Searching For You - Chapter 148

Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:38:16 PM
Chapter 148

Blong took Mua Kong to meet up with the rest of the group . They took Mua Kong around the areas they infiltrated to find Hli Ja . They found the hideout but there was no live body for them to get information from . So, Yee Len and a few elite guards infiltrated the northern country to find information .

Again, Mua Kong feels devastated . He always missed the most critical time and was never there when she needed him most . He was angry at himself, loathed himself . If there is anyone he should be angry and mad at, it would be him, his incompetency to keep her safe . He failed her so many times, does he even have the right to ask her back? Again, Mua Kong's soul, was overcome with despairs as he searched for her for another month without result .

Yee Len reluctantly persuaded Mua Kong to go back to the palace to check up on his son . Mua Kong unwillingly forced himself to go back to his palace while leaving three elite bodyguards behind to continue their search for Hli Ja in the northern country .

Pao Hua who was older and understand the world of adult knew that Mua Kong they couldn't find Hli Ja . He was heart broken but his spirit was not . Knowing her, he knew that she will find them . As much as he wanted to go find her, he has to look after his nephew whom he promised his sister he will take good care of .

As Mua Kong gazed off emptily into the distance while watching his son play, Pao Hua approached him . He gave a nicely folded piece of paper to Mua Kong, "Hue Houa drew this for his mother . He wanted to give this to her . I'll give this to you . When you find her, please give it to her?"

Mua Kong's eyes becomes a little livelier as he looked at the nicely folded paper . He hesitantly reached his hand out to take the paper and unfolded it to look at it . It was just child's scribble, but the scribbled formed a family of a father, mother and kid . The message was clear as days . Mua Kong's heart melted at his son's drawing . He folded the paper and tucked it away . "Mm… I will give to her without fail . "

The faith Pao Hua gave him and belief Little Superglue scribbled on the paper gives him some courage . He is more determined than ever to bring her back .

Mua Kong ordered another base to be built along the northern border so he can travel back and forth . He is not sure who took down those bandits and the whereabouts of Hli Ja, but one thing he is sure of is that she is alive somewhere . That should be more than enough to motivate him .

Mua Kong has become disheartened and desperate in search of Hli Ja that he forgot about his plan to make Pa Chee confessed to her crime . He pushed the problem to the back of his mind but he knows that he sooner or later, he'll have to deal with her but she is not the bigger threat right now .

Another year gone by, Mua Kong continues to travel between the military bases . They have slowly started to conquered one third of the lands of the Southern Kingdom . The Northern Kingdom also felt threatened by the vast power Mua Kong exudes . They too, had started preparing bases along the border in case they were to be invaded .