showed a confused look .

Sensing their thoughts, Lin Qiao laughed, “Yes, I’m bringing you out there to scare people! Of course, if you scare some of those people to death, you can eat their body if you want . But, you’re only allowed to eat hearts . No brains! That’s too disgusting! You can also keep their nuclei . I won’t take those nuclei from you . Keep this in mind—No killing! If I found you killing anyone, I’ll cut your heads!”

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Hearing her threat, most of those zombies raised their hands to hold their heads, as if they were afraid that she might cut their heads right now .

Lin Qiao erased the smile from her face, then yelled loudly and harshly, “Stop generating inappropriate thoughts . I know what you’re thinking . I won’t let you out if you’re having some bad thoughts . You, you and you, you won’t be going out . ”

She pointed at a few zombies who were having some other thoughts and said, “You, get back . ”

“Roar!” Those few zombies got a little unhappy . They didn’t understand why the other zombies could go out but they couldn’t .

They had stayed in this place for such a long time . This place was so small, without even one living human being . Also, they needed to do weird works all day . Those zombies just didn’t understand why .

And now, they thought that they finally had a chance to go out, but Lin Qiao suddenly forbade them from going . So, those few zombies turned upset and showed their ferocity .



“Roar!” Lin Qiao hadn’t been strict to those zombies lately, so they dared to bare their teeth and roar at her . As one zombie gave her the first roar, the others gathered their courage and roared out loud as well .

“Look at you . Have I been too nice to you lately? Eh?” Lin Qiao sneered, then slightly raised a finger . A few wisps of dark mist suddenly swished out of her finger and reached those zombies’ eyes before drilling into their heads within a blink .