Abyss of Silent Heroes - Chapter 96

Published at 13th of June 2020 12:55:06 PM

Chapter 96
"What's next, we're already here inside in the first room . It's empty and there's no sign of life . " He smiled .

Magee motioned to the far right, nearby the wall and moved it smoothly going sideward right .

"Wow!" George mumbled .

Then Magee stepped in and enticed his hand to follow her . Its the second room which has still the approximate size of 6x6x8 . There was a luminous light of pale green beetles encircling the place and its theoretically fanciful .

" Is it already here and functioning this way even before you came? Wow! this was my dream before - to study bioluminescence . These are terrestial anthropods, we called them fireflies but they were cultured in that small rotten tree bark, where the droplets of water falls on a mangrove bonsai forest below . Wow! the flow of water is constant and it flows on a pathway, drainage going to that small hole . Amazing!"

Then there were granite benches around, so smooth and all the embellishments looks like a receiving room . The flowing water stands as the source of oxygen and it keeps the room cool and there was an etched texts on the central part of the wall , "George loves Magee"

"Wow!" He looked to Magee and kissed her forehead .

" This is historical! I loved it more seeing us everywhere here . The three Dads have planned out for our future early on, so sweet of them George, right? But come, let's proceed to the third room . " Magee whispered . Magee then slithered the granite door sideward right .

"Great heavens!" George mumbled and pressed his wife's hand and turned out speechless .

" Can't also believe on this . This is beyond imagination but a proof of their exquisite 10 year construction with stone . I . . . I loved this part of our house . " Then she smiled at him .

" I slept like a princess here for more than 15 days . " She smiled .

" Wow!" He gently sat on a very loquacious granite bed over a foam with a royal design all around .

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" It was covered very well before I found these room . " She did the talking since his husband was speechless .

Then there was another flowing water on both sides and follows a yellowish granite canal filled with floating yellowish fungi with mini white flowers . They looked like small lotuses on sides . There was also one daylight optic hole in case the water goes out of flow, it could be the source of air and light . But if the sliding door is open, the fireflies traverse in this bedroom and slips on the hanging green plants .

" While I sleep, the fireflies gives me light and they seemed dancing and, conversing and making a great life . Then in the morning, at 3:00 am they goes up on a higher part of the bonsai tree at the receiving area and when they're here inside the bedroom, they stayed flat on top of the hanging plants . I loved seeing them on top, gathered and gives so much light . "

" Haha . " George laughed .

" Why are you laughing?"

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" Nothing . " He lied .

" Hmm, why?"

" If I tell it to you, you'll get mad of me and kick me off . So I lied, haha!"

" Ah, okay . Anyway, look! that's the square clock I told you that alarms .

"Hmm . . . here you are . Its a special naval clock and known as - classified . When it alarms, their ship has an agendum where their team only knew . If it alarms, meaning, he's alive and he's just doing fine elsewhere . It had a synchronized signal with their teammates aboard and their mission . Thank God, Dad is just doing well . " He smiled .

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" That's our lavatory with a flowing water . Look there's a piled up of I guess, 30 towels, pillows and blankets . You've got slippers and mine and there's a big heart overhead . . " She smirked and pulled his husband's hand toward the next room, the fourth .

" Wow!" His eyes roamed around with amazement .

" George?"

" This is impossible!" George blurted .

" Yes . Me too, I can't believe seeing this kitchen . According to the journal, this was built just recently, around 1940 . All the food and stocks we see around was a year salary of Dad Edward within that year . See all this line, carbohydrates like pasta, next proteinous ones and canned goods, oil and