New World New Life - Chapter 301

Published at 21st of November 2020 10:35:07 PM

Chapter 301: 301
"Are you mad at me?" He finally mustered the courage to ask .  

Vy side hugged her brother tightly .  

"Maybe a little, or not at all," she replied with a smile, "I'm glad that you're telling me now . What do you plan on doing next?"

Lycster bit his lip, he clenched his fist tightly . Vy placed her hand on his reassuringly .  

"No matter what decision you make, I will be there to support you 100 percent . " She declared, "Even if that means you decide to leave . I will give you my blessing . If you choose to fight, I will be there right by your side . "

Lycster hugged his sister with tears in his eyes . Having her assurance, her support was more than anything he could have asked for . Even though they were not related by blood, he felt closer to her than his real family .  

"You don't have to carry such a heavy burden, Lycster . " She whispered to her brother as she gently kissed him on the forehead .

The boy smiled through his tears, "I know, and I know what I must do . "

Vy nodded . She pet Aether on the back of his head and said, "Thank you for looking out for him . You didn't have to but you did so anyway . "

-I know you would be worried, so I did what I thought was right . - Aether never openly accepted the thanks, but Vy knew he appreciated it .  

The Familiar had always been quiet, but he would always come through in attempts to protect her and Lycster . If all else failed, Vy knew that she could always count on Aether to be there for her .  

He did not blindly agree with everything she did . He would question her decisions and guide her in his own way towards what he thought would be the best outcome . Vy turned back to Lycster .

She told him that Countess Lyra was going to look for her the next day . Lycster explained that he ran away from the Count and Countess, which was likely why Lyra was looking for Vy .  

The countess must be looking for Lycster through her . Seeing as the opportunity presented itself, Vy suggested that they would meet with her together .  

"Would you like to break the news to her then?" 

Lycster nodded, "Can you be there with me?" 

"Of course, anything for my little brother," she reassured him .  

The next day, Lycster followed Vy to the Bureau after breakfast . As soon as they entered, Bankster was there to greet them, 

"Welcome back Milady, welcome back, Lycster," he greeted them, "Milady, Countess Lyra is waiting for you in the Drawing Room . "

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Vy nodded in acknowledgement, "Is she alone?"

"Yes, milady . "

When she saw Lycster, her face lit up . She placed the cup down on the table and stood up . But when she tried to get closer to Lycster, he did not move nearer to her . This made the Countess hold back and sat back down .  

Vy and Lycster sat down on the side . Vy instructed Bankster to bring them some tea and snacks before he left the room entirely . Not wanting the silence to hang in the air for too long, Vy spoke first .  

"Countess Lyra, I understand that you were looking for me yesterday after Lycster here ran away . "

Lyra nodded, "Yes that's right . I would like to take Lycster back with me to the Wickerhem Estate . "

The Countess was noticeably fatigued, she had darkened eye bags beneath her eyes and she had strands of hair out of place . She looked as if she had not been able to sleep the night before . Her hands were also nervously placed above each other .

Vy leaned back on the sofa, she handed over the scene to Lycster, "I think your son should have a say in it . "

Lycster took in a deep breath and looked at his mother in the eye . This was the first time he had seen her in clearer detail . Her dress was much simpler compared to what most other nobles he had seen usually wore .  

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Her hands were skeletal and so was her entire frame . Had his mother always been like this? 

"Mother, I like my life here with my sis…with Vyrena . And I would like it to be that way . " Lycster spoke up .  

To hear her son call her his mother, was something Countess Lyra had only dreamt and prayed for . Never in a million years would she imagine her timid son would address her as his mother .  

Seeing that his mother was silent, Lycster pressed on .  

"I now remember and know what the Mission is . And I do not wish to burn at the pyre," 

Countess Lyra swallowed hard . She did not expect him to know this much .

"Do you remember what your sister wished for you to do?"

How could Lycster forget?

It was some of the last words she ever said to him . After regaining his locked memories, he never wanted to forget them ever again . In the dimly lit room, with only the light of one solo candle, he held his sister's hand in his .  

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"I want you to see the world on my behalf," Lycster repeated the words he heard from that night .  

The Countess nodded slowly with a faint smile upon her face . She had her doubts on whether the boy before her was her son . Hearing him speak those words destroyed all doubts .  

She was there that night, hidden in the shadows, as she watched her daughter convince her son to leave . Lycster put the pieces together and realised his mother had witnessed that scene .  

"That night, you were there," he blurted out, "you did not stop me from leaving . "

"I did not," she sighed .  

It was all part of their plan .

The Countess stood up and looked towards the window . She watched as the butterflies in the garden fluttered from flower to flower, collecting pollen . If only she could be as carefree as they were .  

She wiped her tears with her sleeves and recomposed herself, "If you wish to stay, then I will leave without you . But know this . "

Putting up a brave front, she warned him, "You will be removed from the Wickerhem Family completely . That includes any claim to the nobility your family name possesses . "