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Published at 14th of July 2019 09:26:44 AM

Chapter 190

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The Preparations

On the other side of Bluesea

Top twenty Rankings Manias were preparing for the Intermediate Contemplation Battles .

Their genius participants were selected after a number of interschool competitions .

The air seemed tense among top ten Ranking Manias, they were preparing to outdo each other in these competitions .

Travel beasts were hired by the respected Schools a few months ago .

A number of experts and previous geniuses and elders of hundred over Manias were heading toward Competition Demesne* in the hope to spectate thrilling Intermediate Contemplation Battles .

Legends were using Transfer Blazon* to reach directly at the Competition Demesne .

Three prosperous and great Manias were selected responsible for every activity in the Intermediate Contemplation Battles Venue .

Guardian Beasts along with strict Wardenguards were employed to check the criminal activities or listen to the complaints of any irresponsible or loose attitude .

"Go tell them_its time to go_!!" an elder who was given charge of bringing the disciples in the competition demesne beckoned his attendant to give them the signal for their departure .

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Slowly the empty strange void and its adjacent million square areas started to brim with the crowd .

The respectable Standings of different powerful Manias were given special privileges like high alters to spectate and lodges .

There were no judges, only one announcer, who would announce the beginning of any Battle and would announce who sustained until the end .

"I am beginning curious_how did you prepared your geniuses_?" an elder who just happened to reach the place . . . settled his disciples and went in the transparent grand cabins where powerful and influential people were sitting . . he asked his friend .

"Blood and sweat my dear_if you wanted to shine then you have to sacrifice your rest_!!" he answered nonchalantly .

The elder shot up his brows minding the meaning of his friend .

This Competition demesne was also walking the track to show off the strength of few individuals, like the Higher Standings of powerful Manias and other capable Legends would bring their mighty Escort Sentients to tell others . . . . what they achieved in previous years .

It was not the place for ordinary and weaklings .

From the previous fifty years . . . Defender of the Celestial Sphere did not bother to attend these competition battles .

Fifty years ago . . . he had to appear for a critical matter to solve .

Five out of Seven Crowns of top ten Manias were also coming this time because their heir was ready to shine in the Celestial Sphere Sky . . . !

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This was a big event this time then . . .

Big event because their powers were unmatchable . . . and some, one hundred and fifty years ago they were strongest contenders for the seat of Highest Standing . . . the Defender of Celestial Sphere which present Defender . . . Defender Xuan Rong won with his capability, power, and intellect .

Though they accepted their defeat apparently they were never contented with it .

They harbor a deep grudge against Defender Xuan Rong but they were unable to advertise it .

Their gathering on one place could flame any evil spark against Defender Xuan Rong .

Three of them brought their sons while two brought their nephews .

A haughty aura was swirling around them when they entered in the transparent cabins . . . everyone suspended their talk and walk to show respect to them .

Silence prevailed for a long time .

Preparations were reaching at its peak . . . almost all of the participants were there along with their respected Schools and seniors .

Jen and co . saw the slightly dense atmosphere of competition demesne from afar on the top of the two guardian beasts .

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They were startled to see the great hustle bustle .

It was easy to get nervous .

Jen inhaled a deep breath . She was waiting for five years regarding this event .

Almost five years ago . . . she promised her great grandfather that she would prove herself that she was worthy of his affection .

He was reluctant though .

She was emotionally hurt when he said that she was weak and to earn his sole affection she needed to prove herself though he was not much oppressive he also not cared about his strict behavior .

Her great grandfather hurt her still she wanted to earn his affection on the cost of anything . . . why . . ? because he was the first person of her family which she met . . . she has no courage to lose him .

"Are you worried_?" the prince asked her with great concern . . . he was aware of her emotions toward her great grandfather .

"I am not worried_its just a small burden of nothing_!" she did not want to speak out her emotions in front of anyone .

"You can speak to me if there is anything bothering you_remember we are from the same place_!" he reminded her politely and full of affection .

"Kind girl is strong enough_she did not need any advice from you_!" Li Jun noticed his extraordinary politeness and criticized .

"You don't need to bother between us_!" prince glared .

"Oh_! It seemed you are the one bothering kind girl_and what do you mean by us_!" he folded his sleeves to fight back .

"What is this attitude_and who are you to point out_?" the prince was coming short of his composure .

"Now I get it_you saw a beautiful girl and wanted to harass her_Mr . whoever you are_you should remain limited to your boundaries_either I will not spare you_better control your cheap ways_!" Li Jun was ready to protect the kind girl from the greedy eye of this whoever handsome man .

"What_harass_when did you see me harassing her_she is respected miss_I am not a random whatever person to use cheap means_you understood_!" the prince was boiling head to toe .

"Then batter keep a distance and remember_I am keeping eyes on you_!" Li Jun pointed his two fingers toward his eyes .

Prince QiJian was at the verge of spurting blood .

Jen was on the separate guardian beast while three of them were on the back of single guardian beast so she was unable to get through their verbal war .

Their guardian beasts lowered the flight and reached above the open area where they were supposed to land .

This was the central place . . . from every direction . . . people were thunderstruck to see the giant guardian beasts .

Who could it be?

One should remember that only two persons could afford the services of guardian beasts . . . one was Defender of Celestial Sphere and the second was Crown of the Macabre Dwelling Sky Thunder Martinet . . . the Crown of every race of beasts .

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